8 models of dresses for dolls crochet with diagrams, descriptions and videos of MK

Doll is one of the most important toy in a child’s life, because thanks to her, the girl learns to care, to care, to love. Every mother can create crochet dresses for Barbie, girl will love. The child will be able to come up with a lot of interesting games with the doll, especially if she has a rich wardrobe. The game «shop», «mothers and daughters», «the doctor» will help you to learn how to build relationships with other people, to expand their horizons. An outfit for your favorite Barbie has to be beautiful, to instill in your child good aesthetic taste. Associate new clothes for the dolls may every mother, for which you need a bit of patience, yarn and hook. Then you will be asked for a detailed description of how to knit dresses for your favorite dolls.

Simple summer dress

It’s a pretty simple model that will overcome any mom, even if she’s never held a hook. And if the girl is starting to learn knitting, you will also be able to handle this job.


First of all we need a hook, its size should correspond to the thickness of the yarn (the thinner, the smaller the diameter of the tool). Yarn you can use any, it is not recommended to take too thin, as it is difficult to work. This master class is dedicated to creating a doll with a height of 12 cm was used Threads – iris, and the hook № 0,75.

Job description

1P.: Dial a chain of air loops (VP) with length equal to the chest girth Barbie. Then all dialed loop divided into 6 parts (1 part has on sleeve, 2 pieces – back and front, and the backrest is divided into 2 times). Then dial the 3. p., 5 columns with nakida (V. s/n), 6. p., to miss p. 6, link 12 St. s/n, followed by 6. p., then skip the 6 p. and to complete a number of 6 St. s/n

2 g.: you have to gain V. s/n in a chain of 6 p. knit across the row, respectively, 6 St. s/n

3.: art. s/n

4.: 3. p., 2 overhead, 2 overhead in the next loop, 5 tbsp. s/n, 2 gain in the next loop. Continue to the end, the result should leave only 6 allowances.

5.: as the previous one.

6.: art. s/n without additions.

7-8 G.: do columns with two yo (ст2сн), and the first series to score 4. p.

G. 9: 3. p., then in the next loop connecting the column and continue to the end.

Dresses for dolls are ready! This knitted product is versatile in that it can be made of different lengths, curvy, straight, any color, different yarn. Modest skills in crochet, a bit of time and closet Barbie getting new clothes.

Source: livemaster.ru

Dress with ruffles for Barbie: video master class

Bright, Sunny outfit for Barbie

Barbie is a toy, loved by many girls, because it embodies elegance, ease and sophistication. Such beautiful dolls, it is necessary to associate the appropriate clothes. It is clear that no dress will not do. Below are detailed diagrams to create a simple, bright and Sunny outfits for Barbie.


Link it is possible quickly and without problems, because it is not complex patterns, whimsical elements. You’ll need a hook № 1,5. Need thin yarn (438 m/100 g), the ideal would be acrylic. Also need ribbon satin length of 30 cm, a small buttons and needle. If all the materials and tools ready, you can proceed to work.

Job description

1. to start the work necessary with the bodice. It will be a chain of 39. p., then the sixth loop from the beginning of the row purl to 1 St. s/n must first enter the loop, which will serve as a clasp.

2 g: 5 tbsp. s/n, 2 tbsp. p., to miss p. 6, and after 12 tbsp. s/n, 3 VP, 6 miss p., to make 5 tbsp. s/n

3 g: 5 tbsp. s/n, dial 3 tbsp. s/n for V. p., 12 St. s/n, 3 tbsp. s/n for V. p., to complete a number 5 tbsp. s/n Together should get 28 St. s/n

R. 4-6: repeat the circuit 3 of the series.

7 g: 4. p., 1 p. skip 1 St. s/n, 1 tbsp. p.. Continue to the end.

8: 28 St. s/n, but instead of the first column to score VP).

9.: in p. each 2 tbsp. s/n, obtained 56 art. s/n

10-17 G. this part of the future dresses for Barbie dolls to tie on the same principle, that there was 9 a number.

18 g: 1 tbsp. s/n in p. the first two, then goes to 3. and repeat the sequence. The thread is secure, trim.

New clothes for Barbie is almost ready, there are still using a needle to execute a back seam up to 8 rows. Also need to sew a button. And in the holes 7, the year. threaded satin ribbon.

New knitted dress for the beautiful Barbie ready.

Source: stranamasterov.ru

Dress with collar for Barbie: video master class

Dress for the baby

Girls sure that dolls clothing, not much happens. In this case it is very useful my mother’s crochet skills, because quite a bit of effort will have to make in order to create new clothes for Barbie. We propose to consider the process of creating a simple, and at the same time, fancy dress for doll height 30 cm we will Work crochet and knitted products will perform in two colors.


Knitted two-tone dress the girls like the most, so to disregard this model we could not. You’ll need a hook № 2,5. Yarn you will need yellow and belangeriana, ideal acrylic medium thickness. Can come and cotton thread, and the color can be chosen according to the design of the doll.

Job description

1.: a yellow thread dial 43 V. p. that will be the basis for a future outfit of the doll. Need another 3 point for lifting. The number of p. depends on what doll it was intended, that is, from its size.

2 g.: dial V./n

3.: to take the thread in another color and work on this principle: one p. dial V./n and 2 tbsp. s/n To the end to continue to work on this description, the result will be 64 p.

4.: again to change the yarn to yellow; and one clause of the previous line to gain 1 tbsp. s/n, 1 tbsp. s/n, 2 tbsp. s/n to continue to the end.

5.: on this point, knitted products begin to «grow into» pattern. Take the yellow yarn and make 3. p. to begin creating the so-called «shells» (4 tbsp. s/n in one p, skip three). Duplicate the pattern to complete the row.

6.: now it is necessary to make knitted sleeves. To pay for Raglan desired number of loops in this description — 10 shells on each side of the sleeve on the clothes for the dolls. Knit into another step.

7.: to increase the number of p. (this was at 4 p. and now to do p. 6). due to this replenishment knits for dolls becomes a lush, flared. Working on this principle have for the next 7 rows, but the length is the options part.

When you reach the optimal length, then you can proceed to complete the work. Change the thread and tie the edges and the neck with polostevichi with nakida. New clothes for dolls is almost ready, it remains to sew on buttons.

Source: masterclassy.ru

Dress with yoke, Raglan doll: video master class

Evening dress-transformer for doll Monster high: video master class

Sundress a-line for pups: video master class

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