Doll with your own hands from fabric with patterns

Needlework as an art form helps you to create original toys with their hands. The choice of available materials does not limit imagination and the desire to make something special, beautiful, different from the rest unique piece of art which will decorate the house or will be a good gift. Doll with your own hands from fabric with patterns is one of the possible options of creating your own masterpiece. Sewing rag dolls using different technologies, and choose or out of the ordinary, you will learn how to sew dolls in an exclusive version.

Kinds of textile dolls

Not one, but four of the Millennium takes us back to the time of the appearance of the dolls. Then they were a part of sacred rituals: the figures are assigned a magical function or they served as a protection. Later, the doll turned into a toy, since that time, and there is the art of sewing textile dolls, as the kind of needlework. The existing variety of techniques defines the following types of dolls:

  • amulets with protective functions (Pelenaka, Column, names of textile dolls often reflect their purpose);
  • ritual (Carnival, Ledee, Sernapesca, Ognia);
  • theatrical (used in performances, including puppets on the frame);
  • games for children;
  • interior for collecting;
  • finger (to help develop fine motor skills, imagination);
  • liquorologic (characterized by a large head is oval in shape, which is similar to the pumpkin);
  • Waldorf (simple form with a hard head, a soft body, with well-shaped arms and legs);

Step-by-step instructions with patterns and making dolls out of fabric

To create original textile toys novice mistress can not do without a step-by-step instructions with patterns. In such invaluable recommendations indicates required improvised material, the circuit patterns as a basis for future crafts. Step-by-step actions considering the nuances that may arise in the manufacture of dolls with their own hands, are a guarantee that the result will please you.

Sewing dolls Tilda with their hands

Feature fabric crafts is considered to be slightly prichenennye the complexion and blush, as required.Tilda is the most popular toy among those that impossible to create masters who are fond of needlework. To impart a dark tone of white cloth to leather Tilda was the desired shade, use the infusion tea (4 tea bags of black tea in 2 liters of water), which is still hot is dipped in the textile workpiece. To obtain uniform fabric, let soak evenly spread for drying to avoid streaks, and then iron out.

Materials for sewing dolls:

  • schema-pattern,
  • fabric (cotton),
  • stuffing (batting, hollofayber, padding polyester, fabric scraps),
  • felt,
  • thread (embroidery floss, wool),
  • needle
  • scissors
  • decorative items (beads, buttons, lace),
  • handy tools (hook, toothpick, wooden stick) to turn small parts, gaskets.

Scheme patterns dolls Tilda

Doll Tilda with expressive facial expressions, flowing contours and soft silhouette will be done based on the following steps:

  1. Print out the design (circuit pattern), lay on the fabric and draw the details. It is recommended not to cut them out, and stitch along the contour, and then the fabric base is cut with an allowance of 3-4 mm.
  2. Small, delicate details carefully remove with the help of improvised means so as not to pierce the fabric.
  3. Next, turn on the iron and go to all tissue components.
  4. Fill billet filler to weight some toy items use cereals.
  5. To stitch together all the parts of the toy.
  6. To make wool yarn hair, collect your hair in.
  7. At the final step, sew beads or make eye using embroidery thread in the art of French knots.
  8. Make your Tilde exclusive you get when you choose shoes, make a hat, sew a pretty skirt or dress with print.

How to sew a doll talisman in Russian folk style

Create doll charms for different purposes: with the wish of health, for financial prosperity, protection from evil spirits, maintain a joyful energy and others. Following the tradition of the Russian folk style continues in our day when modern masters original sew dolls with their hands to decorate the interior, and at the same time want to protect home and family. Mandatory requirement – to do a doll with a white face, accompanying the process of sewing goodness. Then get to do a unique thing, which will become a symbol that protects from misfortunes.

For sewing a doll-talisman will need the following materials:

  • white cloth size 15×15 cm
  • bright calico cloth size 80 x 20 cm
  • thin ribbon (contrasting or appropriate tone),
  • embroidery floss,
  • needle for sewing,
  • stuffing (wool, grass, buckwheat).

How to sew a doll-talisman with their hands

Step by step instructions:

  1. Square flap of white fabric to fill with cotton wool, rolled up to form the shape of the head, secure the red thread.
  2. To make the handle, choosing a bright cotton fabric and the same method of forming the volume.
  3. Thin ribbon to tie round your head the future of a talisman to secure it, locking the ends in the back.
  4. Next, start sewing the basics, and this roll cotton fabric size 45х20 cm in half, stapled on the side facing the inside.
  5. Cut a circle with a diameter of 15 cm, which is sewn at the bottom and serves as the bottom of a doll-amulet.
  6. To turn the resulting pouch, remove from the top 10 cm, attach the ribbon and gently flash, making it so that she could move freely.
  7. Then the inner part is stuffed to the brim with cotton wool, herbs, wrap the top of the red thread.
  8. It remains to collect together all the details of DIY, hiding the ends inside, where possible, or covering the joints of the decorative elements. On the doll-amulet in folk style successfully looks the apron, beads, solitaire, in harmony with the textile-based crafts.

Master-class on making textile dolls for the interior

Manual work holds the positive energy, so the tradition of Handicrafts is inherently connected with all that relates to the creation of comfortable style when you create the interior. Most affordable, original, interesting option than to decorate the nursery for the little Princess is to sew a fabric doll. Difficulties with the creation of crafts will not occur, and if the age of the baby does not restrict her participation, involve your child in the creative process, helping to develop new skills.


  • pattern,
  • scraps of fabric,
  • pieces of felt of different colors for hair, eyes, mouth, feet, hands,
  • scissors
  • embroidery floss,
  • needle,
  • studs,
  • glue
  • filler.

Sewing patterns for textile dolls

How to sew a textile doll, interior

Step by step to the original doll with your own hands from fabric with patterns:

  • Print out the scheme, the paper spread out on the fabric, secure with pins, trace the outline with a pencil. Using scissors and a seam about 3 mm carefully cut out the details.
  • Turn on your iron and iron all the blanks so that they become smooth.
  • Fold in half pieces of felt to cut out arms, legs, eyes and torso.
  • Using embroidery floss, needles sew two items of the torso of concealed stitches. Below this item up.
  • Using the same technique of suture, make the legs, hands using felt.
  • Tamp all stitched detail DIY filler, pushing and compacting it using a pencil. It is necessary to leave only a little free space at the top of the legs and arms, to sew to the body.
  • Use leftover felt and imagination to make the hair, eyes, nose, mouth, toys, sewing or gluing parts.
  • Textile crafts interior will complement a beautiful outfit that matches in tone with the situation.

How to sew finger puppets for theatre


  • scheme-pattern (pattern),
  • fabric (plain natural, suitable coarse calico or satin, faux fur),
  • scissors
  • thread
  • paint
  • the PVA glue.

How to sew a finger puppet with your hands

Creating finger puppets:

  1. Print out the pattern, pin the templates on fabric cut with a seam of 5 mm. But if hack should be decorated with embroidery, do it before cutting the fabric to flap was comfortable to wear them on your fingers.
  2. Fill volume parts filler.
  3. Before you sew the parts, apply to the fabric the desired image or pattern colors: eyes, nose, mouth, clothing items. Rabbits, cats, foxes is a doll-animals, which is easy to paint a mustache, not to Potter long with their creation, using other materials. Better to give preference to special paints for fabric, the economy option is an ordinary instant, but before applying the fabric should be impregnated with a weak solution of PVA.
  4. Under pattern parts are sewn together, making sure the bottom of the base and attaching decorative elements
  5. Before the start of the sewing finger toy think costume, accessories, which begins when the Foundation is ready.
  6. Keep proportion, to the product created by the hands, turned out beautiful and was worn on the arm.

Video tutorials for beginners on how to make dolls from fabric

Traditions to create dolls with their own hands from the fabric with the patterns we live in our time. A variety of fabrics, of decorative options do not limit the imagination, turning a simple job into an interesting hobby or a basis for creating their own business. Choice of techniques, which differ from each other by a level of difficulty that will allow you to create original DIY even novice knitters. Don’t have to go to the store to buy a baby doll or pups. View video tutorials on the doll – and you will learn to make unique instances of manual work.

Master class for creating a soft doll for kids

Manufacturer ragdoll angel

The creation of the dolls «Cyclogramme» and clothes for her

How to make a knitted Waldorf doll-butterfly

Lesson of sewing rag dolls ballerina

How to sew a «Lalaloopsy» out of fabric and thread

Photos of beautiful dolls, hand made

Perfecting the technique for the creation of textile dolls with their own hands, will reach the point where your work becomes art doll. Good motivation or source of inspiration will serve as a great photo gallery, where unique works of masters. The creative process requires more than ideas or imagination, but certain skills to get to make yourself an exclusive doll, unlike any other. View examples of our work in the photo below, to see how beautiful can be art doll, made from the heart.

Doll, made from cloth

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