Goat quilling

The art of quilling is an interesting and popular hobby that allows you to create amazing figures embossed pattern, beautiful greeting cards using colored paper. As in other types of needlework, for the implementation of creative ideas is necessary to obtain a basic knowledge of this technique. To plunge into this hobby you can, making goat quilling with workshops and videos, which you’ll learn below. Before you can create a beautiful composition must be trained to do the basic shape, after that you will be able to execute any schemes.

What materials and tools you will need

Quilling is quilling. The meaning of the lesson is the preparation of compositions from long paper strips, which given a certain form. What you need for this type of needlework? In the process, you will need these materials and tools:

  • Stripes. You can buy them in special shops in chopped form with the appropriate density or cut from a two-sided colored paper with a small density widths from 1 mm to several centimeters.
  • Glue. Ideal for quilling, PVA, and pencil.
  • A pair of scissors. The tips should be sharp, and the size of the instrument small.
  • Paper basics – regular or cardboard that you can glue the finished strips.
  • Tool for quilling. It could be a regular toothpick, one side of which the narrow part should be cut off, and a dull – finished cut with a utility knife about 5 mm. Can use a rod from a ball pen to be prepared as a toothpick.
  • A pair of tweezers. You will need to maintain the curls easy application of glue.

Step by step guide to making goats with photos

Quilling is a universal trend in needlework. It appeared in Europe in the late 14th century, when nuns created the medallions, spinning on the tip of a quill pen gold-plated paper. With its development, a host of three-dimensional and flat works using a variety of paper and cardboard. The attractiveness of this kind of hobby is that it requires no special tools, equipped work space, and all the materials are available for each person.

Master class surround the goats with photos

If you want a fun and exciting way to spend time, get to the manufacture of bulk goats quilling for the following master class. For this lesson you can bring your child. The process of creating the figures is very simple – first manufactured individual parts which are then glued together in a single product. Materials needed:

  • paper quilling red and pale blue color;
  • tool for quilling;
  • PVA glue;
  • plastic eyes;
  • a plastic template with circles.

How to make bulk goat in the technique of quilling


  • 15 glue strips of width 7 mm, length 30 cm one, twist tight spiral, glue the end. Component diameter should be 22 mm.
  • Forward the center of the element, giving it a conical shape.
  • Pour glue inside the brush and distribute it over the surface.
  • Twist the strips 15 of the second spiral with a diameter of 20 mm, the shape of the cone, the inner surface of the coat with glue.
  • For one half twist of the head 13 of the strips in one helix to the other 10 bands. Formed by two cones, coat with glue.
  • For legs, glue 3 strips, twisted spiral. Do 4 elements.
  • The legs formed in the cones, coat with glue inside.
  • For the ears, one blue and one red strip to be rolled spiral with a diameter of 14 mm
  • Formed part of the droplet, squeezing them with one hand.
  • For 2 horns band twisted tight, form a high cone, impregnated on the inside with glue.
  • One strip 5 mm wide twisted into a tight spiral, attach the cone shape for the tail, drenched in glue.
  • Collect product: the edge of a larger part of the head lubricated PVA attached thereto a smaller fragment.
  • Combine the elements of the body, like the head.
  • Glue the horns on top.
  • Attach the ears on the sides.
  • Glue the legs.
  • Attachable to the body, the tail, the head.
  • Glue plastic eyes.
  • Goat ready.

Video: How to make crafts-a talisman for the New Year

The scheme of the goat consists of a contour of drawing and elements that fill it. The complexity in the implementation of quilling can occur when the location of the shapes within the pictures. Below, the YouTube video clearly demonstrates the process of creating goats as products for the New Year. The schema contains the necessary dimensions and quantity of underlying forms that will help you to prepare in advance all the elements, and then assemble a composition, like a designer. This approach will allow you to do quilling even small children.

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