Crafts from plastic bottles

In everyday life there are many things that can be a great material for creativity. If you have accumulated don’t use plastic bottles, do not rush to throw. You can use them to create amazing things that will be a wonderful home decor item, decorate the garden or yard. Crafts made from plastic bottles with your own hands will help you to have fun, especially this lesson will appeal to young children. See more master classes with photos, step by step show original creation of such things.

Step-by-step instructions for manufacture of products from plastic bottles

It’s amazing how many products will create using ordinary plastic bottles. With your child you can make fairy tale characters – Cheburashka, Crocodile Gena, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Princess Frog. Original look of the figures of birds – storks, grouse, pigeons and swans. Look great products for Pets and wild animals, such as cat, dog, parrot, penguin, donkey, squirrel, pig.

These things you can have in the kitchen or in the nursery, decorate the yard outside. For home decoration can be used not only decorative but also functional products. For example, a beautiful plastic vase will be useful for storing bouquets of dried or live, as in the original pot will be able to plant plants. For suburban area, you can make figures of animals and plants, cars, rockets, and lake of the bottles will surprise guests at home and will be a real work of art. How to make crafts from plastic bottles with their hands, read on.

The original palm for the garden

Plastic bottles – this is a budget option that will help the gardeners to decorate their plots. The original exterior will certainly appreciate relatives who come to visit, and neighbors. Beautiful stylish high palm tree which will need a normal capacity of brown and green. What materials are needed to make southern tree:

  • bottles (brown, green);
  • sheet metal;
  • cable (take the high voltage, 12-14 mm);
  • scissors;
  • the rods (25 cm) tube (diameter 2 cm) and sleeve (metal).

Palm trees made of plastic bottles

How to do:

  1. Remove labels from bottles. Take the green, start making lists: to do this with scissors divide in half. Along the surface (to the narrowing of capacity) cut into thin strips. Pick up each sheet on the cable. For one tree you will need seven such elements.
  2. Trunk take brown bottles, cut them lengthwise into six pieces to make wide stripes. Also string the cable.
  3. How to make the base: letter metal weld rods at different angles. They put on the tube. By the end of the rod attach bushing so that they happened to pass a green container.
  4. Assemble the barrel on the rod: for this slide, dropping down the neck, brown blanks at each other. Through the bushing pull the cable, securing the top leaves.
  5. After the preparation of design bury in the ground, but not more than two feet.

How to make a original Palma look at the video:

Beautiful elephant made of plastic bottles for kindergarten

A child who goes to kindergarten, enjoys the environment: beautiful places for games, new toys. Products made from plastic bottles, can be a wonderful decoration of the interior garden or the street. If you want to impress the kids, make a beautiful baby elephant. Do I need any materials to create interesting decorations:

  • two bottles (six-liter);
  • two-liter capacity (six pieces);
  • gofrotruba half-meter (with small diameter);
  • acrylic paint gray or blue), white, black, red;
  • thick wire fifty five cm;
  • sand;
  • glue for plastic;
  • a pair of scissors.

Elephants from plastic bottles for the garden

How to do:

  1. Cut a two-liter bottle in half, the bottom part will be the feet of the elephant.
  2. With a six litre material make the ears. In the second large capacity cut holes for their fastening.
  3. Wire to bend – this will form the trunk. She put on the pipe.
  4. Paint all the elements of a gray or blue color. Connect, gluing the legs to the body (before that covered a little bit of sand), the hose to the hole the big bottle, is the body of the elephant. Insert the ears into the holes.
  5. Draw black and white paint eyes, a mouth with red acrylic.

How to make a Swan to decorate the Playground

Beautiful Swan will be a perfect decoration of children’s playgrounds or private suburban area. This bird, which used plastic bottles, looks nice and original. Children for sure will like this figurine, which serves as a decorative element. What materials will you need to create a beautiful white Swan:

  • one bottle per five gallons;
  • the hose on a rigid wire;
  • bottles of milk;
  • marker;
  • candle;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • paint.

Swan from plastic bottles made with your own hands

How to do:

  1. Set on a large bottle of the cut-off. Carefully remove the top part, but leave the neck – the body of a bird.
  2. Through the throat to insert the hose with wire is the neck of a Swan.
  3. Cut off the bottoms and necks of dairy plastic elements. Cut out their feathers. Their edges make the fringe. Slightly cauterized by fire. Wire collect two feathers. Stick to the torso.
  4. Cut the bottom of the small bottles, put on the hose, forming a neck. The head of the Swan will be released from the top of the white container. Do it hose holes on two sides to bond a wire material. Close the cover.
  5. Take the cap from chemicals. Cut it in half. Insert the cap into the cover. Glue to the head.
  6. Paint the beak, draw the eye.

Master-class on making Christmas trees for the new year

Christmas tree – this tree, which has traditionally bought before the big holiday. But if the house left a lot of plastic bottles of green, there is nothing difficult to make the budget and the original version yourself. Besides, such trees are not needles fall off and it can stand long. Do I need any materials to build the tree:

  • six bottles (two-liter);
  • scissors;
  • wooden base (two feet);
  • paint, brush;
  • clay;
  • pot.

Christmas tree from plastic bottles

How to make:

  1. From bottles cut off the bottom part. The top eight cut lengthwise strips, shaping them with scissors sharp corners. Do it gently.
  2. With scissors, slide the blade to bent.
  3. In a pot on the clay clip basis. She put the bottle preform. With scissors cut the excess plastic from the top of the petals to give the tree shape.
  4. Paint the tree with green paint.

Cat planter from plastic bottle for houseplants

Cat from a plastic bottle

Beautiful vase-cat will be a great decoration bedroom interior. You can use this item for storage of small items or to put beautiful plants. Well in this planter the look of cacti, ivy, succulents. Original cat likes to do to little kids. What are the necessary tools to create interesting decoration:

  • a bottle and a half or a pint;
  • acrylic white paint;
  • markers;
  • a pair of scissors.

Step-by-step creation of pots of cats for beginners

How to make:

  1. Cut the bottom third of the tank. Shape the ears, removing the excess.
  2. Inside and outside paint with acrylic paint.
  3. Draw the cat’s eyes, ears, mouth, using a template.
  4. Put in a pot of a favorite plant. If you want, make a hanging planter, cut out symmetrical holes on all four sides.

How to make a peacock with his hands

Beautiful peacock is a bird which symbolizes happiness, fulfillment of desires and generosity. This figure, placed in a country house, will bring good luck to its owner. Peacock requires painstaking and persistent efforts, therefore, for its production will need a lot of free time. The materials used when creating wonderful birds

  • a lot of plastic bottles of different color and size;
  • stand;
  • synthetic foam;
  • glue gun;
  • abrasive mesh;
  • colored paper;
  • a pair of scissors.

Product-peacock from plastic bottles

How to create a product:

  1. Remove the neck, the bottom of the bottles. From the main part of the tanks cut a lot of feathers in different sizes – from small to large. Trim the edges with fringe.
  2. Sort workpieces according to size.
  3. The figure of a bird make using foam. Attach to the stand.
  4. Cut out the beak (use the red bottle).
  5. Multi-colored plastic items of small size decorate the bird’s chest. Gradually paste the foam, the closer to the tail, using the feathers of larger size.
  6. Alternate colors to the peacock was bright.
  7. For bangs, take a few plastic strips with fringe on the end.
  8. To place the head of the bird, take oval, round pieces of plastic are small in size. Eye make brown bottle.
  9. Abrasive mesh cut out in the shape of wings. Her attach the feathers move from small to large.
  10. The tail is also made with mesh.
  11. Complete the end feathers paper details: cut out circles of different colors and sizes. Apply first the large oval, it is smaller, and inside put a very small item.
  12. To connect the parts with glue.

See the video:

Interesting children’s crafts butterfly

Children will surely enjoy creating beautiful crafts butterfly. Easy master-class will help to create the original figure, even the smallest. The product may serve as an element of interior decoration or part of the picture. You can make a lot of butterflies of different shapes to decorate the nursery. Do I need any materials for the master class:

  • paint;
  • marker;
  • plastic bottle;
  • a pair of scissors.

Butterflies from plastic bottles

How to make a product:

  1. Cut out the cylinder from the flat part of the bottle. Cut it in half.
  2. On the resulting convex plate to draw a butterfly.
  3. Cut it.
  4. Fold the wings, to gain the natural form.
  5. Paint as desired.

Read more creating the product look at the video:

Decorative flowers

Decorative flowers will be a perfect decoration for the home. You can create sunflowers, daisies, roses, and other plants. Easy master class with photos to help you easily make an original decoration. They decorate boxes, baskets, shelves, or make an unusual picture. You will need items to craft original articles:

  • the bottle;
  • lighter;
  • scissors;
  • marker.

Beautiful flowers from plastic bottles made with your own hands

How to create a product:

  1. On the surface of the plastic container sketch marker colors. Cut.
  2. The petals bend that they looked in one direction. Cauterized them to get a good shape.
  3. Take a few pieces. Connect them, placing on top of each other, glue, wire, heating. The middle, decorate with beads or plastic flower.

Colorful flowerbeds for the garden

Flowerbed, which uses plastic containers created. This material will help you to make a budget and beautiful decoration for garden plants, protecting them from the lawn. The product will not take much time and the result will please you with its originality and beauty. Do I need any materials to make a simple flower bed for garden plants:

  • a lot of plastic containers (colored or plain);
  • paint (if desired);
  • sand, soil.

Beds of plastic bottles for the garden

How to make:

  1. Clean the bottles.
  2. Fill them with sand or earth (full or half).
  3. Make the bed protection, securely by digging tanks into the ground neck down. It is important that they fit tightly to each other.
  4. If desired, paint the finished fence.

These beds look at the video:

Video tutorials on making jewelry from plastic bottles for beginners

Beginners to the needle can be tricky to create an original piece only one of the pictures. Experienced masters free shoot an interesting video, where step by step describe the stages of creation of a particular figure. Visual examples will help you to replicate all the actions the lead and make beautiful things using plastic bottles. The following workshops, you will learn how to make a hedgehog, a rag doll, flowers, daisies, the fall of a bird, crocodile, mushroom, how to decorate house jams. See an interesting video with detailed description of all actions:

Hedgehog of cones and a plastic bottle on the theme of the autumn school

Russian dolls from a plastic bottle and fabric scraps

Daisy of tubes and white plastic bottles

A bird feeder from a plastic 5 litre bottle

The figure of the crocodile, and lion from plastic bottles and lids

The product is fungi-toadstools of plastic bottles for kids kindergarten

As caps of plastic bottles to decorate the cottage

Photoidea crafts from plastic bottles made with your own hands

When creating products it is important to borrow ideas, so that you can make really interesting and beautiful things. A lot of people are engaged in the manufacture of unusual items with plastic bottles, then tape ‘ em. A variety of decorations for the home, yard or garden, made by craftsmen, will help you choose or come up with something new. See a lot of photos of craft projects from plastic bottles:

Crafts from plastic bottles

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