Crochet on the chairs capes with description, photos and videos of MK

Knitted cushion chairs hook description, photos and videos of MK

Crochet on the chairs capes are not only practical things in everyday life, but also interior decoration. The case must match the shape of the seat, which has a matching chair or stool. Here, you will learn how to make crochet knitted capes two major forms.

The text to be used abbreviations:

  • column without nakida = post. without NAC. or St. b/n;
  • column with nakida = SSN;
  • polytypic (aka connective loop) = PP;
  • air loop = VP.



To tie the robe on the stool or chair is 35 cm in diameter, you can use any harmonious color yarn measurements 110 g 50 m.

You’ll need:

  • 3 skeins of bodily threads;
  • 1 ball for 14, or 2 to 7 colors;
  • hook thickness of 3 mm

In the case of the 7 colors of each will need to tie in 2 rows.


First row. For the sliding ring is crochet post. without NAC. and 2 VP, is calculated as follows: 1 SSN, SSN 11, PP 2nd VP. The circle will be charged.



Easier to pull the thread from the center of the coil, as in the photo, then he’s not a rolls, you don’t need unwinding.



Knitting then for the rear half loop.

Second row. Behind the rear half-loop follow-up column to fit the column. without NAC., 2 EP and 1 PRS, 2 PRS for the half-loop is on the back of every column, emergency inside 2nd SP. Overall it is 24 PRS.



Third row. For the back half-loop follow-up column to fit the column. without NAC., 2 EP and 1 SSN, into the next loop 1 SSN, SSN in next 2, 11 repetitions, PP in the 2 nd VP. In total, there are 36 SPEs.


The image shows that the front half loop left free, they will tie the petals.

Thus it continues to happen crochet circle with the addition of just a number of 12 columns, until you reach the diameter of the seat, which has a stool or chair, approximately 15 rows. In this method, where 3 loops rise, and V. b/n and 2 VP, the intervals between the 1st and final SSN almost not observed.

Decorative final row. Done, as the previous one: according to claims in a subsequent loop promazyvaetsya tbsp. b/n, 2 EP, through two loops on 3rd St. b/n, 2 VP, and all is repeated.

Arcs are formed, they need to tie art. b/n, 2 EP , 3 PRS in each.

How to tie the petals

They are knit in the front half loop.

First row. Attached yarn to the starting row of the front half-loops. With this purpose, fit a sliding loop.


Next is art. b/n, as before, see photo.

Believe its 1st art. b/n. Now 5 VP and St. b/n in the loop of the 1st St. b/n. the arch Formed. Then 1 VP (jumper), using 2 loops to knit art. b/n, 5 VP, art. b/n in one loop, 1 VP. Now the movement of the hook from the bridge 2 more times. Completed a number of PE in the 1st St. b/n, the thread is not cut. The result is 4 arcs.


Now they tie themselves: art. b/n in arch 2 SP. 1-m rests tbsp. b/n, 4 SSN, 2 VP, 5 PRS. Out of the 1st petal and art. b/n the jumper from the 1st EP.


Next: SSN 5, EP 2, 5 SSN the arch, art. b/n the jumper from the 1st EP. Completed piping of PP in the 1st SSN.


Second row. Runs like the first, only jumper 2 VP, and the gap between the arches in 3 loops.

Third row. Done as the previous one, but jumper 3 op. Below the petals are not hung, they are secured: art. b/n to the jumper and then connected the middle loop of the 3 skipped between the arches.



The subsequent numbers are performed as the third.

When knitting cushion on a chair or stool is completed, it turns a beautiful flower. Chairs decorated with these harnesses look very summery.

Cape on a chair «grandma’s square»: video master class


Crochet this cushion chair or stool can be made of remnants of threads. It is important that enough light is the same yarn on the side of the strip. To link to this product, you will need a hook about 4 mm thick.

Product form twisted knit stripes of different colors.

They promazyvaetsya with SSN.

They can be created from yarn of different colours. The number of such fragments is determined by the parameters of the respective seat, here 22.

Now half of these bands formed in one blade. Is the binding on the edge with one hand. Is St. b/n.

The design of the edge can be seen in the photo below.

Similarly, tie the band remained.

Then fragments of two panels woven in a checkerboard pattern. The result is one square cloth consisting of squares.

It ties round the perimeter, turning into a solid Mat.

That, in turn, tied off along the platter by using a tbsp. b/n. Then crochet 2 run EP rise. A subsequent series fit SSN. That the Cape does not slip on the chair, should be knit tightly, the corners of the additional columns do not add.

The perimeter tied off and the process concludes with a number of arches of 3 VP, the same need to be done in column 4.

Masteritsa fringe, as pictured below.

You can make different design of cushion on the stool. Not to stitch the 11 fragments, and 4, tying in a separate small canvases.

Chairs with these seat covers will enliven any room.

Wrap up of square motifs: video master class

Mat-cushion: video master class

The motive for capes «Heart squared»: video master class

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