Crochet hats for women crochet diagrams and descriptions

Knitted hat is the oldest hat in the daily toilet. To choose the right model for any season is not difficult. Women’s hat is a accessory that you can crochet. Crochet products are of a texture pattern, it is almost always recognizable. Crochet hats for women the diagrams and descriptions in this article.

Magically look summer laced hats, they are suitable not only girls but also women, giving the appearance of tenderness. In the summer closet you can include a crocheted hat.

Autumn requires more warm knitted hats. They can be performed according to the scheme of summer hats, taking only a hook larger rooms and woolen yarn. Autumn model, crocheted, to set the mood can be made in bright and rich colors. For warm autumn perfect fishnet takes from woolen threads, which will warm and maintain your hairstyle.

Winter caps it is recommended to perform a two-layer scheme can be composed of two autumn hats.

Most often when performing crochet caps don’t need to do the gum, since the fit products is quite tight. If necessary, the edge of the cap can be put on the reverse side of the gum.

Picks in pink color

Color adds a special caps charm – perfect for the young romantic women. Openwork pattern hats creates lush volume.


The summer yarn is used Schachenmayr SMC Favorito — 100 gr. Hooks rooms 4,5 and 5, elastic thread or thin elastic band.

Size designed for a head circumference of 56 cm, and the density of the sample associated hook №4,5 — 15P.×116 p.= 10×10 cm, crochet №5 – 2 rapport×7 = 8×10 cm.


Takes starts with vyvazhivanija feet, height will be 23 see the rubber feet is recommended to include when knitting elastic thread or thin elastic band in the color of the yarn.

Hat is done in a circular pattern under the scheme. And that all tiers should be knit with 3 loops to finish a single connection column in the air lift loop.

Vivaselecta first chain hook №4.5 out of vozdushka in the amount of 72 loops. Knitting connects in circumference extra column, and then 7. running columns without nakida. 8-m R. you should start by adding vyvazhivanie 2 STB on the 2nd loop, continue to end of row every 4th, and so an additional 17 times. The number of loops at this stage = 89.

Upon reaching the height of legs 4.5 cm, knitting is performed according to the scheme (Fig. 2) hook number 5. Rapport has to be repeated 14 times, and ends on the scheme, so promazyvaetsya from the 1st row to the 10th. In 11-th row is performed 3 a BB gun, then 1 column with nakida 3 air lift loop of the previous row. From * to * knitting is repeated 6 times.

* 1 column with NAC to be held in the 2nd loop, then 1 shell 3 columns with nakida displayed in 2-in the next loop. *

A row to finish the 1st column with stitches held on the 2nd of next loop, 1 connection bar in the 3rd air lift loop.

In the 12th row promazyvaetsya 3 lifting an air rifle, then 2 incomplete stolzoff promazyvaetsya without nakida next 2 loops the columns with SC – they remain on the hook, and then knit them together. Is then performed to pattern circuit 1 «bump» of the 3 unfinished columns with nakida, which in turn promazyvaetsya together all of the next 7 shells. To finish the layer of connective column in the 3rd lifting air. p.

13 a number of recent before closing the work. Starts with 3 air. p., then one bug from a 3-column with SC carried out in the following 2nd «bump». Then 1 column snakedog be held in the 2nd «bump» and 1 turtle from a 3-column with SC crocheted in the 2 nd the next «bump». So to continue to the end and complete the connection loop knit in a 3rd lifting air. p.

Knitting close.

Juicy greens for fall

Very rich green color of this beanie will appreciate the look of a wet autumn and warm the owner as it is soft wool.


Yarn MERINO+ Merino wool fine 200 g (90 m/50 g) – bright green color and hook number 5.

Size head circumference 52-56 cm, with a density of the basic pattern thus 16P. ×5,5 = square 10×10 cm.


Creates a chain of 66 vozdushka, 1st column Conn. closes in a circle. 1st number is performed by polostevichi, next to a height of 4 — series to do the rubber — striping of the 1st relief polostevichi that runs behind the front wall of the loop and the 1st simple prostovisa.

In the next layer, evenly is premium 12 eyelets that run the bars without nakida. Knit beanie continues under the scheme.

So vymazyvaja 6, further begin the decrease pattern instead of 4 columns with SC vymazyvaja 3, and 3-hvezd. loops all 2 n. In the next row, this way, instead of 4 columns with SC vymazyvaja 2, instead of 3 of air just 1 loop. Continues reduction have instead of 4 columns, you run just 1 loop instead of 3 for air. p only one air rifle.

The next series runs entirely out of columns with nakida, the number of loops will be 26. Then in the next row promazyvaetsya all loops 2 together and the remaining 13 are pulled together tighter and the thread is fixed.


  • air loop

∩ – column without nakida

– column with nakida

MS – rapport

The connection icon indicates that vymazyvaja loops in one loop of the base.

Blue hat bag

Now fashionable model bag, complement the wardrobe women who follow catwalk trends. Easy in execution, and in the autumn bad weather will save from cold.

Size 52-54 cm


Yarn suitable, pure wool, thin thread, and acrylic, require 50 g blue and cream colors. Hook number 3,5.


Scheme of the pattern as such in this model is not, because the cap is missing a complex pattern. The hat starts with a set of chains of 90 vozdushka. A circle is formed by promazyvanija connecting loops in the first air. In the first g.: repeat from * to * following loop: *promazyvaetsya 2 column with yo (later the first of the columns is replaced by 2 l lift loops), then 2 a BB gun and the following loop is skipped. * Completed a number of vyazaniem connecting loops in the first clause of the series.

The next tier in each arc vymazyvaja 2 column with yo and 2 l of loops. Colors need to be changed in this alternation: 2nd R. cream thread, the following 3rd – blue. Then two layers of cream, the 6th row is blue. Next 2 rows cream, and then to complete the hat — blue. Such a visual way creates a decorative band.

26-m R. reduced loop, instead of 2 columns in the arch, promazyvaetsya 1. Then in the 27th air loop already not promazyvaetsya, but only the columns. The following 2 tiers crochet lowered half-loops in each of the 2 fit in one column with nakida. The last stitches and pull to close.

Similar model in the video.

Another great model of women’s hats «pattern Wafer» video master class.

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