6 simple models gloves hook with maps, description and videos

In the winter it is important to protect all exposed areas of the body from cold, frost and wind. And the best way to protect the hands have gloves. They are warm, comfortable, does not create discomfort while wearing and do not limit actions. But to find something really worthwhile, and not the Chinese consumer goods is quite difficult. If you want to become the owner of a truly beautiful, unique and quality stuff, you will need mittens diagram and description crochet. There are good models for adults and children, men and women. But to make them myself can anyone who owns or wants to master the art of crochet.

Magic gloves

Cute mittens in this master class, you can associate any color and size. They look simple, but elegant. Optionally, you can add decorations, then they will be more stylish.


It will take yarn of medium thickness and the corresponding hook. Thread is better to take wool or wool blend, then the product will warm even in the most severe frosts.

Job description

To start with set of 3 air loop (VP) and laying them in the ring.



1.: formed in the ring knit into 5 columns without nakida (article W/n).4

2: add 3 tbsp. b/n, that is, it should be 9 St. b/n in General.


3.: add 5 tbsp. b/n=14 loops.


4 g: +8 tbsp. b/n+22 p.


5-6 G.: knit without of increases.


7. to make 8 apps, together should be 30 p.


8 g.: from that place and to that place where there should be a finger, it is necessary to stitches without attachments. On average this will be about 30 rows (depends on the hands of the person who is to receive the mitten).


The scheme of knitting of the finger is not as difficult as it seems. Count 7. to the end of a number and to dial a chain of 7 VP, connect it to main next. Should get round.




Continue to knit until the end of her hands. Now to start working on gum. This is a very simple pattern consisting of a duty curved and convex art. s/n to the desired length of the product. 15

Now is the best time to go back to the thumb. To bind a thread to a hole and St. b/n tie it (turns 17). To achieve the desired height of the finger described. Close p., making obuvki. The product is ready. It remains only to decorate on your own or leave it as it is.




Knitting gloves crochet according to the scheme, could all that it is possible to experiment and create something completely new and unusual.

The original gloves with flower: video MK

Gloves for 1 hour!


Sounds fantastic, especially for beginners. It seems that you can link them at least a few hours. But it really is a very successful model and way of working. This option will be appreciated by moms of young kids who constantly lose their accessories, and money for a new pair every day is not enough.


The yarn can be taken and slim, only then you have to fold it several times. Relevant thread tight enough. Hook — n 5,0.

Job description

Description for the glove on the hand of an adult woman. If you need to produce her child, it is necessary to carry out simple calculations and to reduce the number of loops. 20

1: dial 19 p and do 2 p. recovery.


2.: to make the 19th century. s/n24

3.: 2. p.+18 tbsp. s/n, turn work to continue to tie in the height of the next line.



4 years: will fit in a circle. 19 St. s/n, then tie 5 tbsp. s/n an arc to a little rim.



G. 5: 2 again. p+19th century. s/n of every 5th column to double, the result should be 5 of slingshot (a slingshot is a group of 2 tbsp. s/n).


6,: 19 St. s/n and 5 to make 10 slingshots slingshots, it means that it is necessary to double each article.


The lower part of the mitten is ready, you can proceed to the top.

To work just as well as on the bottom, but you need to associate a separate thread 17. p. now in these. p. you tie without of increases and obivok. 36






Both parts are connected. Now you have to collect them and tie the elastic. To do this, fold the two parts together and connect with a hook. Scheme gum nothing complicated in itself does not hide, it’s just alternating columns. It will be a great practice for beginners.

Mittens with «Knobs»: video master class

Magic gloves for yourself or as a gift


Tie these adorable gloves will not be difficult even for beginners. The product will look more impressive. If you work from threads of two colors. Of course, these colors should be combined not only among themselves but also with outerwear and other accessories. They will be a real gem and highlight of any image.


Yarn the right color and hook size.

Job description

A detailed job description helps you quickly and effortlessly to produce a warm thing for cold weather. which can be a great gift for New Year or Christmas.

1: dial 1. p., and knit across the row 4. p., to close them in a ring connecting column. Formed in the ring to score 3 p. p. and 11 St. s/n and finish 1 second. C.

2.: to change the thread with each. p. knit 1 tbsp. s/n, 1 relief facial art. s/n, complete S. S.

3.: to change the thread and work according to the proposed scheme for 2 lines.

continue alternating strands, following the proposed pattern, and to work to the desired length.

Thumb to knit such a way as to bind the filament to the inner part of the workpiece, to do 2 p. p., 2 tbsp. CN/with a common vertex. Rise up, alternating pillars and reaching the desired height of your finger. At the end of each line to do S. S. do Not forget to change the color of the thread. In the last rows to make obuvki then the rest of the loop together, and knit across the row. Thread trim.

Video master class

The description for the second mitten will be the same. Warm and beautiful Handicrafts are made and they can now safely donate or to wear personally. No winter with such beauty not scary!

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