Crochet for beginners scheme with a detailed description

Crochet is one of the leading positions among the modern types of needlework. Diagrams with a detailed description for beginners very simple, which makes this pastime is useful and productive, even if you have no special skills. If you want to become the owner of exclusive things for yourself, your child, husband, interior, it is necessary to master crochet. It is only necessary to exert a little patience and effort to study the plans for beginners and smite all their knitted masterpieces. This will help you advice, master-classes and video tutorials in this article.

Tips for beginners crochet

Before you start knitting you need to choose a yarn and hook. For training beginners should prefer not too thin and not too thick the hook: a tools 3, 3,5, 4, which is determined by the thickness of the head in millimeters. For ordinary knitting is designed with short hooks 12-15 cm in length. Longer used in Tunisian crochet. Comfortable to hold flattened on the handle of the tool. The head must not be sharp, otherwise you injure the fingers.

Prefer metal hooks, bamboo, Teflon coated. The number must match the thickness of the yarn: the tool is thicker filaments 1.5-2 times. On the label of the yarn in most cases indicate the recommended hook. For learning suitable smooth thread of medium thickness mixed (acrylic and wool) or acrylic. In the work you’ll appreciate the following tips:

  • To move to the next row at the end of the previous need to do a few loops.
  • The number of loops in a row of connected columns without nakida, considered on the upper edge, and the rows of long loops, each column is considered as a separate loop.
  • To move to the next row, turn the work.

Should touch upon the correct position of the body when you crochet for beginners craftswomen schemes with a detailed description. Feet stay, so substitute to a chair stand, if you have a small stature, and the height of the chair is not adjustable. This is very important, as otherwise disturbed posture. The back should be flat and shoulders back. Part of the load on the spine give the back of the chair, slightly leaning on her. It is not necessary to fall to one side.

Your main tool when you crochet schemes with a detailed description for beginners is hands should be bent at the elbows. Not worth the knitted work are closer than 40 cm to the eyes. If during knitting occurs the need, take a break and give the view a chance to relax. When working with dark yarn eyes will be less strain on the knees if you put the fabric a light color. It is not necessary to keep the muscles in the frozen state, sit quietly, otherwise you will cause yourself harm.

Before beginning crochet schemes for beginners with a detailed description of put box with necessary accessories handmade by me. All you will need in the process must be at arm’s length. Don’t forget to take the time to rest every half hour to relax your eyes. It is a necessary component of success in any craft. If tired hands, you should raise them up above the head, to move my fingers. Every three hours you need to walk to get your blood flowing.

Detailed diagrams and descriptions of crochet for beginners

Crochet for beginners easy to learn by yourself. No need for special skills to learn to knit columns without nakida and the chain of air loops. To help you come to the following workshops with diagrams and descriptions of various products. Anyone can learn the different patterns. With experience will come the ability to regulate the density of the knitting, accuracy, building things with patterns. Crochet has no limits for imagination. Alternating loops, you can create a masterpiece – and it is magical.

Swipe in a circle without lifting thread

Crocheted doily was considered since ancient times the main decoration of the house. Looking at such products, each surge of memories of my grandmother’s house where every spare space was decorated openwork knitted items. This décor is back in fashion. The most common method of crochet doilies are diagrams for beginners in a circle without separation thread. For the proposed variant is suitable for cotton yarn type iris, with the hook number to 1.2-1.5. Step-by-step master-class of crochet doilies on the scheme with detailed description:

Doily, crocheted in a circle

  • Knit a chain consisting of 12 loops. Join prostovisa. Next knit in a circle from right to left.
  • Each row begins with a set of three loops indicated in the diagram.
  • Ring banded 32 columns with two yo. The last column is joined with the chain prostovisa.
  • Next knit according to the scheme.
  • But this is the case, fix the thread, making a knot, the tip to the underside of the hide stretching hook under the bars. Krahmalom cloth, straighten, ironed.


Crocheted potholder will make the atmosphere of the kitchen more comfortable, warm and homely. It’s a beautiful and bright accessory. Potholders strawberries you can use as a stand under hot. Use the green yarn for the stem and red for the berries. Knit according to the scheme with the detailed description begins with a set of 16 loops in green. Connect them in a circle polostevichi, proverite three rows. We continue with the fourth red yarn. Knit according to the scheme. For convenience, tie a loop, which will hang on the hook.

Scheme knitting crochet potholder

Toys in the technique of amigurumi

Crochet toy amigurumi have become very popular. It is a Japanese form of needlework, in which the needle creates a small animal with particular characteristics. In most cases, knitting these items are limited to techniques such as the connective column, the column without nakida in the air loop. Amigurumi can be not only a subject for children, but also a wonderful souvenir, decoration, keychain. To link penguin under the scheme with a detailed description, first make the legs and beak, and then the body and wings.

Scheme knitting toys crochet

Scheme knitting toys crochet for beginners


Crochet allows you to recreate with your own hands the grace and splendor of flowers. This product is for any man, even with no skills in this area. Crochet flowers – a great practice for beginners. The following detailed description will help you to tie a Daisy. The process starts with vyvazhivanija twelve petals, serdtsevini spiral. Next you need to make the leaves, the calyx and connect the individual parts into a finished product.

Scheme knitting crochet flower

Scheme crochet for beginners

Booties for kids

Crocheted booties like no one purchased the shoes for a newborn. They are soft, comfortable, and to create them is a pleasure. Knitting baby booties is a quick process, so you can make different choices under each set of clothes. In these models should be as less as possible seams to the child felt no discomfort. Yarn, you must choose from cotton, wool, acrylic.

The proposed scheme with detailed description for beginners crochet booties crochet starts with the sole. For this you need to score 15 air loops for lifting series. The length of the resulting chain must match the size of the foot. Next, you need to purl into polostevichi very tightly. Then go to columns with nakida. Next knit according to the scheme the height from the base of the sole to the ankle: first columns without nakida and end up as the sole, 60 loops.

Diagram crochet baby booties crochet


Every mother can communicate to your child for the summer easy openwork crochet hat. This is a beautiful, interesting product that will adorn the head of your baby and will help protect from the sun. For crochet you will need a little viscose or cotton yarn in light or bright colors. Cute hat with attached free diagram with a detailed description and tags fit easily and quickly. Start by creating a ring, and then starts vyvazhivanie pattern. Don’t forget to alternate the colours as shown in the photo.

Scheme crochet hats crochet

Blanket for a newborn

When the house is a newborn baby, there is a need in a thousand details, without which a caring mother can do. One of these things that makes caring for your baby more comfortable is a blanket. You can take this product for a walk, to cover baby in the stroller. It is easily created with his own hands, so even aspiring mistress will deal with him. The length of the sides of curtain you can vary at its own discretion.

Scheme knitting blankets for newborn crochet

Choose yarn for crochet, which is a nice body baby. It all starts with the set of chains of loops 140. After the first pattern, the description of which you will find in the attached chart with a detailed description. When you reach the desired height, the ends mated, and the thread is trimmed. Further, all side covers lace tie for the second pattern.

Capes and shawls for women

Crochet shawl allows women to create stylish, shocking product. Bright and airy Cape is always in fashion. Shawl made of cashmere, flax, made a beautiful pattern, will emphasize the expressiveness of the dress, giving the image an interesting note. Connected from a wool mixture or wool and she will warm you on a cool evening. The proposed scheme with detailed description for beginners will help you easy to create this accessory. The shawl begins with vyvazhivanija individual triangular and square motifs. The combination of them together happens in the last row.

Scheme crochet capes and shawls crochet


Crochet bags for beginners helps you to create original, beautiful and personalized accessory that will help to diversify any female image. This product can be a great gift to a friend or loved one. In addition, knits in a woman’s wardrobe become very fashionable and relevant. On the photo you can see one simple embodiment of the crochet purses.

Scheme crochet bags crochet for beginners

First, you need to tie back detail, the first pattern in the attached diagram, contains a detailed description, not forgetting to do the addition. The front part is created similarly to the rear. Next, go to the bottom and side parts which are one part, consisting of columns without nakido. The second pattern vivaselecta valve. To compile it joins the bottom and sides with the front and rear. Ties round the top edge of columns with nakida. At the center of the rear element is sewn to the valve.

A deal

In the cold season, your feet were always warm and comfortable, the best way is to associate a deal with a hook at the attached chart, which provides a detailed description for beginners. This is a very convenient product that is almost not noticeable on the feet. Especially a deal to save those people who do not like to wear Slippers. If you use for crochet jewelry multi-colored yarn, you give yourself not only warm in the winter evenings, but also pleasant emotions.

First we need to make the sole: dial a chain of air loops, knit around the columns without nakida, making the addition on lines that are listed on the first scheme of the picture. The top consists of two triangles, the third pattern and the square on the second. Further, all parts are joined by hook. The heel is created with a shortened series. Ready transactions can be a wonderful Christmas gift for loved ones.

Scheme knitting deal crochet

Socks and Slippers

How nice, coming back home, to dive feet cozy warm Slippers. And crochet, they give more pleasure and comfort. The proposed scheme for beginners, contains a detailed description, you will be able to quickly and easily make this home shoes. Start to create Slippers with toe. The pattern consists of columns with yo. Gradually make allowances, not forgetting the leg to check the length of the product. Fit the last row of columns without nakida. Ready Slippers tie bars without nakida and elongated loops.

Scheme crochet socks and Slippers crochet detailed description


Plaid knitted crochet for home is the epitome of calm, comfort and warmth. How pleased you will wrap myself in it on cold evenings, watch a favorite movie, read an interesting book. Knitted blanket needs to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, then it will be both refined interior decoration. You can easily do added to the scheme including a detailed description.

The proposed variant of the blanket consists of squares with side 20 cm Each square starts with a set chain of air loops. After this pattern the loops of the lifting columns with stitches and without. In the yarn you want to use multiple harmonizing with each other colors. The finished squares otpravytsya, decorative stitches are sewn together. Ready plaid ties round columns with stitches and without.

Scheme knitting crochet blanket

Floor mats

If you want to bring into your home comfort, warmth, you should do interior decoration. A special atmosphere of comfort creates crocheted things. Hand made with care and love, they radiate a positive energy. Mats are those items that will fit harmoniously into the interior, will change the aura of the housing in a positive way.

A variant of the Mat scheme which includes a detailed description for beginners, very simple. It consists of individual elements in the form of flowers, a after stapled in the order shown in the photo. Each flower starts with a set of loops which are connected with a ring. Further, in the center of the involved columns with five yo in the first row, two in the next.

The pattern of the rug on the floor hook

Video tutorials with detailed description of crochet for beginners

Crochet is an interesting, easy and useful hobby. It helps fun to spend time, to realize their own creative potential. Imagine how from the ball of yarn create a masterpiece: napkin, poppies, flowers, clothes, hats, toys, snudy, clips, berets, blouses with lace neck and sleeves, skirt. This causes the growth in popularity of crochet. This hobby requires you time, patience and material costs. Sometimes the first time fails to bring the concept and the product have to dissolve. But the result is worth it.

Hand-made things have no value because each piece is invested with a part of the soul masters. As in any other kind of needlework, the highest level of skill is achieved by long, hard work, years of practice. Main advice – don’t be afraid to start, as each of us can learn any craft. To help you given below is a video for beginners, which clearly described the process of crochet techniques, the models of different items (sweaters, cardigans, dresses) for yourself and at home.

Fillet crochet

Flower in the technique of Tunisian crochet

The technique friform crochet

Dress for women

Master-class of crochet cardigan for girls

Sponges with elongated loops

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