Crafts made from plastic bottles with their hands

Many of the items that we believe are unnecessary in daily life, can be useful for creativity. Conventional plastic vessels will provide a suitable basis for striking products. With easy manipulation, you can create toys, pictures, garden figures for landscape design, flower pots, jewelry in the shape of animals.

Crafts made from plastic bottles for the garden

Palm tree in the yard

Decorate your home ownership easy, using the DIY from plastic bottles for the garden. To construct such figures is not difficult, just need to use your imagination. With them the plot will acquire originality and brightness. Connect to work you can children: they like to create beautiful, interesting figures from simple materials that are stored in every home.

How to make a palm tree

To form the product of plastic bottles with their hands in the form of a palm tree, you will need:

  • brown capacity – 10-15 PCs.;
  • an awl or a drill;
  • green plastic vessels – 3-4 pieces.;
  • sharp scissors;
  • a rod of metal or willow.

Recommendations on how to make a palm tree, a master class only describes 9 steps:

  1. Bottles from one and a half litres required to wash, remove stickers and rings for lids.
  2. From Tara green form the leaves of the tree. So they came out lush and long, cut the bottom as low as possible.
  3. A bottle, cut lengthwise into 3 equal parts to the neck. The sides of each received message, do the fringe. Make the cuts closer to each other, then the crown of palm trees is beautiful.
  4. In the center of the sheet, leave 1-2 cm Below the vegetation acquired realistic look, put their Central part under the candle but not too close to the green part and not smoky.
  5. Proceed to create the trunk. It needs to form with the brown packaging. The bottom is cut at a height of 10-15 cm
  6. Each piece on edge, cut teeth, bend them to the outside.
  7. In the Central part of the blanks for the trunk, create holes using a drill or awl hot.
  8. Start assembling the tree. To do this, insert a rod of metal or wood into the ground. It group design trunk from the brown parts, sticking them on each other’s territory.
  9. The crown of the tree is fixed as follows:
  10. in the latest green procurement leave the lid;
  11. it make a hole;
  12. received item wear on the top, it will squeeze the bottom of the leaf plate.

Flowers from plastic bottles with their hands

Artificial flowers

Execute articles of plastic bottles that are shaped like flowers, you can use the following materials:

  • containers made of plastic;
  • marker;
  • scissors;
  • lighters.

How to make crafts from plastic bottles with their hands:

  1. Using the marker, draw on the surface of the bottles the edges of the flowers. They turned out to be voluminous, do it from the bottom. Cut flower harvesting.
  2. Each petal fold to one side. Shape using the lighter.
  3. Blanks connect, by placing one in one. To bond can use wire, glue or heat plastic.
  4. Make a core of beads or a finished flower made of plastic.
  5. Using this idea, you can create different flowers: lilies, daisies, times. Make a flower bed in a suburban yard, backyard artificial plants with a tire.

Swan to give

Swan from plastic bottles

Crafts made from plastic bottles for children’s Playground perfect for setting in your garden. Make a beautiful Swan using materials:

  • bottle plastic (five-liter);
  • the hose on the basis of the wire;
  • white half-liter bottle;
  • wire;
  • paint;
  • scissors;
  • candle;
  • marker.

Instructions on how to create crafts:

  1. Take a five-liter container and mark with a marker on it form the bird’s body. The contours should be similar to the Shuttle, while the neck of the base cut should not be. Cut plastic line.
  2. The neck of Swan is formed, if in the neck to place the hose.
  3. Feathers of a bird form vessels for milk. Remove the neck and stems, and the remaining material cut into pieces to get the wings, give each part of the fringe, preplate candle. Take 2 of the pen, linking them together with wire. Attach to the body, using glue.
  4. The rest of the little bottles and leave for the formation of the neck. They have cut off the bottom, start stringing on the hose. The head of the bird, create the top of the white vessels. In the tank and hose to create the holes on both sides. Connect the 2 parts with a wire, screw the cap on.
  5. For the beak will fit caps from the means for the bathroom. Cut it in half and glue to the lid. Paint the beak and draw the eye.

Christmas toys with their hands from plastic bottles

Christmas decorations

To prepare Christmas decorations from the following set:

  • glue «Moment Crystal»;
  • liter plastic bottle;
  • of the tape;
  • scissors;
  • necklace made of plastic on a string.


  1. A bottle divide into 4 rings with a width of 5 mm Each promazhte glue, let it dry.
  2. On the adhesive surface, place the segments from the beads to the top and bottom ring gaps are left for the Assembly.
  3. After drying connect the rings by inserting one into the other.
  4. In the upper part of the obtained ball tie thin ribbon to create loops. Ugly site, hide, decorate the bow of the thicker tape.

Crafts made from plastic bottles for kindergarten

Kids in kindergarten give great scope for creativity. The product obtained is unusual and bright, and the collaborative process will entice children and adults. However, sometimes parents have to wrestle with what crafts to make with a child in kindergarten. A simple solution would be plastic bottles. This material is easy to find and use, because it easily accepts any form.


Plastic butterfly

For making butterflies child will need:

  • marker;
  • bottle, plastic;
  • paint;
  • a pair of scissors.

Step by step guide to creating crafts out of plastic bottles:

  1. Find a flat part of the tank, cut the cylinder. The resulting form cut in half.
  2. The resulting pieces depict a butterfly, cut it along the contour.
  3. To give the natural make the bends on the wings.
  4. Paint and decorate the butterfly as desired.
  5. They can decorate an apartment or decorative elements outside, for example, vane, railing, flower bed.

Ladybug out of plastic bottles

Ladybugs out of the bottoms

Materials needed:

  • small containers of plastic;
  • chestnuts or beads;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • marker;
  • acrylic paint;
  • wire.

How to make crafts from plastic bottles with their hands:

  1. First make the torso ladybugs. It will work, if you cut off the bottom of the bottle and take it as a basis.
  2. To give similarities paint detail paint and draw black circles with a marker.
  3. Stick to calf chestnut or large bead to make the head. On it to draw the eye.
  4. Antennae are made of wire, gluing or sticking them in a billet head.
  5. Under this scheme, you can make other insects, such as bees.

Plastic vase with their hands

Plastic vase

Materials that help to make the original vase:

  • a vessel of the required volume;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • adhesive;
  • log.

A method of manufacturing products of plastic bottles with their hands:

  1. Capacity cut to the desired height. Bright pages of the magazine rolled into a tube with a diameter of 0.1 cm and Attach them to the Foundation of the future of vases, cut just above the throat.
  2. Cropped wrap the bottle with paper and glue.
  3. The perimeter of a future vase, stick the tube so that each was tightly glued to its neighbors.

Crafts made from plastic lids from bottles

Alphabet for kids with lids

Alphabet magnets on the refrigerator can be obtained by using caps and other materials. Take:

  • tube;
  • small magnets;
  • double sided tape (glue);
  • medical alcohol;
  • colored paper;
  • markers.

How to make:

  1. Degrease the surface of the tubes with alcohol.
  2. Magnet stick with glue or tape on its surface.
  3. Cut out paper circles that match the size of the cap from the bottle.
  4. On each circle, place a marker on the letter. The resulting billet glue on the inside of the lid.

A video about what you can do out of the bottle

If you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary packaging, think about what you can make from plastic bottles with their hands. A variety of products to help decorate home, garden, Christmas tree. To create products using the material useful and interesting to adults and children. The formation process develops imagination, fine motor skills. In addition, you will be able to benefit from unnecessary plastic.

Peacock from plastic bottles

Frog for garden with your own hands

Planters from plastic bottles with their hands

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