Crochet for women fashion 2015 models description

Girl light lace blouse or jacket looks stylish and modern. The existing 70-e years the fashion for crocheted things returns and is relevant in the 2015-2016 season. Modern designers offer women new fashions with delicate details. They are so beautiful that many girls especially begin to master the technique of knitting in order to make this an exclusive thing. If you have the desire to learn, following instructions, and schematics will help even beginners to create original clothing.

Trends knitted fashion in 2015

This year in fashion crochet things. Collection of Emilio Pucci, Ermanno Scervino, Custo Barcelona, Missoni, Christopher Kane showed actual model of clothes with delicate features. Well-known designers they introduced interesting styles of dresses, boleros, trousers, blouses, cardigans, sweaters, jackets and even coats that are created using a hook and thread.

Before fashionistas in 2015-2016, the question arises, what is better to buy: stylish knitted thing from the trendy fashion designer or do it yourself. Personally related things will be different uniqueness, exclusivity and the small amount spent on their fabrication. And buy design fishnet models will be costly.

Model knitting patterns women’s clothing crochet with descriptions and diagrams

Every girl wants to choose for themselves the clothes in which she can look beautiful, stylish, unique. Fashionable fishnet models 2015 inspire knitters to create new masterpieces. You have the talent to create a hook on awesome things? Or just want to try your hand at this type of knitting? Experienced mistresses and aspiring mistresses in the following schemes will be able to find everything you need to create unique fashion items with a hook.

Waistcoats and sleeveless jackets

In cool summer days or early autumn knitted crochet sleeveless jackets or vests look great on women. Such clothing can not only protect from cool breeze, but also help to create a stylish, fashionable way. The delicacy inherent in things perfectly emphasizes femininity and creates around girls of a certain aura of romance, of mystery. How to make a stylish heathered vest, look on.

The scheme of knitting patterns of men's vests crochet

To create the vest take 500 g of melange yarn, 25 g Golden yarn. For making this thing used 2 of the pattern. The main motive is knitted according to the scheme 1, and fan – according to scheme 2. Starts work on making a vest with a crochet chain of 132 (143) loops. Then, the resulting close range 1 connecting bar in the ring. Then the canvas fit fan pattern 12 (13) rapport.

Up to 16 series used a heathered yarn, and to create a series of 17 take melange thread along with gold. Crochet backless, stacked on the edge of fan motif floor 35 cm – 3 report – 34 p (40 cm 38 p) to make a hook 21 cm main motive. Connect the upper back with the opposite edge inlaid fan motif (35 cm – p. 35/40cm – p. 38). Arm finish trim heathered and gold thread.

Capes and ponchos

Scheme crochet poncho for women crochet

Fishnet capes look nice on girls, women of any age. This item of clothing can warm and give a special femininity the image of its owner. And elegant openwork poncho on the girl will emphasize her good taste and personality. How to create a hook on the unique, bright thing, look at the diagram below. Poncho is knitted in one piece. For its production will need 550 g of cotton viscose yarn black shade and a hook №4.

Start with the neck. To do this, enter a chain of 128 loops, and join it into a ring connecting column. Next knit according to the scheme 1 – 16 of rapport. After performing 34 g complete the work. Contrast color thread keen 4 pieces poncho: back, front, 2 sleeves. The bottom edge of the product in the center of the back and front tie according to scheme 2 elastic band with a height of 8 cm Neck tie 3 rows of 3. The finished poncho wet, dry.


With a hook designers create the unique beauty of the blouse. In these models, combined different techniques of openwork crochet. Unusual, feminine looking blouse with a dense pattern in front and bright spider motif on the back and sleeves. A woman with a slender figure in a blouse will look beautiful and stylish. The diagrams below are instructions for knitting beautiful sweaters. To create such a thing, you need to buy 300 grams cotton thread with lurex light brown color.

A diagram and description crochet jackets fashion women crochet

All work on the manufacture of this sweater are crochet No. 2. In accordance with the scheme 23 make the pattern for its size. For the back of the blouse, the cuffs make patterns of colors, then connect them using the technique of «Pico». How much must a flower motif and how to arrange them on the back, see diagram 23. Align openwork elements along the bottom edge of the back and sleeves must use a 4-petal motifs, the scheme of which is shown in figure 23.

And side edges of the backrest it is necessary to form a 3-petal patterns according to the scheme 23 b. For the last edge of the neck, use a 2-petal motifs, which are represented on the same diagram. The back patterns are in the form of flowers, are joined together by connecting elements by the technique of «Pico» (Fig. 23). The final alignment of the parts of the blouse around the perimeter is done using parts of the round element and binding a column of b/n. a Shelf model you need to knit with column 1 nakida.

Sleeve should be formed thus: openwork cuff tie bar, b/n, and in the next row, knit across the row 2 columns b/n 1 column b/n the previous row. To continue working directly. And after 21 cm from the top of the cuff, it is necessary to form the openings, lifts the shoulders, and promazyvaya 2 column 1 nakida with 2 sides.


Crochet Bolero is a stylish addition to summer evening look. Openwork detail in the form of short jacket is able to refresh the image of the girl and add a bit of romance. How to tie a beautiful Bolero crochet will be discussed further. To create needlewoman will need green yarn, black and the hook No. 5 and No. 3. Starting to knit Bolero will start from the back. This requires a green thread knit into a chain, in which 55 of the stitches.

Scheme knit a fashionable Bolero crochet

Scheme crochet Bolero description

At 19 cm from the start knitting it is necessary to leave 2 sides for the armhole. no. 4.=47 p. And 40 cm from the starting chain, getting 9 p. 2 p. 29 of the shoulders and for the neck, make a knot, cut the thread. Right shelf knit green thread, starting with chains, consisting of 19 loops. Further, the process according to scheme 2. Left shelf Bolero fit symmetrically to the right part. Sleeves model, it is necessary to start knitting with the formation of the chain 43 of the air loop, and then follow the scheme 1. When the height of knitted fabric will reach 26 cm to continue work on the scheme 3 = 18 p.


Laced dresses are perfect for a hot summer. Girls crochet dresses look bright, original. To make your own fishnet dress according to the following simple scheme will be even not too experienced in knitting in the Affairs of woman. So in the end we got beautiful product, you need not hurry, and carefully follow the instructions and diagrams below.

Scheme knitting womens dress crochet

For making fishnet outfit must be purchased for 300 g green and white yarn, consisting of cotton. For the implementation of the process of knitting you will need a hook No. 5 and No. 2. For the manufacture of top products make pattern for its size. Associate at Fig.30 sample, and using it and the patterns make the calculation of knitting.

The lower part of the outfit is made from 2 halves. Every part promazyvayut according to the scheme: 6 green and 6 white rows. Shape the edges of the canvas need the pattern. The side seams make the technique «back needle». Then, make a lace strip according to the scheme 30 a, the length of which determine in accordance with the pattern. One such detail at the top, sew the bottom of the dress. Crochet bodice use scheme 30 b, which make the flowers and combine them together. To create straps, outlines the neckline, use the lace tape.


The girl with any figure in a crocheted suit, consisting of skirt and jacket will look elegant and beautiful. Consider a single pattern of this dress, which is suitable for everyday wear. For making suit size 38, you will need 550 g of a beige yarn composed of 100% cotton, 5 buttons, hook number 3, elastic tape, length 65 cm, width 1 cm.

Description and diagram of knitting costume for women crochet

Front and back of the jacket should be done in a single fabric. For this we need to make 186 a chain of air loops, and then knit the basic pattern No. 1 regular series. When provarite 28 cm you need to set aside 147 loops for bevel armholes, continue to work on the left shelf on 39 stitches. At the same time to subtract on the right in each row 2х1п, in every second row, 2×1 p.

After 8 cm from the openings, to form the neck need to close the left 1 X12 p., p. 3×1 Passing hook of 7 cm from the beginning neckline to trim off the thread to secure it. Do not touch delayed on the left side of the loops 10, and the next 88 loops back to link back. Thus it is necessary to subtract from 2 sides in each row, 2×1 p. Provyazat 16 cm from the top of the arm openings, cut the thread. Skip the next 10 pending loops, and the extreme delayed 39 loops to do the right shelf, which is symmetrical with the left. How to knit other costume items described in the detailed diagram below.


Jacket with delicate details will make the image of the girl is feminine and bright. How to make it yourself? Lightweight, beautiful jacket will turn out if to use when creating the technique of crochet and knitting in the diagram below. Feature of this model is that it fit in a circle. The use of different techniques of knitting: garter, front, Central, fishnet, facial surface and a special Central motif. All the details of the fabrication of the jacket, see below.

The crochet pattern fashion jacket for women


Openwork cardigan looks spectacular with pants or short skirts. If knitting this stuff to use a thread of white mohair, it is perfect for everyday wear in winter for work or for leisure. How to tie the original cardigan details shown in the diagram below. To make it not very difficult, so it can make a beginner needlewoman. To create the cardigan in openwork knit items of aerial loops and bars without nakida. However, most of this stuff is made for the needles used in the technique of knitting the front stitch and gum.

Fashion women knit cardigan crochet


Knitted coat look particularly gorgeous. To make them takes a lot of time, effort and skills, but the result in the form of unique and original things is worth it. A detailed description of the scheme openwork crochet coat below. For fall or spring, this model is perfect for women who love to be stylish, fashionable, irresistible.

Description knitting female coat hook

T-shirts & tops

Hot summer top or t-shirt with open knit girl will feel comfortable and look stylish and beautiful. For summer women’s t-shirts, you must take the yarn from 100% cotton and hook No. 3. When knitting products according to the following scheme is used the basic pattern and motif «shell». How to create with their hands beautiful crochet top shown in the diagram.

The scheme of knitting summer crochet models

Hats and berets

For girls stylish hat plays an important role in creating a fashionable image. Crocheted beanies and berets can be the detail that will emphasize the individuality and beauty of women. A hook on the craftsmen creating the amazing beauty of stylish hats with unusual motifs and designs. The diagram below will tell you how to do original takes for the warm season of the year.

The pattern of women's fashion hats and berets crochet

Socks and Slippers

Slippers do not have to buy in the store, because they are easy to make yourself with a hook. If you use a warm but strong thread, such shoes ensures you warm feet even on cold days. Diagram of the manufacture of Slippers crochet described below. Socks are beautiful. They look great on toddlers, schoolchildren and adult women.

Description crochet socks and Slippers crochet

Video tutorials with description crochet for beginners

You admired when you see your friend in his own bound her fishnet dress, blouse or suit? If you think that you will never be able to create such a unique thing yourself? Quickly learn how to knit first simple and then more complicated things easy free lessons online. Explained the process of creating openwork blouse in the video master class below.

Openwork blouse for summer

Lesson crochet lace women’s blouse for a complete

Photo fashion crochet for women

Delicate things like modern women, so they are once again the height of fashion. Beautiful and original crochet dresses, cardigans, boleros, sweaters and jackets were presented by famous designers in their collections fashion shows 2015-2016. Which this year and next will be the actual fishnet clothes? Pictured below are examples of fashion items, crocheted.

The autumn-winter 2015-2016

For cold seasons will suit fishnet clothes made of warm yarn. Made with a hook models look impressive on any figure. Warm dresses with delicate features perfectly match with boots, the ugg, ankle boots. In the shows of fashion designers 2015 there are many interesting and stylish models of knitted sweaters, winter shawls, coats. Fishnet clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is a fashionable, important.

Fashion clothes 2015, crochet

Spring-summer 2016

Warm summer or spring sometimes beautiful crocheted things on girls, women look superb. Fishnet dress, crop tops are perfect for a holiday by the sea or for travel. Original stylish web berets, blouses are in trend now. A lot of ideas to create stylish clothes with the hook shown in the below photo.

Fashion summer women's 2015 models, crochet

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