Crafts from shells for beginners

Beautiful, graceful seashells, different in form and size resemble a relaxing holiday by the sea. These cute little things are often left without a case, thrown out a long time stored in packages. Using a natural material, it is possible to make Souvenirs made of shells that can decorate the interior or clothes, be a wonderful gift.

How to make crafts from seashells and stones with their hands

The production of nautical gifts is easy and affordable. To create crafts made of shells for beginners, you need to collect and process the natural material, clean off it from dirt and sand. Then the shells are dried and stored in a dry place. To assist beginners used thread, lace, paper, cardboard, fabric, wire, salt dough, plasticine. Serve as an additional decoration:

  • beads;
  • braid;
  • of the tape;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins.

Details of marine products are bonded with a reliable adhesive. It is important that the liquid remained transparent, almost invisible after drying. Homemade souvenir for beginners work pretty, neat. Suitable to bond the glue gun. If you plan to use paint, it is better to choose a material based on acrylic. Coating products with lacquer in one or more layers lends durability.

Processing shells for crafts

To prepare natural material for work, beginners need:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the sink.
  2. Boil the material in boiling water with salt at least an hour, if there are the remains of shellfish. Otherwise the shell will become a source of unpleasant smell, and a beautiful thing will be discarded.
  3. To handle the sharp broken edges, using file, sandpaper or nail file.
  4. Lubricate the surface in any oil for the gloss, richness of color, unless you plan to cover the product with varnish.


What can be drawn from the shells with your hands

The availability of natural material – a good excuse for beginners to use imagination, develop creative skills. The result of the original things that adorn the interior. Decor of seashells with their hands can be manufactured in the form of paintings, candlesticks, wood or flowers. Homemade earrings, necklace or bracelet are able to effectively complement the image or to become a memorable gift. Simple kids crafts fun to make for beginners.

Sea shells in the interior

Products made of natural materials fit perfectly in the thematic interior, decorated in a nautical style. However, DIY seashells for beginners look appropriate in any style direction thanks to its unobtrusive appearance. Original flowers, candlesticks, vases, chandeliers, paintings, picture frames or mirrors, panels made of shells will complement any interior, will add a touch of fabulousness, romance. Beautiful garland in a marine style will plunge into the memories of the holiday.

Interior decorated with shells

Decor candle holder

Beautiful piece of furniture is made beginning from sea shells, stones, etc. Materials are covered by nail Polish, sprinkle glitter. The elements are held together with the glue gun. The base of the candlestick is the CD-ROM. In the centre on the shiny side, which was written music, is a candle. The edges fixed the «flowers» with petals made of shells, stones in the middle. The candle can be easily removed, install the new one.

Another option is making candle holders for beginners requires less time and effort. This would require a large counter sink. Processed edge with sandpaper. The workpiece can be decorated with sequins, nail Polish, rhinestones, beads. Is placed in the recess of the yoke. The next step is the filling with melted paraffin. The original candlestick is ready immediately after cooling.

Picture made of shells

Fabric items made of sea shells – great idea for the interior. In addition, to create a picture of need glue, paint and other decorative materials (beads, sand, grass, sticks, bars). If you plan to depict flowers, shells are selected, glued, painted with acrylic. Then you need to stick to the ground of sisal or decorative mesh with a pistol. Attach additional parts – leaves, twigs. The end product of shell for beginners is covered with three layers of clear lacquer.

Picture of shells

Shell topiary with their hands

For the manufacture of decorative trees needed:

  • shell;
  • adhesive;
  • a plaster solution;
  • glass;
  • the foam layer;
  • wooden sticks;
  • twine;
  • stone chippings.

The order of execution:

  1. First contact of sticks, then wrapped a rope.
  2. In a bowl, make a small hole.
  3. Then «trunk» is inserted into the Cup with plaster of Paris. When the ground is dry, attach the top crown in the form of a foam ball.
  4. The upper part of the paste paper decorated with shells, beads, sequins.
  5. The hem is also decorated in sea style with satin ribbons.

Shell topiary

Flowers made of shells

For the beautiful bouquet you need:

  • shell;
  • good glue;
  • wire;
  • clay.


  1. The elements combine to make the flower.
  2. Closer to the center, stick the small «petals».
  3. Then attach the major parts of sea shells for beginners.
  4. The center of the flower is made plasticine ball.
  5. Additional decor items you can create with paint, beads, sequins.

Rose made of shells

Stylish jewelry made of shells with your hands

Empty «houses» of mollusks have been used successfully by beginners to create jewelry. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets in a marine style perfectly accentuate the image, create a romantic mood. Sea shells are perfectly combined with pearls, beads, metal pendants. To make a decoration for beginners, you need to make a hole. This can be done by using a drill or by hand using Gypsy needle. It is recommended to use masking tape. Adhesive tape will protect the material from cracking during drilling.

The beads are made beginning at the next instruction. Need:

  • line length of 50 cm;
  • shell;
  • acrylic nail Polish or colorless nail;
  • clasp;
  • beads.

The procedure of manufacture:

  1. First you need to pin part of the clasp on the edge of the line.
  2. Each shell should drill a hole using the awl or drill.
  3. Natural material is covered with varnish for better preservation.
  4. Shell beads are strung in the correct order.
  5. Next on the line is fixed the second part of the clasp.

Earrings made of seashells with pearls

Kids crafts made with sea shells with their hands

Natural material can be used for beginner products in the form of birds, animals, paintings, flowers. Children especially like to make different animals. To make a cute turtle, you need to take a bit of clay to sculpt the torso, head and legs. Shell will serve as a sink of the appropriate size. Then vyleplyaet the muzzle and eyes. In the same way produced other children’s crafts from shells with their hands. The baby will like the idea to make a dog, cat, elephant, fish. The more difficult task is to make a ship with sails of shells.

Video: frame made of shells with your hands – master class

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