Schemes of origami

Origami is the art of making various products through the use of paper. In most cases, the lesson does not provide for the use of glue and scissors. This trend emerged in the year 610, when to Japan from China came the secret of making paper. The monks learned to put figures that adorned the temples were used in rituals. In the middle ages, it is decorative-applied art has become part of the culture of Japanese aristocrats. If you want to master this hobby, the article contains interesting diagrams from origami.

Origami for beginners

This ability resembles the focus of a simple leaf is born a lovely figure for a few minutes. The lesson does not require high material costs, it is absolutely safe even for small children. Origami gives to create a whole world with no special abilities. This hobby beginners develops spatial imagination, fine motor skills, motor and spatial memory, concentration, communication and gaming skills, mindset, creative skills. The following diagrams from the paper will help you to make an original, unusual toys, gifts, figurines.

Animal out of paper origami

What materials will you need

Before starting to do origami, you should stock up on the necessary set of tools. First is to pick up the paper, better the office, as it is not very smooth, and its density enough to build the schemes. For joining of small parts, bonding need glue stick or white glue, and aerosol are necessary if you need to glue two different colored sheet of paper. The latter technique allows us to create interesting products with a combination of textures and colors.

You can use a more convenient adhesive mass, by which any detail can be easily attached inside or outside of the product, and then removed when necessary without leaving marks. If the product runs out of white paper, it is covered with spray paint. Sometimes you need a few pairs of sharp scissors with blades of various shapes and lengths. To replace them in some cases with a box cutter. This tool is required when trimming, cutting straight lines. The blade should be sharpened for smooth, accurate cutting.

Materials to create origami

For a marking scheme in the preparation of the figures, the cutting of the foundations, the observance of a particular angle of folding, the symmetrical placing of the composition based on a panel right triangles, rulers, protractors. Need a mechanical pencil with replaceable thin stylus. Additionally, artisans use ready-made eyes for toys, the remnants of yarns, ribbons, fabric, beads, beads, sequins for decoration, a needle and thread to connect the individual parts.

Select paper

The correct choice of paper depends on the result of the work, as the entire process of creating origami schemes is to minimize the bending. The following list will help you decide which material is better and what is worse suited for this kind of needlework:

  • Office white paper – thick, not too smooth, so when connecting the modules in the right place. Better to start practicing origami with the same material as the damaged model is unfortunately thrown away. The disadvantage is that the bending place appears mohistory.
  • Color office paper – does not turn white at the bend, different density, is used in modular origami.
  • Stickers, paper for notes – can be painted different colors, used to create kusudama in modular origami.
  • School colored paper – thin, loose, easily torn, ill-suited for this hobby. On bends rubs off or white stripes.
  • Paper foil – sturdy, no tears, used when creating complex patterns, twisted patterns, modules. At the expansion bends remain tight bands.
  • Pages of glossy magazines – dense, well-bend, keep their shape.
  • Banknotes – durable, not erased at the joints, suitable for small modules, preparation of the gifts.
  • Special origami paper is sold in sets with a variety of patterns can be two-way, monotonous.
  • Rice, papyrus, Kraft, parchment, tissue, mulberry, silk and other expensive types of paper – each type has its advantages and disadvantages, allow you to create interesting products.
  • Drawing graph paper, tracing paper – suitable for the first trial in creating complex work.

Origami paper

The types of origami in pictures

Origami is a great opportunity to occupy myself with something interesting, useful, fun to spend time developing new skills and abilities. Besides the classical destinations there are many other alternative techniques:

  • Easy origami fun for beginners craftsmen and craftswomen. When assembling according to the scheme used bend mountain when you need to fold the figure in himself, and bends the valley itself. The most famous example — a crane.Simple origami paper
  • Modular origami – the product runs of several identical parts, called modules, each of which is formed by the rules of classical origami from a single sheet. The elements are connected to each other drawing each other, and the friction force does not give a design to disintegrate.Modular origami paper
  • Kusudama – dimensional origami, where pieces figures not inserted into one another and glued or stitched. In most cases, the product has the shape of a ball.
  • Kusudama
  • Wet folding – dampened paper gives the product expression, rigidity, smooth lines. This method is used to generate non geometric objects (animals, flowers). Wet fits origami paper, the production of which is added water-soluble adhesive with the purpose of bonding fibers.Origami, made in the technique of wet folding
  • Aragami is a simple technique of creating a plane.Aragami of paper
  • Kirigami – in this technique permitted the use of scissors to produce figures. Used for creating greeting cards.Kirigami fairies

How to learn to do animals diagrams for kids

Childish pranks, inability to sit still in one place often due to the fact that the child is nothing to do, and energy must be directed in a certain direction. Invite boys and girls to engage in origami, that will quench their captivate, they feel young wizards who work wonders. This is a useful hobby that develops attention, patience, artistic taste, thinking. Learn how to make origami animals simple: take a sheet of paper, fold it according to the diagram below and get a funny animal.

Phase diagram origami bear out of paper

Diagram origami cat out of paper

Diagram origami dog made from paper

Diagram origami horse out of paper

Diagram origami camel out of paper

How to make a box with lid

Diagram origami Box out of paper

Box origami – irreplaceable thing, which will be useful for a gift. You will be able to return in a few minutes. To create don’t need no glue, no scissors, only a couple of pieces of paper. For boxes it is better to choose a beautiful colored paper. During operation remember that the cover needs to be more reason. From the top you can decorate the box by occasion: Christmas ribbons with prints, buttons, other decorative items. Step by step instructions:

  • Draw on the sheet from one corner to the opposite diagonally.
  • Bend one corner to the center.

Step-by-step creating boxes from paper - first stage

  • Other angles do the same.
  • Two bent back corners, which remained drawn up flush with the center line in half, as pictured.

The second step of creating origami box

  • The other two angles follow the same procedure. The result is blank, as in the photo.
  • Make the incisions.

Paper cuts

  • Folded around two corners to the center.

Angles, curved to the center

  • Next, we put, as in the photo.

Build boxes origami

The finished box out of paper

  • It turns out the lower part of the box. In the same sequence do the cap for 5 mm more on each side.

Beautiful flowers – roses out of paper

Diagram origami flower out of paper

Rose origami popular product in this technique. It is done quickly and easily from a single square sheet of paper, painted on both sides in red. Step by step instructions:

  • Folded in half sheet.
  • Again bend in half.

Folded in half sheet

  • Reveal, open the top layer.
  • Turn over the workpiece, turn a square.
  • Repeat the third step.

Turning square

  • Two angle bend to the top.
  • Bend the triangles in half, outlining the line.

Fold triangles in half

  • Open, open triangles, pulling down at the corners.
  • The upper part of the resulting pockets bend down.

Bending pockets

  • With the second side repeat steps 6-9.
  • Make a fold by bending the top corner.

Bending the top corner of the paper

  • The lower part of the workpiece is disclosed as a book.
  • Take these in the picture space, pull replusive to get two side of the triangle.

The flattening of the product

  • Billet turn.

Coup origami

  • Raise the triangle.

Stretching the triangle

  • The lower right square bend downwards diagonally.

Flexion of the right square diagonally

  • Turn the product by 180 degrees. Repeat the previous step.

A revolution of the workpiece

  • Put on the left hand workpiece. His right hand is taken behind the wall products, spin clockwise until you get a rosette. The petals are nicely tighten up a pencil or a thin stick.

The finished origami rose out of paper

3 D modular origami white paper Swan

Modular origami allows you to create very beautiful, solid products. This master class shows in stages how to build a beautiful Swan. This product can decorate your home. Manual steps:

  • On the way we do 458 white triangular modules. One orange or red for the beak.
  • You take three modules, insert the corners of the two pockets of the third.

Diagram origami Swan

  • Attach two more.
  • In the same way add two modules.

The first stage of creating a Swan out of paper

  • Have a design as shown in the photo.
  • Insert the corners into the pockets.

The insert pockets to the workpiece

  • Collect three rows, each of which consists of 30 modules. Lock in a circle.
  • Similarly we put the modules of the fourth and fifth row.

Closing circle

  • Take a blank, thumbs pressed gently to the centre, twisting the product.

Turning products by pressing

  • Edges are folded up.

Bending the edges upwards

  • Put on the sixth row, positioning the modules in a staggered manner.
  • In the seventh layer to make the wings: put 12 modules, skip two area, join 12. Missed on a narrow section will be the neck, and the last broad – tail.

The location of the modules in a staggered manner

  • In the next row, decrease wing on one module.
  • Similarly, decrease every row, until there is only one triangle.

The reduction of the wings

  • Make a ponytail on the principle of reducing to a single module in each new layer.
  • Do head and neck 10 white and 1 red module on which you want to glue the corners to keep the beak was not bifurcated. The neck is going like this: the corners of one are inserted into pockets of another module.

The creation of the tail of the Swan

  • So collect the rest, arching the neck.
  • Attach the neck to the desired location.

Attach neck and head to the bird's body

What else can be done from the paper: circuit Assembly

Various techniques of origami allow you to make many interesting products. It’s the perfect pastime for a child in the form of games. This decorative art is not static: it has gradually gained experience and has developed, resulting in any number of schemes of folding the various figures of snowflakes, cars, airplanes, furniture, animals, etc.

Fighter planes

Many a child was folding paper airplanes out of torn school notebooks leaves and launched them on the break, watching the flight. Origami are so many options and forms of this crafts, from the simple to complex models. The following diagrams demonstrate the Assembly of fighters, which will require a bit of patience and paper.

Diagram of the plane of the paper

The scheme of the aircraft origami


The following popular crafts out of paper is the machine. Every boy loved to play with them in childhood. If you don’t know how to do that, you can use the following light scheme racing and normal cars, trucks, police cars. If you follow the instructions, the Assembly model will not take much time, and the result is excellent.

Diagram of the machine of paper

Scheme car origami

Diagram origami paper for beginners

Step-by-step diagram origami machine


Minecraft – building computer game genre «sandbox». It allows players to create and destroy different blocks and use objects in three-dimensional environment. If you are familiar with the game Minecraft, you will be interested to create units and heroes using the following origami patterns. You can use white paper, drawing on it the necessary picture or print templates.

Diagram origami Minecraft - cat

Diagram origami on the topic of Minecraft


It is very exciting to make origami furniture diagrams from the paper. You can create a new window, sofa, table, bed, Desk, chair. These products are suitable for future games of children, the creation of a Dollhouse, and applications. Paper you can choose any different colors. Creating a few figures, you get a whole set of miniature furniture. All schemes are lightweight, so even a child can focus on products.

The scheme of creating furniture out of paper

How to make a bed out of paper

Window paper - scheme

Schema create table origami


Paper snowflakes origami and kirigami – a great way to decorate your own home for the Christmas holidays. Such items can be hung near the Windows, on the Christmas tree, chandelier, make a garland of them and hang along the walls, the mobile. Each scheme allows you to create a unique snowflake. The finished product you can color the silver, blue sequined color of spray paint, or the edges to glue glitter to make the ornament more interesting.

The snowflake out of paper

Scheme for snowflakes origami

Phase diagram of creating origami

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