Crochet washcloths crochet with diagrams and descriptions — 7 variants

The hook is quite versatile tool: to them we knit dresses, napkins, blankets, hats… But have You tried to use it in combination with the «thread» of propylene? This «yarn» inexpensive, durable, available to the public (after all you can buy in every hardware store) and whips a great lather. Yes, an experienced skilled probably already guessed: crochet diagrams and description of washcloths for beginners – here is a topic addressed by all of our today’s master class! Stay with us and You will learn how you can quickly, inexpensively and hassle-free to make an original gift or to decorate your bathroom!

Hedgehog. Master class for beginners.

This sponge, with its unique design, ideal for children! Considering the simplicity in its execution, the seamstress will do the job without problems.

We will need:

  • «yarn» made from polypropylene;
  • hook No. 3or No. 4;
  • Gypsy needle;
  • black yarn for decoration.

Ready hedgehog for beginners will have dimensions 14 x 21 cm.

Description and scheme of work

We begin our crochet washcloths crochet loops, which later will hang product on the hook. Recruited 20. p. and vivasyan a par with the second clause from the CD. = 19 seconds. no n.. Next we want to gain. for 1-year. thus: 1 p. on CD. already there, 3 p., C. n. p. without the opposite. the end of the circuit (closed loop), 32. n, Conn. in a circle. Now continue working in a circle without lifting: 1 and 2 PP.: 36 sec. no n..

Elongated loops of spines it is possible to make both the same and different degrees of «elongation». We will use the second option, because our hedgehog will look more realistic.

So, introduce the hooks in the paragraph previous. (if You do a simple no B. S.), remove the AP, but not the end of the column. Get 2 p. cu., throws working-called thumb of the left hand, for the same p. knit 1 p. = 3 p. in CD.., then we are finished at one time so they don’t dissolve..

G. 3: 24 sec. with the extended p., 12 sec. no n..

In the same way we do for another 30 years.

The hedgehog is almost ready! B. change to white and continue without S. n..

31-35 PP.: 36 sec. no n..

Start ubavka:

36 R.: are finished 2 p. WM. x 4 times every 8 columns = 32.

Continue to reduce p. in the same way for another 5 years. and get 12 items in total. And our hedgehog face. White n cut.

42: 12 S. B. no primary color.

43: ubavka: S. no B. skip p. S. without the B. skip p. and so on until the end, until 6 p..

44: as with previous g. = 3 p, SS are finished together. without the settlement, then «yarn» pulled inside and secured. Using Gypsy needle to sew eyes and a nose.

All our hedgehog is ready! We can safely bestow such gifts and children and adults.

How to tie a sponge-universal? Master class and description for beginners.

Simple, but so comfortable, this sponge is like no other rubs his back. Handy with any skill level can easily cope with this knitting useful things.

We will need:

  • «yarn» is made of polypropylene (you can also do it from the twine, thick yarn, anything);
  • hook No. 2.

Step by step instructions and scheme of work

Recruited pigtail 56. p., lock her in a circle to avoid twisting the loop. Then 4 lines of C. without n, and the 5-th row of elongated loops 6 series – again, no B. S. we Continue this way for 14.

Cut the thread by setting its tail to its front side, the connecting thread of a different color and alternate 4-5 years again. Mistress may combine several colors to make a rainbow sponge or knitting with one color «solo» to the end.

When we reach the desired length of the item are finished for another 3 rows without S. n..


The same thread needlewoman gaining pigtail out of 65 V. p.. should Not be afraid that the handle will be short – after a few applications slightly pulled, and then fix our hair with the other hand. Now – 2 B. no C. n.. do the same thing with the second side of shaggy wool and pens ready.

Video master class

The sponge-mitten with your hands for beginners. Master class.

Comfortable and practical, she whips foam and due to its moderate softness and elasticity. suitable even for children!

We will need:

  • «yarn» made from polypropylene;
  • hook No. 4.

Step by step instructions and scheme of work

Recruit a chain of 56. p. (the number of loops can be varied based on measurements of the hand), lock them into a circle, not crossing over the loop.

1-2 years: S. no..

3.: the elongated loop.

Adhere to this scheme of work to the thumb of the glove where it is necessary to make a hole: skipped 12 items, and then recruit another 12 loops of the finger. Continue to knit the mitten in a circle before closing the little finger, cut the thread and you can change the color if desired.

Evenly diminish stitches and continue until you close all the fingers. Now take the thumb: vivasyan it around 1-row – p without n, 2 row of elongated loops.

Go to the knitting of the thumb. Finger knitting is also a circle 1 row stolniceni without nakida, 1 row of elongated loops.

Tying the glove with two rows. without the settlement and make a loop.

Video MK

Sponge glove for beginners is ready!

The sponge-ball: live master class

Round sponge for children with their own hands. Master class.

This compact scrubber is perfect for travel. Making it colorful and bright, the seamstress will not only raise the mood in the morning for a couple of months ahead, but will be able to use it for children.

We will need:

  • «yarn» made of polypropylene or something with a dense, elastic thread;
  • hook No. 5.

The scheme of knitting by columns with nakida:

Master class

Type in 6. p., lock them into the ring. Knit according to scheme 1 with 12. .. In the next row between S. B. performed 1. p.. Gave all SN double and 4 th to 12-th number vivasyan sirloin grid (*S. V. B. p.*).

13th R. according to scheme 2. Then take the thread a different color and vivasyan over each air loop 5 seconds. B. to form a beautiful wave.

We offer a video tutorial for beginners will show the process graphically:

Flat sponge: video master class

Classic washcloth from the twine. Master class for beginners.

Only for true connoisseurs hard sponges! Even a beginner needlewoman, following our advice, will be able to do such a thing just a couple of hours.

We will need:

  • a ball of sisal twine (you can buy at a hardware store);
  • hook No. 12.

Master class

On the index finger pulls the string, making the end of the loop through which is threaded cu. the splits and type in 60. p.. n. p. Knit without leaving at the end of the 1 p., put it in the last claim of the lower circuit = 2 p. cu., sazalee tool stretched the twine.

Now work from right to left: «yarn» passed through a 2 p. on hooks, make a short column and so on until the end.

Make 6 long lines to achieve a width of 10 cm. For handles you need to twist between a few threads to get a thick rope, the end of which overlay each other and tightly wrapped with thread. The resulting ring is inserted the edge of the sponge folded around and sewn tightly with string.

As You have seen today, knitting washcloths with their hands – it is quick and easy! Whether it’s a hedgehog, the shaggy classic or round, of propylene or twine, it will serve faithfully for more than one month for You and Your children!