8 options for pin cushion crochet with descriptions, diagrams and videos MK

Surely every housewife in the house there are all sorts of pins and needles. Very easy to store in the sprayer. So you can always find the right needles. It is an irreplaceable thing in the economy. You can buy the finished product, and you can own hands to make a pin cushion, whether it’s a hat, a frog, a cactus, or even a shell. Besides crocheted pincushion will be a perfect and unique gift.

Pincushion — cactus

Knitting DIY needle cases cactus will need a crochet hook of suitable size, a little thread of green, brown, black and beige colors. You will also need a small pot or jar, with a height of about 6 cm Brown yarn first link at the bottom for the jars. Type in ring 6 loops, close them in a circle and knit, making a uniform increment in each row.

Continue to tie in the height of the pot on the sides, with no benefits. To tie the jar should be alternating rows. First, the first row knit with brown thread with posts with single stitches, next row knit thread beige columns without nakida.

Tying the entire pot, start knitting the cactus. Take the green yarn and knit across the cactus. To dial a hook 20 air.Pat. Next on the chain to do so: in each loop — 1 air loop lifting, St b/n, Poustovit, 2 tbsp. s/n, 10 columns, 1 St s/2n, 2 tbsp. s/n, palest., art. b/n.

The following series, as well as all subsequent ones, to knit the first row, only the hook to enter behind the legs of the columns of the previous row. Get the relief columns.

The ranks to do forward and reverse directions. By promazyvanija relief columns on the surface of the part appear the characteristic folds, and the cactus turns a round shape.

Just need to tie the 28 rows, then sew the first and last rows. The top hinge parts to recover the green thread, and through the lower hole to fill the cactus with a filler (padding polyester, holofayber).

In the lower part of the cactus to attach the black thread and tie it round the bars without nakido doing crochet in each row of uniform allowances. Black circle-the basis should be manufactured of the same diameter as the pot. Then fill the pot any napolnitel, and the edge of the pot to sew with the edges of the circle base. Beautiful unusual cactus is ready!

Video master class


Pincushion — hat

This is very simple in execution with his own hands hat pincushion. For its production need a hook and a bit of bright yarn and filler.

The hat is knitted in a circle. To start knitting with six air.loops, connected in a circle. Continue to do increase. First, within each loop, then through one and two. To make the needed diameter, then knit without of increases uniformly promazyvaya loop in each row. To knit until hat has reached the desired depth. Then it will be necessary to associate a flat circle, the diameter is the same as the cap and connect it to the part is a pin cushion, stuffed with filler. Hat must have fields. To produce them, focusing on the schema:

The scheme of the strapping edges

You can take a satin ribbon and sew pincushion on the perimeter. So knit cap will look more interesting. Ribbon to decorate a small bow or a little flower.

Bear-cupcake: video master class

Pincushion — frog

Such a funny and interesting knitted with his own hands the frog will be a very unusual thing. For its production need a hook, a filler, and yarn of green and red colors. The frog consists of three identical circles. Knit them according to the same scheme. Dial 6 air.loops, to connect in a circle. Further, each hinge to make two columns with one nakida. In the next row, also within each loop in 2 tbsp. with NAK. Starting with next row, knit columns with nakida, alternating allowances with the usual loops. Total should have 6 rows. Two of the circle to tie the green thread, and the third to start knitting the red thread, only the last row knit into the green.

Eyes, you can crochet your own and you can just stick two ready-made pupil.

Frog has legs

Knit with green thread. Dial in a circle of 12 stitches. Then in the next row, every column to do two things St s/n 24 pet. Fold the item in half and the rear wall of the loops connecting the edges of the legs as follows — 1 stbn, 2 stbn in one loop. On the next lap to do 3. p., 2 CH, Picot, 2 tbsp. with NAC, a 3 litre pet connection column to attach to the next loop base. Repeat the pattern 3 times.

The frog is almost ready. It remains to sew a knitted circuits, focusing on the pattern and diagrams. To fill the product into the filler. Frog made with his own hands ready!

Pincushion — bug


Very beautiful and unusual looks bug made with your own hands.

Required hook, mixed remnants of yarn, holofayber, two black beads for eyes. Main circuits — the armour fit in a circle of conventional columns without nakida. Start with a ring of 6 stitches, and making a uniform increase in each row until 48 loops. Further increase not to do, and to purl 5 rows of 48 years. To separately manufacture the bottom of the shell — knit circle with 48 Palecek. Stuff and stitch between the two knit items. Another thread to make the edge of the carapace, focusing on schema binding:

Knitted head — neck pink threads. To start with six air.Pat, making a uniform increase in each round until 30 pet. Continue to be linked with: *1 tbsp b/n, twist* — repeat 6 times and the next 12 columns. In the next row to make 6 pieces of obivok and 12 SC. Then stitches *1 SC, twist* 6 times. Draw eyes and mouth shells to stuff the head. Continue to knit around the neck 17 of the circular rows of 12 stbn each. Stuff the neck and sew together the opening. To sew it to the bottom of a trunk turtle. A small stitch to sew the head to the top of the shell, so she wouldn’t fall. To make a flower, focusing on the figure:

Sew it on the head of a turtle.

Knit DIY crochet pin cushion is bound to become an indispensable thing in the economy.

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