Decoupage bottles with their hands

An unremarkable thing turns into something distinct, unique. The technique is simple, accessible not only to professional artists, provides for cutting out images, gluing them with your hands to the surface of tableware, furniture, textiles. The result is the original bottles home decor.

Decoupage on bottles

For successful decorating pottery with your own hands you need to:

  • To explore the workshops, which represented the main stages of work.
  • Choose capacity simple shape with smooth surface. Decoupage bottles with your own hands is not easy to perform in a non-standard plane.
  • Glass should be degreased with acetone, alcohol. Surface cleaning is important to secure the materials.
  • Apply special glue. Ordinary PVA is suitable, if it is diluted with water.
  • Flatten the image out, stick to the pan.
  • Cover the dishes with a special varnish after complete drying.
  • If desired, after completion of work to tint the craft acrylic paint to further decorate with ribbons, beads, shells, bows, sequins, depending on the style.

There are five types of decoration are combined with the basic techniques:

  • Decopatch that actually looks like a patchwork quilt. The surface of the cookware is covered completely with pieces of paper with different patterns.
  • Classical (direct) decor, which is glued, attached one image.
  • Reverse decoupage on a bottle with their hands, designed to smooth transparent surfaces. Technique involves gluing the figure on the other side.
  • Art form, combining the application and the use of other techniques, different effects.
  • Volumetric technique, where there is a mixture of painting and relief.

Bottle decorated in decoupage technique

How to make decoupage bottles wipes

Some simple manipulation of the decoupage card, printed picture or napkin is a great pastime for women. To complete the decoration with his hands, prepare:

  • object decoration;
  • universal primer;
  • acrylic paint white and color;
  • toners or gouache;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • brush, a sponge for swabbing;
  • a napkin with a picture.

Decoupage bottles with their hands step by step is done as follows:

  1. Degrease, Prime glass container.
  2. Cover the surface with two layers of white acrylic.
  3. Cut the pattern napkins with small scissors or tear off along the contour.
  4. Attach the image to apply over the picture varnish. We must act quickly and carefully, avoiding folds and bubbles.
  5. Apply three coats of varnish, making drying.
  6. Sand the surface with fine emery paper.
  7. Varnish crafts.

Decoupage bottles of champagne for new year holidays

Wedding decoupage glass bottles

Design of a bottle in wedding style you can do with your hands. Festive attribute to decorate the table, makes a wonderful gift. Decoupage on glass you will need:

  • capacity of champagne;
  • pictures, cards;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • washcloth;
  • acrylic paint.

Wedding decoration is done with their hands:

  1. Degrease the surface.
  2. Cover the product with a primer.
  3. Treat the card with varnish, dry.
  4. Remove the top layer of paper, cut out the corresponding image.
  5. Oil capacity glue.
  6. Attach on top of the selected picture.
  7. Carefully flatten the picture, to avoid bubbles, creases.
  8. Dilute the paint, the right color bottle.
  9. Draw brush the dark areas.
  10. Make the mist using a sponge and a light tone.
  11. Now paint streaks of a silvery tone.
  12. Emphasize the details.
  13. Varnish crafts.

Wedding decoupage bottles of champagne

How to make a decoupage bottle cloth

The canvas that is used for the decoration of glass containers, makes the texture more interesting. To complete the decoration, prepare:

  • cotton fabric;
  • capacity;
  • acrylic paint;
  • the appropriate primer;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • putty;
  • Golden acrylic;
  • the image on the cloth.

The design of the fabric is done as follows:

  1. Degrease capacity.
  2. Prime the surface.
  3. Cut the image along the contour or tear off.
  4. Wet the picture with water, remove the bottom layer.
  5. Glue the picture varnish.
  6. Color capacity to match the background of the picture.
  7. Apply matte varnish.
  8. Try on the fabric, mark the fold.
  9. Mix of PVA, water, filler, paint.
  10. Moisten with a mixture of fabric.
  11. Wring out the cloth, gently wrap the bottle without closing the drawing.
  12. Leave the product for a day to dry.
  13. Top crafts with acrylic paint, trying to process all the folds.
  14. Varnish.
  15. Cover with gold folds and the base.
  16. Varnish the product completely.

Decoupage bottles cloth

Reverse decoupage napkins

Feature engineering – sticking motif in the beginning picture to the glass. For the reverse design with your own hands you will need:

  • capacity;
  • napkins or printed image;
  • paints based on acrylic;
  • adhesive;
  • Matt varnish based on acrylic;
  • egg shells;
  • yarn for decorating tube.

Your actions:

  1. Degrease capacity.
  2. Cut out the motif, remove the lower layers.
  3. Stick the picture the image inside.
  4. Apply white paint to the image.
  5. Make the background of the napkin the same colors as on the picture.
  6. Form a viewing window on the opposite side. Seal it with tape.
  7. Paint the entire surface except for the window.
  8. Arrange a viewing hole acrylic loop, braid, ribbons, egg shells beads.
  9. Crafts varnish in several layers.
  10. Decorate the tube.

The technique of reverse decoupage bottles

Volume decoupage with your hands

To create a souvenir in the rural style, prepare:

  • the bottle is pre-primed with white acrylic or PVA;
  • fine and coarse varieties of paste for modeling;
  • a napkin with a picture of a rooster;
  • paints based on acrylic;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • bitumen varnish;
  • dried flowers, cereals, ears.

Bulk registration with your hands is:

  1. Put the napkin face down, cover with transparent film.
  2. Leave some coarse paste on the air for drying.
  3. Put the paste on picture on top of the film, align along the contour of the cock.
  4. Insert the tape with the paste to the glass, press down, remove the polyethylene.
  5. Glue on top of the napkin after drying the paste.
  6. Make the second cock with the other hand.
  7. Apply a thin paste on the entire surface and edges of napkins.
  8. While the pasta is not dried, press it dry flowers, grains, spikelets, oat flakes.
  9. Add the white acrylic ochre and brown paint product.
  10. Apply Golden acrylic paints after drying.
  11. Treat some sections of bituminous paint for the aging.
  12. Let the garland dry, varnish.

Video: how to make decoupage on the bottle

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