A selection of Slippers on felt soles crochet with descriptions, diagrams and videos MK

Crocheted house shoes looks like something warm and cozy. And all this is because hand made, with love, awe and tenderness. In the cold season are best suited crochet Slippers on felt soles. They are light and warm, have natural ingredients, soft, unique and reliable protection from the cold. Namely, the knitting has a positive effect on well-being, helps to pass the long winter evenings, and the result is sure to please.

Charming Slippers on felt soles

This model can not leave anyone indifferent. Shoes looks original, gentle and easy winter, snow. They can be crochet in a few hours. The bottom sole of felt and the top of the – knitted motifs, which are interconnected into a unified whole.


To work you need to prepare in advance the necessary tools and materials. Yarn is better to use natural with wool. The number of yarn – 150 g. the Color can be any, but in this example involved white. Need insoles of appropriate size. You will need crochet hook, scissors, thick needle (or awl).

Job description

If the yarn is thin, it is necessary to combine two or three strands. In the course of work important to make sure that the binding was tight, otherwise the finished product will not hold its shape. First, we need to tie the hook on the footbed. To begin to pierce it with an awl, retreating from the edge of the insole of 0.5 cm, the same distance must be between the punctures. Binding of the soles is carried out by columns without nakida(SC), making two in each hole. You can now begin to create motifs.

Crochet individual elements can be done in any 6-gon. Beautiful pattern obtained by the diagram below.

On each slipper is necessary for 3 such elements, therefore, turns out 6 pieces.

Now you can begin stitching the individual parts. You can connect them with a hook or needle. Details tack to the bottom or pin pins. To link the two together. Comfortable and beautiful Slippers on felt soles is ready!

Warm shoes with felt soles

Colorful, comfortable, beautiful and original shoes not only warm you up but will give a good mood in rainy day. They will fit women, but also will not leave indifferent men.


Knitting is performed by a hook №3,5, knit wool with acrylic. Need a felt insole.

Job description

Tie these cute Slippers can be quickly, which is their indisputable advantage. It necessary to begin work with a sock. Pattern you can use any that novice knitters will appreciate. The easiest way is to knit columns with nakida. The first series to the little finger (4-5 cm) to make allowances. After rising to associate the item as shown in photos.

Then continue knitting so as to obtain the fabric-like form with the letter P.

To connect narrow panels, it’s best to perform a hook. This will be the back seam of the product.

Continue to knit columns with nakida to the desired height of a top sneaker.

Take a felt sole, pinning her to the knitting pins. Take a needle, tight thread (preferably to match the shoes) and sew seam «over the edge». Decorate with colored Slippers on their own.

Slippers on felt soles: video MK

Charming Slippers with felt insole

Soft comfortable Slippers will not be superfluous in any house. Thanks to the warm and elastic sole they will keep shape and warm the feet.


Need felt insole, you can buy ready-made or cut from a piece of material. Need an awl, hook. On the top sneaker is a yarn medium thickness-about 200 g

Job description

To begin to pierce with an awl a hole in the sole at a distance of 1 cm from the edge of 1.5 cm between the punctures. With each completed hole to the associate in column 4. When the insole is fully wrapped, then dial SS (connecting column) and OP 2 (will serve as the beginning for the next row).

Now we have to make a side and its height will be 2 cm to Knit his polostevichi, moving in a circle. Each new row to begin 2 OP.

When the Board is ready, you can move on to creating the top sneaker. You should start with the fingertips. Thread to fasten to the top of the rim and to knit sock 9-10 polytypical. Turn the work and continue to do polostevichi. Continue until, until you get the desired depth of sneakers.

Side part also consists of polostevichi, knitted crochet in 4-5 rows. Joining the ranks of the SS can. In the last rows to make obuvki, it will provide a snug fit sneaker in the feet. Knitted Slippers left ready to decorate or leave as is.

Slippers: video master class

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