Crafts made from leaves on a fall theme for kindergarten

Autumn is famous not only for rain, cold, but the charm of colors that give colorful leaves. Connecting fantasy with the help of the gifts of nature to create wonderful creative work. Crafts made from leaves on a fall theme for kindergarten, ideal for parents interested in, to spend time with the child, can open up new opportunities to unleash creativity. The beauty of this craft is that all the materials are free, and the result of the creative process is limited only by the imagination of the child with the parent.

What kind of crafts to make from autumn leaves to kindergarten

In kindergarten regular exhibitions of products created by the children, their parents. The main goal of such events is to attract mom and dad to school with your child to reveal creativity of the baby, introduce him to the nuances of working with natural materials. Often such creativity are used leaves (oak, maple, Linden, etc) dried flowers. As crafts in the garden can be done:

  • suitable animal (squirrels, bears, mice, a peacock), autumn forest, cars;
  • topiary;
  • wreath;
  • a beautiful autumn bouquet;
  • I taught ikebana;
  • garlands, and pendants.

Step-by-step instructions from DIY leaf on the theme «Autumn»

To create products based on autumn leaves do not need special knowledge, abilities skills, the main thing – a desire, a little imagination and the necessary materials (as a rule, natural materials, glue, colored paper, markers). To make it look beautiful, work carefully, slowly – then at the exhibition in kindergarten, your work will not remain without attention. The following workshops will help you create the perfect crafts for the theme «autumn».

Applique «Autumn forest» on paper

Unusual suitable to the theme «autumn» can be created using only the dried leaves of trees, markers, glue, cardboard or paper. To do this work even a child can do, and the finished result will give you a sense of pride and satisfaction to the little master. Use the step by step instruction on creating an application called «autumn woods»:

Crafts from the leaves to the theme of the autumn Forest

  1. With paper and markers, draw the trunks of the trees in the forest.
  2. Select beautiful leaves, which resemble trees and help to create a realistic application.
  3. Stick all the elements with PVA glue and beautiful crafts in kindergarten will be ready.

How to make «Bouquet of roses» from maple leaves

To please the Tutors of the original craft, make roses using maple leaves. The beauty of this composition is that it permanently retains its original appearance, pleasing to sight, requires no care. Children will be able to create this bouquet, if you give them a little help. It will take a minimum of attributes, symbols: maple leaves, thread, scissors.

Manual step-by-step fabrication of roses:

Bouquet of roses - a product of the V-leaves for kindergarten

  1. Maple leaf folded in half, twist tube – middle of the rose is ready.
  2. The second element to wrap around the midway, forming a second petal. To get volume, there’s not much to nail him.
  3. In a similar way to wind a couple of elements to make a rose or Bud. The number of petals depends on the volume, the fluffiness of the flower.
  4. Wrap well the bottom of the flower to commit.
  5. To connect several roses bouquet, decorate with branches or petals to give the finished composition.

Autumn crafts «Hedgehog» from the cones and leaves

Create beautiful and funny hedgehog possible using fir cones. You’ll need cardboard, which will form the basis of products, modeling clay, glue, leaves (or moss). To create a hedgehog, you need to make him a body. To this may be a clay or plastic bottle. Consider creating a small hedgehog:

Crafts from the leaves and cones on the theme of autumn Hedgehogs

  • Cardboard well lubricated with glue and randomly glue colorful autumn elements (leaves, moss). This background will become a makeshift forest clearing, where walking hedgehog.
  • From clay to create an oval that will serve as the hedgehog’s body and attach to the «glade». Him to stick the cones, leaving the front place to the muzzle.
  • Using a small piece of clay to make the face and nose and eyes can be used the berries of the black chokeberry, or beads.
  • A good hedgehog on autumn meadow for kindergarten ready.

Three-dimensional collage «Owl» of birch leaves

The variety of autumn colours is amazing, gives vent to the imagination. As crafts for kindergarten can be created original three-dimensional applique – owl, which due to the layering looks nice, interesting and quite realistic. To create a masterpiece, you must prepare the following attributes:

  • carton (color or white – optional);
  • dried autumn leaves – the basic elements;
  • PVA glue, a brush for him.

Autumn crafts - Owl from the leaves

Step-by-step execution of the work:

  1. It is necessary to draw On the cardboard, or print the outline of the owl. Need only the outlines, no detail, and colors.
  2. Gradually, the contour should be spread with a brush the glue (very carefully, so the work was very careful) and glue the leaves. Do this from top to bottom, making a whipping on the previous layers to get the desired volume.
  3. When the entire circuit is completed, you need to cut out the beak, eyes and glue them to the face.
  4. Original applique ready. So the creative process was not only interesting, but also educational, during operation, is to share informative facts about the owl, her life.

How to do applique «Cock» of autumn leaves trees

To create an original painting using leaves, you need the desire and creative inspiration. Bright applique with the image of the rooster will love the child and are ideal for exhibition in the kindergarten. For creativity you need to:

  • cardboard white;
  • colorful leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • Rowan berries.

Cock - autumn applique leaves

How to create a rooster:

  1. On the cardboard draw the contours of the rooster (or glue a blank cut-out). For more experienced masters outlines, it is possible to lay out from leaves.
  2. Glue leaves of different shapes, sizes and shades, creating the feathers for the rooster.
  3. Scissors to cut out the eyes, the eyebrow is to stick to the job, make the eye, using Rowan berries.
  4. When all items are glued, the work should be put under the press for a few hours, and wonderful applique is ready.

Autumn wreath of leaves and twigs for kids

Of autumn gifts of nature can create not only application, song, or decorative elements, but also the original wreath. To adornment keep in shape, all you’ll need thin branches, which are well bent, not broken. In the creative process, you need to use thread, glue, items for decoration: leaves, branches of mountain ash, raspberry, cones, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Step by step instructions create a wreath:

The children made leaves and branches of crafts on the theme of autumn

  1. From the branches to make a circle, secure with thread, so that the product kept the form.
  2. To give extra volume you can use branches with berries, or a vine.
  3. When the base for the wreath is ready, you should proceed to its decoration. For this circle stick cones, leaves, flowers or other decorative elements. All depends on the imagination of the child and the availability under the hand of natural materials.
  4. Original autumn wreath can be used for decorative purposes or as part of the costume at the celebration in honor of autumn.

Original postcard from the dry leaves on cardboard

To congratulate a caregiver or a loved one you can unique handmade card. In the autumn there is no need to buy special attributes for decor. Took care of nature, creating a variety of art materials. Original looks like a postcard for decoration which used the dry leaves of birch, oak, maple, cherry or other trees, shrubs. It will take the glue and cardboard.

Step-by-step creation of the product:

Postcard with the application of dry leaves

  1. A piece of cardboard to bend in half to release the card.
  2. On the front side of the product to decompose the leaves and flowers, creating a beautiful composition. Do not limit your imagination, this will allow you to create a great card. It is important to ensure that all looked harmoniously (the child should help the parents).
  3. If the desired result is achieved, and like all participants in the process, all the elements stick with glue and brushes, to be maximally accurate.
  4. The original postcard is ready to delight the recipient.

The composition of the leaves «the Firebird»

Original looks like the product is created using leaves and flowers, in the form of the Firebird’s. It is difficult to call a clear list of materials that will be needed for work, it all depends from creative imagination and the vision of the child’s parents. Consider instruction create unique compositions, which will need to:

  • cardboard, colored paper or pretty napkin for the base composition;
  • a variety of leaves, you can use twigs of thuja;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • the PVA glue.

The Firebird from the leaves for kindergarten

Step by step instructions:

  1. Select the element similar to the body heat of the birds and glue it to one side for the head, and the other – for an elegant tail.
  2. Glue birch leaf that will serve as the head of the bird.
  3. Make a tail using elements of the same color.
  4. Decorate the tail: glue beautiful leaves of Rowan or TUI to create volume, colour.
  5. Do bird wings, use the birch leaves.
  6. Pumpkin seeds glued to the head as eyes. With their help it is easy to decorate the tail or the bird’s body.
  7. To the head, glue a small sprig of arborvitae, creating bangs.

Master class with step-by-step manufacturing of «Butterfly»

With the simple leaves of different shades you can create a beautiful thing for kindergarten – butterflies. The creative process is like a child, allow him to take a new look at familiar things and to reach their potential. To work you need to prepare the following materials:

  • leaves from trees of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • the tape left;
  • glue stick or PVA;
  • coloured cardboard or paper;
  • hole punch.

Crafts butterfly of leaves

Step-by-step creation of a butterfly:

  1. Cut the legs and middle parts of the leaves.
  2. With double-sided tape to peel off the top layer and glue small piece of paper (head of butterfly), the middle part of the wings.
  3. The same is done with the middle part of the second maple leaf. Like antennae, it is recommended to use legs and torso – a thin oblong element (part of the leaf).
  4. Using the hole punch to make circles for eyes and decorations on the wings. To glue them.
  5. The butterflies attach to colored paper.

How to dry leaves for crafts

To prepare the sheets for applications and products, you have to dry them, and you can do this in several ways:

  1. A classic option. To put elements into a press or between pages of a book. They should not touch each other. To natural materials did not spoil the book, put between the pages of a book tracing paper.
  2. Hot drying with a flat iron. On the Ironing Board to put paper on it to lay out the sheets, spreading them. Cover material another page and iron iron using dry Ironing without steam.
  3. To preserve the natural color and shape of the leaves, dry them, lay on the windowsill. So the elements retain their natural look that will allow you to make the most realistic paintings or songs.

How to make scheletrone leaves their hands

Original look crafts for kindergarten, which used skeletal leaves. Many reject the idea of working with such material, for fear of the fragile structure and not knowing how to make such beautiful items. To create the skeletal elements do not require a lot of effort, time, and the result will please not only the child, but for all who have to witness the result of creativity.

You’ll need:

  • the leaves of the trees;
  • baking soda;
  • cold water.

Skeletal sheet svoimi hands

Master class for creating a skeletonized leaf:

  1. Make a solution of: one liter of cold water, and twelve spoonfuls of baking soda. The mixture to boil and place the leaves around 25 minutes.
  2. Through the allotted time, each element should be rinsed in cold water and using a toothbrush to clean the greens.
  3. Rinse again under running water and you’re ready.

Video tutorials on creating things out of autumn leaves for children

The creative process with natural materials will give not only great crafts from the leaves to the theme of the fall for kindergarten, but also a lot of fun while working. Young children sometimes difficult to properly make a song or make an animal using the gifts of nature. Parents also sometimes there is a creative crisis, and create a simple work is difficult because of the lack of imagination. View below a selection of video tutorials on creating autumn crafts to get some inspiration, extra knowledge about the process.

Very simple crafts to kindergarten «Fish»

Children’s crafts from natural materials «Fox»

«Hedgehog in the grass» from the leaves and flowers with their hands

Photos of interesting crafts on the theme of «Autumn» from the leaves

Each child together with parents, connecting a little imagination, able to create with leaves, chestnuts, acorns unique crafts on the theme «autumn». Using elements of different shapes, colors, textures, you can make a real masterpiece that will decorate the exhibition in kindergarten. In art there are no limits, no rules – each creates the product to the best of their ability and the availability of materials that are at hand. To gain inspiration, to find an idea and to enjoy the wonderful autumn crafts, view photo:

Crafts made from leaves on a fall theme for kindergarten

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