Crafts from the cones with their hands for kindergarten on the theme of autumn

Autumn gives a lot of natural materials for adult and child art is chestnuts, acorns. Especially popular are pine, cedar and spruce cones, which help to create a variety of interesting products. This material is perfect for children three years and older. Crafts from the cones with their hands for kindergarten on the theme of autumn produce unusual and cute. Subsequently, these interesting articles you can save to hang on the tree. Examine several master classes to implement them with children in kindergarten.

What you can do with your hands from bumps on the theme «Autumn»

Needlework is a great activity that can offer kids the kindergarten teachers or parents. Organic materials such as pine cones, acorns and chestnuts – great subjects for art. Working with them will give little pleasure to the child, will help to unlock the creative potential and Express my individuality. This activity helps to improve fine motor skills, which positively affects the development of children. Crafts from the cones with their hands on the theme of the autumn will captivate and delight young children.

Using these natural things kids can create lots of interesting items – figurines of animals, people, furnishings (basket, vases). The finished product will serve as children’s toys will be the basis of the original bulk composition. As support materials can be used clay, clay, polymer clay, twigs, scissors, wire.

Step by step instructions simple DIY cones for kindergarten

So the children were just doing interesting things, experienced handicraft masters create a step-by-step master classes with photos and detailed description of the process. These instructions are suitable for kids in kindergarten and for children who are already enrolled in primary school. All workshops are distributed in steps that will help fast assimilation of information, and each child will get to make the same product. Crafts from the cones with their hands for the kids to kindergarten on the theme of the autumn will be a great pastime for children of preschool age.

Master-class on making «Men» of acorns and pine cones

Cute crafts-men will absolutely appeal to young children. For their manufacture you can use the cones of spruce or pine, dried acorns. Also use toothpicks or twigs, thread and clay. Depending on idea you can use other materials. To pine cones, dries, acquired a different form, treat them pre-warmed a little joiner’s glue. The same applies to spruce natural materials. To make the original thing:

Crafts from cones and acorns for kindergarten

  1. Take a lump of suitable size. Turn the pointy end towards the bottom. To the wide part will stick a bit of plasticine – this will be the neck of the future man.
  2. Inverted acorn place on top to make the hero’s head.
  3. To make her a little clay. Make filamentous bundles, place them on the head is the hair. Cover this place with the acorn hat.
  4. On the sides at the widest part of the cones to stick two pieces of clay. More materials use to make the same procedure from the bottom, closer to the sharp edge. It – attachment for the hands and feet.
  5. Insert twigs or toothpicks into the clay. Them to the legs attach the inverted caps of acorns for strength.
  6. Using white and black clay to make eyes.
  7. The original figure is ready!

Beautiful arrangement of cones and natural material «Owl on tree»

Manufacturer touching owls will delight young children. To create the necessary fir-cone, the seeds of ash, persimmon, melon seeds, play dough (for kids) or glue (for older children), and even the branch where a night bird to sit. If you do not find suitable natural materials, can replace them at its discretion. To create owls:

Crafts from the cones with your own hands - Owls

  1. Flip the cone. Connect the pointy end to the selected branch, which will serve as a support for the entire structure.
  2. The seeds of ash on glue or plasticine attach to the sides – this will be the owls wings.
  3. Ears night birds do with the seeds of the persimmon (or other fruit). Use the clay for attachment.
  4. As the eye is perfect flat melon seeds. Take two pieces of black clay make the balls, push. Place where you want to make the eyes. Place the seeds on top.
  5. The beak of the owl do the orange or yellow using clay.

As from the unopened cones to make a «Crocodile» with their hands

Crocodile – simple and fun crafts on the theme of autumn for children. To implement this interesting idea, you will need modeling clay dark green, white, black, two open pine cones one larger and one smaller, green paint (gouache), joiner’s glue. To make cute animal, using natural material:

Crocodile from the cones with their hands

  1. Lower elements of the future toys (cones) in warm carpenter’s glue. It is necessary to keep form not opening after manufacture of the product.
  2. Color natural materials gouache dark green color. This can mix the usual green tone with black.
  3. Take a piece of clay, and tie together pine cones wide pieces to each other. The body of the crocodile is ready.
  4. Left to do the animal’s eyes: roll the white balls, place on cone, intended for the head. They attach two black clay dots.
  5. Hack is ready!

Autumn garland of spruce cones and clay «Turtle»

Beautiful turtle will be a great option of children’s toys. To create this pet, you will need plasticine brown and green colors, good sharp knife, a pine cone, which is already well opened. Starting to work with children, cut the upper part of the natural material, leaving only the Foundation. What happens is the shell of animals. Make the shell:

Autumn crafts from cones - Turtle

  1. Take a piece of brown clay, vilaite flat oval (the future body of an animal). Make another ball less (about three times), attach with a narrow side of the oval pieces, slightly prelucrate. This ball will become Chairman of the shell.
  2. Make four brown legs and place on the sides of the oval piece.
  3. Take the green clay, roll two small balls. Position them at the head of the future shell, a little prelucrate is the eyes.
  4. Complete the hack, by placing a prepared top shell (cone).

Very simple crafts for children «the Swan»

Hack «the Swan» are easy to create, but looks elegant and attractive. It will be a great home decoration. In order to do this you will need white, black, red clay, small pine half-open or an open shot, a piece of white wool. The finished product is on the theme of autumn manages to even the youngest children. To create a beautiful Swan:

Swan bumps for kindergarten

  1. Download the white strip of clay with a length of 4-5 inches for the neck of the bird. Bend it with the letter S.
  2. Attach it to the thick side of the cones.
  3. On the free end to stick a small piece of black clay to the top was a sharp corner.
  4. On black item, place the orange material, concentrating it in the end as the bird’s beak.
  5. Complete the craft by placing pieces of cotton wool with the sharp side of the cones – it will be the wings and tail of the Swan.

Children’s crafts from dried cones and leaves «the Bird»

Fantastic bird is a product that is just like the kids. For its production you will need dry leaves (one large, two smaller ones and very small), the fir cone, berries of briar, wire, blue beads, toothpicks, clay. The creation of such jewelry is best left to older children, not to hurt the wire material. For making magic birds follow this instructions:

Children's crafts for the theme of the fall from the cones and leaves

  1. To make the head, use copper wire or Golden color, small leaves, beads, berries of rose hips. The fruit of the dog rose Bush pierce metallic material, the ends of it to secure the two beads. Trim any excess wire. From the thick berries stick a small dry leaf, which will serve as a tuft of a bird.
  2. From the bottom plug the fruit in a toothpick – it will mount to the head and body (pine cones).
  3. A long, narrow piece of paper used for the bird’s tail, two smaller leaf – wings.
  4. As the quotes will serve as a toothpick. Do flat stand, using modeling clay to the desired shade, it will place the bird.

How to make a Hedgehog from cones and pine needles

Funny hedgehog will be a great addition to your home interior, will adorn the shelves of children’s, can be included in interesting autumn composition. The creation of this lovely animal will bring much fun to kids. To make it, you will need a dark brown clay, peas black pepper, dry pine needles and pine cone of this tree. Small branches, clay, caps of acorns required for registration ready to stuff mushrooms. Make hedgehog so:

Hedgehog from cones and pine needles

  1. Collect pine needles in bunches of seven or nine pieces. At the ends to attach a bit of clay.
  2. These items are put under the opened scales of a natural material with the side where the back of the hedgehog. A little prune needle to a length of 2-3 cm.
  3. Using plasticine material vilaite pointed snout of the animal. On the tip, place the peas of black pepper for the nose.
  4. Make homemade mushrooms back under the acorn hat put a little colored clay stick him with short branches.

How to make crafts «Basket»

Stylish decorative basket will serve as home decoration will amaze the guests and households of their unusual appearance. Would need a tight wire, 39 the opened pine cones, almost of the same size. Diagram of basket making is simple but requires attention. All elements must be fixed exactly to the product looked good in the interior. Sequence of actions:

A basket of cones for kindergarten

  1. Make three shishechnaya ring, guiding natural materials with sharp edges inside and securing it with a layer of wire between the scales. You will need eight cones for the small, nine for medium, 11 for large circle.
  2. With eight cones make a semicircle that will become the handle for future baskets, fastening elements of the two strips of wire.
  3. Putting with each other, connect three rings of the wire material. The handle to the top of a wide circle of attach wire.
  4. From below insert the three cones. Can fix them, but chances are they will stay themselves.
  5. Stylish basket is ready!

Hack Bear cones

If you want to take children in kindergarten and interesting crafts, make them funny bear. To implement the idea, you’ll need one large pine or fir cone, one element is three times less, four very small bumps, clay black and brown colors. Take the original toy bear using natural details:

Children's crafts from cones on the theme of autumn Bear

  1. A large element will be the body of bears. Position the sharp end towards the bottom.
  2. Top, long edge toward you, place the item medium size – this is the head of a bear. Secure it with clay.
  3. On the sides, top and bottom reinforce with clay material two small bumps. Bear paws are ready.
  4. Roll balls of black clay, attach where will the eyes of the bear. Create the ears by using brown color.
  5. The bear is ready!

Video tutorials: how to make crafts from the cones with their hands

If you first try their hand at creating original crafts, it can be difficult to do everything right the first time. To resolve all questions arising in the process of making unusual things and songs, use YouTube video. In the videos you can see children gradually create products using cones. The workshops below focuses on the manufacture of compositions with a hare and a Fox, a bird and her Chicks. You will learn how to make flowers using natural material, and will be able to create an original vase for interior decoration.

Easy crafts for kids animals «Bunny and Fox»

«Bird and Chicks» from the cones

Autumn crafts for the child in a garden «Flowers» from the cones

«Vase» from the cones with their hands

Original photos of children’s crafts on the theme of «Autumn» from the cones

Children’s imagination is truly limitless! Thanks to designs kids turn out amazingly beautiful products. It figures of people and animals – men, cats, mice, squirrels, deer, fish, penguins, horses. The creation of a popular fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters such as goblins, Treefolk, Cheburashka. Original and unusual look flowers made from cones – roses, peonies. The excellent interior decoration becomes the tree of happiness – topiary. Sometimes a child’s hands are real paintings. View photos of the products kids on autumn, to get new ideas:

Photos of children's crafts from cones on the theme of autumn

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