Crafts fruit and vegetables on exhibit in the school with their hands

The fall – wonderful and sad time nature says goodbye to a warm and Sunny mood. But don’t be sad for the departing summer. Gifts of autumn will delight you with exquisite and unique taste, bright colors and indescribable flavor. And even the kids can make crafts from vegetables and fruits to the exhibition in the school with their hands. Dear mommy! Prepare to work with their children, and our step-by-step instructions will help you create all common vegetables, fruits funny characters of fairy tales, cartoons.

What kind of crafts to make from fruit and vegetables to the exhibition «Gifts of autumn»

Fairs, which are traditionally held in schools – a reason to rejoice kids, admiring the works of others, and «headache» mothers who, in the evenings, and sometimes nights and perfected the children’s masterpieces for the competition. To be able to do it, to purchase the necessary natural materials to cardboard boxes – pre-discuss with your child the idea of crafts from vegetables and fruits to the exhibition in the school, made their hands.

A rich array of plots, characters you will find in the printed children’s educational magazines, online outlets for children’s creativity. Free channels on YouTube for the crafts will tell you how to make beautiful product, helping to understand the child (and mother) in fine craftsmanship. The theme of the exhibition «Gifts of autumn» is multi-faceted, popular cartoon characters, fairytale characters, animals, birds are fun for the fall clearings in the middle of the magical forest.

For products you will need: vegetables; fruits; natural materials; traditional for the needle glue, scissors, varnish, to preserve and to maintain the product; a variety of textures, quality, paper, cardboard, clay. The forest here is beautiful «nutty» the squirrel makes provisions for winter, somewhere on a bough hoots «pineapple» owl, «carrot» horse driven carriage-a pumpkin with Cinderella, «potato» Cheburashka fun playing with a boy-onion Chipollino, and «lemon» Goldfish fulfills the most devout wishes.

Sassy, stylish look of the product in honor of All Saints Day – Halloween. Pumpkin is the Queen of the garden – certainly present in various forms: as a vase for maple bouquet of roses; as the magic lantern to ward off evil spirits; as a fine carriage or vehicle for travelers. Will not do the study without a black cat and a funny witch in a pointy hat.

Step by step instructions products from fruits and vegetables to school

Your child wants to make a bright, unusual thing for the autumn fair at school? Our step by step instructions will tell you your child is easy, fast, qualitative method to create a true masterpiece using seasonal vegetables, fruits, natural material, instruments, tools and materials for needlework. You will need a little imagination, hard work, a huge supply of patience to create works of autumn art» for exhibition in the school.

The simplest hack «Hedgehog» made from pear and grapes

Hedgehogs, though sweet, gentle creatures, yet very prickly. Playing with them is very difficult, but sweet, tender and not at all prickly kids that will need pears and grapes are not only interesting, but edible. Consider the step by step way of making these pear-grape products on exhibition at the school with their hands:

The product Hedgehog from pear and grapes

  1. Take a large plate, garnish with salad leaves, creating a forest surroundings.
  2. Cut each pear in half about the cut on the plate.
  3. Prepare the «vine of thorns»: cut in half toothpicks, smooth out rough edges with sandpaper. «Dress» the grapes of half sticks so that the sharp edge of the toothpick is left free.
  4. Vcol soft needle, leaving the place to head.
  5. For eyes product «Hedgehog» on display in the school suitable elderberry, chokeberry or pepper.
  6. A small but interesting nose will be the pea allspice.
  7. Dish to the exhibition at school ready!

«Giraffe» from carrots or potatoes with your hands

«Autumn» giraffe – funny and fun crafts with your own hands, which is to prepare for fair at the school can even little schoolchildren. You will need:

  • carrots – 7 pieces;
  • potatoes – 2 PCs. (for carrot potato products);
  • matches;
  • pepper for eyes – 2pcs

Giraffe a carrot with their hands

  1. All vegetables thoroughly wash and dry.
  2. A bigger carrot, or an oblong potato will be the body of a giraffe.
  3. Smaller – head. If the giraffe completely «carrot», prepare 4 rectangular figures for the legs.
  4. A long, thin carrot will serve as the neck for DIY Giraffe with his own hands.
  5. It remains to connect the parts using toothpicks.
  6. Cut half of the match, leaving for the horns part of sulfuric head. Carefully stick in a carrot or potato.
  7. For eyes, use the pepper or acrylic paint. They also don’t forget to draw a beautiful spot. Leave the product to dry and safely bring to the exhibition in school!

Interesting craft «Caterpillar» made from apples

Autumn fruits – perfect for creating unusual crafts with their hands at an exhibition in the school. Juicy ripe, sweet apples will be a perfect base for the wonderful masterpiece «the Caterpillar.» You will need 5-6 apples of about the same size, floss for attaching, 1 carrot, a few Rowan berries, grape, flower for decoration.

Crafts caterpillar of apples on exhibition

  1. Cut the carrots thin – not more than 5 mm thick rings.
  2. Prick an Apple with a toothpick in place of a tail slide one ring of carrot and combine it with another Apple. Repeat the process, creating a body of «insect».
  3. When there’s 1 Apple, which will serve as the head, attach it vertically, as shown in the photo.
  4. Left rings vegetable will serve as the legs slow tracks. Attach the carrot toothpicks from the bottom on the sides of the tracks.
  5. As the nose is attached grape.
  6. Aronia will replace the eyes, but will also serve to create a funny rabbit ears-antennae.
  7. Dried flower will turn a caterpillar into a Flirty lady, and stylish cylinder – the elegant gentleman.
  8. Autumn fruits, Rowan berries as decoration will provide an opportunity to show imagination in making crafts for an exhibition in the school with their hands.

How to make Race cars out of vegetables and natural material

The easiest way to make a race car for the exhibition at school «Gifts of autumn» with their hands to chop the half peeled cored apples smooth large stripes, as shown in the photo. Four grape will go for the wheels. Providing «mass» of such products, you can play rally racing or autumn city with scurrying through the streets with cars.

Substitution of vegetables for schools - Race car

Vegetables serve as the perfect material for racing cars. This hack make your own hands will be able to disciple middle and high school, and kids need help parents. Cut with a knife on the driver in the open super quads, making the wheel with a small «roundels» of the carrot or cucumber. For wheels will fit the rings of vegetables: zucchini, carrots, attached with toothpicks.

Very beautiful autumn crafts, pumpkin Turtle

To make crafts «Shell» with his own hands for exhibition in school, you will need the following vegetables:

  • round gourd with a small diameter;
  • 4 cornichon and a cucumber with a rounded top for the head;
  • pumpkin seeds – 2 PCs.;
  • sunflower seeds – 2 PCs.;
  • toothpicks for fastening.

Hack Turtle pumpkin with their hands

  1. Wash and halve the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and pulp.
  2. Carefully cut with a knife pattern, repeating the shape of a turtle shell.
  3. With four sides from the body and make a small arch-sections of semicircular shape, which attach the gherkins. These will be the legs of the animal.
  4. Using toothpicks, attach a small piece of rounded cucumber – this is the head.
  5. Bonding clay pumpkin seeds and half sunflower husk, forming eyes. Stick double-sided tape or clay to the head.
  6. Wonderful vegetable bug, made with your own hands is sure to delight the kids at the autumn fair exhibition at the school!

Easy hack «Vase» of vegetables and flowers

Surround the vegetables with a thick rind, squash or zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, melon; «wonderful» fruit – pineapple will become a perfect basis for creating autumn crafts «Vase of flowers» on display in the school with their hands. To make the vase stable, you need to cut a small circle at its base. Decide on the required height, cut off the excess part. Then with a knife remove the core of the vegetable or fruit.

Products from the pineapple to the exhibition - vases

Optionally decorate the surface of the product is intricate or simple pattern. Beautiful in a vase will look autumn flowers – dubochki, asters, marigolds. Want product on their hands for exhibition in the school looked really autumn? Collect the yellow maple leaves and make a charming rosettes, as on our photo. Shape of flower, secure with string or wire.

How to make «Pigs» of the pumpkin and Rowan berries

A small, plump zucchini; slice of cucumber for the ears and a thin strip of sandpaper to a spiral tail; a patch of radishes (carrots), berries of black chokeberry is a small list of easily doable, but such a ridiculous product «Pig» on the basis of vegetables for school exhibitions:

Hack of vegetables with their hands

  1. Cut a slice of cucumber in half. Attach the lugs as shown in the photo.
  2. With two matches on the back side of the tavern, attach a «patch». Matches will simultaneously perform the role of the nostrils and fixing.
  3. Rowan berries are secure with toothpicks. They are the eyes of a pig.
  4. Remains funny tail and your garland is ready!

Original product «Hare» from the cabbage

You will need:

  • cabbage – 2 pieces;
  • zucchini – 2 PCs.;
  • carrots with tops – 1 item;
  • clay.

«Cabbage head» – a fun and funny crafts which are on display in the school will delight the kids. It’s easily done with their hands students of Junior classes on the basis of seasonal vegetables:

Rabbit from the cabbage

  1. Connect the using toothpicks, both Kapustina. The larger one will carry out the functions of the body.
  2. Cut the zucchini in half lengthwise. More then divide into 2 equal parts: it’s paws toys.
  3. Smaller zucchini will be long, very long ears.
  4. Secure with toothpick legs and lugs, as shown in the photo.
  5. Using clay to make eyes, snout and mouth of the Bunny.
  6. Don’t forget that this «beast» loves raw, healthy vegetables. Therefore, without a juicy carrot in the clutches of the «oblique» is not enough.

The production of crafts from vegetables and fruits, «Baba Yaga in a mortar»

Want to make to the exhibition in the school with his hands funny and absolutely kindly Grandmother-ICU? Pre-purchase vegetables, fruits:

  • banana – 1 PC.;
  • 3 potatoes;
  • 1 Apple.

Baba Yaga in a mortar - product for school

  1. Cut off the rounded part of the large potato-stupa and a middle for stability.
  2. Smaller potatoes will go on the nose and hands «sorceress».
  3. Fasten with toothpicks container body, attaching arms and head-Apple.
  4. Cut 6-7 cm banana from the side of the tail. Inside you can eat, and the skin, cut into small, narrow strips, mimicking the unique hairstyle of Baba Yaga.
  5. Put the peel on the Apple.
  6. Eye suitable match, and broom will be a long strip of the same banana peel.

Cartoon characters «Smeshariki» vegetables for exhibition in school

Favorite «Smeshariki», made of vegetables, fruits, and scrap materials with your hands, bring joy to the kids and quickly find a buyer at the exhibition fair in school. For the wise Sovani need beets; Nyusha «to face» tomato; orange/lemon Moose, Kopatych potato, onion Hedgehog, Apple crumble will be a merry company. Material for hands, feet, fittings will serve as a clay or polymer clay. The small branches will be Losasso horns, and Rowan, chestnuts, autumn leaves accentuate the mood.

Smeshariki from vegetables and fruits with your own hands

Video tutorials: crafts from vegetables and fruits with your own hands

Vegetables, fruits, natural material needed for various products with their hands on exhibition in school. Delicious Apple basket will decorate the children’s table. Indispensable attribute of All Saints ‘ Day – glow pumpkin – emphasize the mysterious atmosphere of the holiday. «Carrot» flowers, apples and grapes the Princess Frog can do with their hands, even the kids.

Your child dreams of distant wanderings, adventures magic? Make a beautiful, reliable and durable vehicle that requires vegetables: zucchini, cucumber, a few carrots… and a lot of patience, backed by the desire to create a boat. To learn about the intricacies of manufacturing products for the autumn fairs at the school, the garden, you can view our video tutorials:

The basket of apples and berries


How to carve Flowers from carrots

A lesson on making «Frog» from Apple, grape and cucumber

The boat out of the zucchini to the exhibition in school

Photo original crafts from vegetables and fruits to the exhibition in school

Interesting, unusual, fairy tale, cartoon characters, funny the beasts of the forest come to life in the caring hands of the miracle masters. Vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts will be perfect for original, unique products: handsome peacock, aubergine duck egg or chicken. Exhibition «Gifts of autumn» in schools will please kids, providing an opportunity to show their talents, ingenuity. Learn creative ideas, to get acquainted with the products of the other guys made with your own hands, will help our photo:

Crafts fruit and vegetables on show in school

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