Crafts on the theme of autumn for kindergarten

Autumn time is the most fertile for creating bright children’s products. At this time, nature gives us a rich variety of free materials for creativity, remains only to collect them and turn on your imagination. Almost every kindergarten in the fall are all kinds of contests and exhibitions of children’s art items. Below to help parents and teachers assembled workshops on original and unusual autumn craft projects, the process of creating which will entice and appeal to preschoolers.

Step by step instructions and product descriptions in a garden on the theme of «Autumn» with photos

With the onset of autumn the nature is filled with various colorful things: colored leaves and flower petals, ridged cones, glossy chestnuts, colorful berries, various nuts, beans, seeds, vegetables and fruits. All of this serves as a small craftsmen material that turns into a beautiful autumn crafts.

Applique Owl of autumn leaves

In autumn the leaves begin to turn yellow and it’s November. The children gather drops from the trees the color scheme and come up with original compositions. Applique Owl preschool is not done in one day because work laborious. Some fidgets can’t for a long time to focus on one thing, so it’s best to give children a break in the process of creating the product.

You’ll need:

  • Birch or cherry leaves.
  • Cardboard.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Colored paper.
  • Tassel, glue.

Crafts on the theme of autumn owl leaves

Step-by-step DIY on the theme of autumn for kindergarten:

  1. On a piece of cardboard draw the outline of the owl, cut out the figure with scissors.
  2. Gently coat the glue on the cardboard owl, simultaneously causing the layers of leaves, and should start with the lower part of the figure, gradually climbing up. Lay the leaves overlap.
  3. For the ears pick up oblong leaves.
  4. On colored paper, draw the eyes, legs and beak of the owl, carefully cut out the details. The product is ready.

To make the acquaintance of the children with interesting bird, tell them where live owls, whooping like night birds. Preschoolers will get twice as more good at the same time getting creative and intellectual knowledge. it is exciting and will make the products more creative, because children will be able to include fantasy and imagine an owl in the imagination. Let everyone get their own bird even more fun.

«Bouquet of roses» from maple leaves

Autumn is called gold, because it is rich in colors. On the eve of cold weather in winter nature is like saying goodbye to bright summer, presenting us with wonderful gifts, and these include the beautiful variegated leaves. This material is often used to create crafts on a fall theme. Below are the details of how to make a beautiful bouquet of roses with maple leaves.

What you will need:

  • Maple leaves.
  • Thread.
  • Vase.

Crafts on the theme of autumn with their hands

How to make children’s fall crafts using leaves:

  1. A piece of paper fold in half so the smooth side was on top.
  2. To form the core of the rosette, roll the sheet into a tight roll.
  3. Carefully attach the petals to the product. Take maple leaf, add in the center of the core. Moreover, the front side of the sheet should be inside of a rose.
  4. Fold the half sheet ago. The tip of curved blade should rise above the core at 1 cm.
  5. Wrap the core of the roses folded sheet. In the process firmly hold the lower part of the leaf at the base.
  6. For the second petal, take another sheet, fold as well as the first tie around the roses, but on the opposite side from the first petal.
  7. Repeat for the remaining petals until you see in the arms of a beautiful rose. Then the base of the flower, tie the thread so the rose kept the form.
  8. To decorate a flower arrangement, use a smooth maple leaves. Distribute them evenly around the rose after you tie the bouquet thread. Top tie a beautiful ribbon that will adorn the created composition.

The volume composition is «a Branch of Rowan»

Autumn crafts on the theme of autumn for kindergarten it is possible to cook even at home, this process is not complicated. Children will love this exciting art class. A big plus bulk composition is the durability of ikebana. This toy is pleasing to the eye and adorns the interior for a long time, but to make it short.


  • Glue, paintbrush.
  • Rolls of toilet paper.
  • Colored paper.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Thread red (better wool).
  • Gouache paints.

Children's crafts for the theme of the fall of thread

The autumn children’s crafts:

  1. Cut into rings coils of 2 cm – these will be the leaves of mountain ash.
  2. Estimated top leaves yellow or orange paint on all sides, let dry.
  3. Using brown construction paper, make a brush and a sprig of mountain ash, glue on a cardboard base product.
  4. The dried up leaves a smear of PVA on the circuit, attach it to the stick.
  5. Normal pencil sketch berries on a branch.
  6. Finely chop the red woolen thread, which will serve as rjabinovyj berries.
  7. Each circle and spread with glue and put the woolen thread tightly prijava.
  8. Paint the inner part of the leaves, with colorful splashes decorate the background of the product. If left colored leaves adorn these items and crafts.

«Autumn leaves» origami

Decorate the kindergarten is simple: we should make a leaf with the paper sheets. To make these products easy and fun, and there are many different methods of creating fabulous leaves. The following describes the manufacturing method of the autumn leaves origami. Such decorations easy to decorate the walls of children’s rooms or to make a General panel, which are glued to the products of each child of the group.


  • Gouache.
  • Brush.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • 3 A4 sheet.
  • Loop of ceramics or wood.
  • A container of water.
  • Glue.
  • The old record.

Autumn leaves out of paper in kindergarten

Introduction to the creation of the children’s autumn products:

  1. Make 3 module trehlistnik. To do this, cut an album sheet to make a square, fold in half, both sides fold toward the fold line.
  2. The remaining lower part bend line, hide inside, having a triangle.
  3. Fold to the center of the lower corners.
  4. Tuck the bottom corners of the inside, opening the side and placing the bottom edge of the triangle inside. In a similar way to deal with the other party.
  5. Turn the product, fold the corners towards the bottom.
  6. Flip to the other side figure, fold the corners to the center.
  7. Expand the bottom edge up and make a Shamrock. Repeat this scheme with all landscape sheets.
  8. Glue the edges of all modules. Left strips of paper roll and glue, making the cuttings for the leaves.
  9. Decorate crafts paint, as prompts fantasy.
  10. Glue the leaves on the old plate, draw circuit patterns and hang the garland on the wall. If old records are not found – not a problem, the replacement will serve the dense cardboard.

Crafts from natural materials «Spider and web»

Every year, the autumn gives us so many wonderful materials needed to create natural products. At this time gardeners cut their shrubs and branches of fruit trees. With these knots it is possible to make many different creative compositions. Using leaves and twigs make with preschoolers is very interesting and original composition «Spider and web».


  • Autumn leaves.
  • 8 knots.
  • Wire.
  • Thread.
  • Chestnut.
  • Little twigs.

Natural crafts Spider and web

How to do autumn children’s crafts:

  1. To make the web, connect branches with English pins and wire. Wrap the thread.
  2. Using the same thread form a cobweb.
  3. Glue to a garland of autumn leaves.
  4. In the middle of the spider web glue maple leaf and set him on his pre-made spider. To do this, attach adhesive to the chestnut 6 small sticks, paint, draw figure eyes.

Product description of «Squirrel cones in kindergarten

Autumn kids crafts using cones amazing diversity of ideas. Using improvised material, it is easy to create both very simple animals, which, even for preschoolers, and more intricate compositions. The proposed workshop will be an exciting and rewarding experience for children of any age, including children in kindergartens.


  • Large and small POM-poms.
  • Round lump (fir or pine).
  • Chenille smooth and shaped wire.
  • Wooden bead.
  • Glue.
  • Wire cutters or scissors.
  • Plastic beads for eyes.

Crafts for kindergarten - Squirrel cones

How to make children’s crafts for autumn theme:

  1. Make sure that the selected shot is not live insects, dry it. This will serve as the body of a squirrel.
  2. Glue a large pompom to the body proteins. Select the bell is proportional to the size of the product.
  3. Wait for drying glue and start creating the face. To do this, glue the pompom nose, eyes. Nose animals will serve as a small POM-POM measuring approximately 0.5 cm.
  4. To make the ears, take a smooth chenille wire and cut 2 slices length of 2-2,5 see roll Each corner and glue to the top of the squirrels. Wrap the ears with a soft material such as cloth.
  5. Fluffy tail make using curly wire. Cut 2 pieces that each was repeated twice oval shape. Bend the segments at the center, and twist the ends together.
  6. Stick the curled part of the cone and give it the shape of a squirrel tail. For example, to bend the tip upwards and at the base form a trough.
  7. Cut to the back legs of the animals stretches of smooth wire along 5 cm, smooth arc fold and glue under the cone.
  8. For the front paws, the squirrel will need 2 of the same piece of wire around 4 cm Each stick one edge of the product and bend forward a little.
  9. The final stage will be the room in the foot squirrels acorn. Take a wooden bead, make it in the hole and insert a smooth wire. Wrap it around the top of the bead, glue homemade acorn in paws of the animal.

How to make «Mushrooms» from grits

You will need:

  • Millet or other cereals (depending on the mushroom species).
  • Glue.
  • Dry the leaves.
  • Tea brew.
  • Felt-tip pen.
  • Color carton

Child is doing in the garden product on their hands

How to do crafts:

  1. Draw a mushroom on the cardboard, smear it with white glue.
  2. Foot sprinkle of cereal, and a hat with tea brewing. Alternative tea will be a seed or another, different in color with millet groats.
  3. Decorate fall crafts, dry leaves

Applique of colored paper «Birch in autumn»

The creation of crafts not only entertain children in the garden, this process develops their creative imagination expands the imagination. Besides, preschoolers learn perseverance, care and accuracy. The teacher, through such workshops, instills in children a love of nature, and the ability to create beauty. The following describes the process of creating an application called «autumn Birch» using colored paper.


  • Set of color paper.
  • White napkins.
  • Glue.
  • Paper for watercolor.
  • Shaped hole punch.
  • Paper for pastels.
  • Dark marker.
  • Ceiling tile for the base.

The child does crafts on the theme of autumn with their hands

How to do crafts:

  1. Using the hole punch make a lot of leaves. Swipe twist flagella – these will be the twigs.
  2. Draw a sketch of a birch on watercolor paper, cut out shape.
  3. Stick to paper for pastels a tree branch.
  4. Glue on the branches, the leaves moving from the bottom up. Coat with adhesive only escape leaf.
  5. Paste tree as long as all the branches will be covered with leaves.
  6. With a marker draw on the barrel longitudinal stripes, mimicking the natural bark.
  7. The finished composition is secure on the tile. The product is ready.

How to make «Sunflower» from gofrirovannyi paper

Many children love the process of creating various products using pine cones, acorns, shells, grains, leaves, clay, etc. However, no less interesting for kids to make paper flowers, especially that beautiful bouquet of sunflowers can brighten any interior. Here’s how to make big bright sunflowers with conventional corrugated paper.

Materials for crafts:

  • Wire.
  • Glue.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Corrugated paper.
  • A small branch.

Autumn crafts - Sunflower

How to hack:

  1. Slice of beige and brown corrugated paper strips about 6 cm is needed for the core.
  2. One side of the strips, cut fringe.
  3. The strips are put together. Download them a tight roll, securing the base with wire.
  4. To make the petals, cut a bright yellow corrugated paper into rectangles of 6×4 cm, use these details to make the petals, gently roll up the slices and zakrepiv region.
  5. The sepals and the leaves make with scissors and green paper.
  6. For cuttings, cut several pieces of wire to 8 cm Wrap the cuttings prepared strips of green paper.
  7. Cuttings connect to the leaves using PVA glue.
  8. Stick to the core of the petals, leaving a small distance between them. The second row of petals should overlap these intervals. With the third row, the product will gain volume.
  9. Attach the sepals to the upper lobes, having a few rows.
  10. Cut a green strip with a width of 14-16 cm, download, forming the stem. Attach this wand sunflower. Place of attachment hide the green paper, making a flower bed.
  11. Decorate the stem and green paper leaves. Beautiful autumn crafts ready.

Master-class on making «Whites» on autumn tree

Materials that are useful for DIY:

  • Clay.
  • Nuts.
  • Paint.
  • Rolls of toilet paper.
  • Thread.
  • A small branch.

How to make nursery crafts:

  1. Apply a small piece of clay to the acute portion of the nut, gently spread it on top and glue the second nut, which will serve as the head of a squirrel.
  2. Form 4 identical clay ball, roll into sausage – these will be the legs of the animal.
  3. Make 2 identical clay ball is somewhat less than for the legs. Fingers give elements a triangular shape, forming the ears of squirrels.
  4. The rest of the clay use to create a ball that would later roll out the sausage. Give the clay the form of droplets, it will be the tail of our figure.
  5. The ears attach to the head squirrels, tail and legs to body.
  6. Eyes and nose, draw paint or marker.
  7. For wood you need to glue together the 2 basics from toilet paper. In the barrel, drill the holes where you insert the branches of any tree.
  8. Grease glue the barrel of the future product, wrap it in thread, moving from top to bottom.
  9. Decorate the tree with leaves cut from yellow paper.
  10. Glue a squirrel on a sturdy branch established trees.

Manufacturer DIY «Baba Yaga in a mortar»


  • Glue.
  • The disposable cups.
  • Twig.
  • Clay.
  • The cut of the fabric.
  • Bump.
  • A pine needle.

Crafts from cones for kindergarten

How to do autumn crafts:

  1. A stupa will serve as a Cup. Fill it with plasticine, glue stick twigs.
  2. Make a broom with straw or twigs, bound to a single edge a few pine needles.
  3. Attach between the scales of the cones are several threads – this will become Chairman for Baba Yaga.
  4. Arms will be twigs, the eyes of a character you want to draw on paper, cut and glued to the head. Handkerchief make using scraps of fabric.
  5. With the help of clay combine all of the product – hands, head.
  6. In a Cup place the paper to Baba Yaga is not «drowned» in it. The post crafts in a mortar, stuck the broom in hand.

Video tutorial: autumn crafts for kids own hands

The autumn season is rich in fruit, and at harvest, many do not even think, what wonderful crafts you can make using vegetables or fruits. For example, unusual look DIY pumpkin. For adults it is an opportunity to spice up your interior, and for children it’s a whole game to make something with their hands. The creation of products very useful for preschoolers, the process teaches them to be creative, to work with new materials, develops imagination and opens the creative potential. With the presented service YouTube video, you will learn how to make kids fall crafts.

Very simple autumn crafts «Crocodile from a cucumber»

The «mushroom dog» from natural materials

«Frog» from vegetables and fruits

«Caterpillar» of chestnuts and plasticine

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