Crafts from chestnuts with their hands on the theme of autumn

Autumn is a lovely time, it gives many tools and ideas for creativity. Adults and children gather dry plants, beautiful fallen leaves to make the original bunches of willow twigs are in the course for weaving baskets, drawers. Popular creative material becomes the fruit of the chestnut tree. Orechovitsa the seed is able to serve as a basis for many interesting things. Funny animals, creatures, fantasy compositions are made from the chestnuts with their hands on the theme of autumn. Some original ideas, and instructions on their implementation you learn on.

Step-by-step crafts for kids of chestnuts on the theme «Autumn»

The creation of products using chestnuts like both adults and children. This activity you can make a game with the kids – it develops the creative potential of preschool children, improves the fine motor skills of the child. To do interesting thing, and some workshops do not require almost no additional elements, only the chestnut and glue. The finished product can be children’s toys, serve as parts of any large composition. Often the students of Junior classes teachers give assignments to create interesting fall products – it develops imagination.

Due to the simple master-classes, you can create original pieces from ordinary chestnuts with their hands on the theme of autumn. To make funny animals, fungi, tree, beetles will not be difficult, and the manufacturing process will bring a lot of joy. You can be part of the finished work of decorative elements, paint them to give things personality. Each hack on the theme of the autumn will be a great decoration of the interior.


Funny beetle – cute crafts out of chestnuts with their hands on the theme autumn, the production of which will surely appeal to children. To make the insect, it is necessary to use not only the fruit but also their skin. For fixing all elements will need clay, and as for the legs, bug you can use thin wood twigs. To hack is durable, replace the clay and polymer clay, which need not be baked. So you permanently save the original thing. How to make a cute beetle with his own hands:

Beetle from chestnut, hand made

  1. A little zaschite peel chestnut – leave it for a few days in a closed space or put in the sun. If possible, do not separate it into halves, leave the junction of the two parts.
  2. Take a small piece of brown clay to make an oval. Place it under half of a peeled chestnut – this is the body of the beetle. To be sure you can seal the skin of the seed with a clay adhesive.
  3. On the side of the stick some of the branches – three on each side. Choose curved elements that will remind of the legs, or bend them yourself.
  4. Chestnut attach from the side, where there will be the head of an insect. With the help of clay vilaite beetle eyes, make the nose where you stick two thin branches are antennae.
  5. Fun toy ready!


Original vase with chestnuts will be a wonderful decoration of the interior, this piece will attract the attention of the guests and delight loved ones with unusual views. You can store donated flowers or a flower arrangement with dried plants – crafts on the theme of autumn then will look even more advantageous. For the implementation of the plans you will need a lot of chestnuts, glue, brown paint and a vase with a smooth surface.

Autumn crafts from chestnuts Vase

  1. Paint the vase brown paint to possible gaps between the chestnut trees were not evident. Allow it to dry.
  2. Take the glue. Apply a chestnut with flat sides, carefully slide orehovica seed to weight. Hold a few seconds for the glue came from.
  3. Continue to glue the vase. Try to make the distance between the chestnut trees was minimal.
  4. If desired, top the finished product with varnish. Can decorate a vase with twigs, berries of the mountain ash.
  5. A stylish piece of furniture is ready!


Mushrooms – this is a cute piece that can serve many purposes. Interesting crafts make great decorations in flower pots, but several of these things stacked in the basket-basket can brighten up any room in the house. Besides, along with children you can make an original three-dimensional picture, put the mushrooms and other products using chestnuts. To create the mushrooms will need a sharp knife and two fruit. How to make a original thing:

Children's autumn crafts out of chestnuts and Mushrooms

  1. Take the first chestnut. With a knife carefully remove the part of the crust with the flat side. Try not to break the edge so that the hat turned out beautiful.
  2. Knife, make the chestnut with the cut side of the recess, which will serve as a mount for future legs.
  3. Take the second fruit, clean it from the skin completely. Cut the pulp to the desired shape to the leg was suitable width for mounting and holding good. To make sure you can secure the two parts with glue.
  4. There is one secret that will help to preserve the beauty of your mushroom, to make crafts durable: it is transparent or white acrylic paint. Cover the surface of the leg, and even the space under the bonnet to chestnuts is not dark.


Topiary – a decorative tree, which will be a great decoration or gift to someone. It is believed that such decoration of home brings happiness. To the product turned out even more beautiful, you can use additional elements – twigs, acorns, ash, dry grass. What you will need to create a stylish topiary on the theme of autumn:

  • Dried chestnuts.
  • Acorns.
  • Corrugated paper.
  • Newspaper.
  • Tape or thread.
  • Durable stick for the trunk.
  • Melt.
  • The PVA glue.

Crafts from chestnuts on the theme of autumn Trees

How to make a tree:

  1. Make a Foundation that will serve for the manufacture of crown topiary. For this shape with the help of Newspapers thick layer, wrap well with tape. Instead of adhesive tape you can use threads.
  2. Attach the resulting basis for the future of the tree trunk with tape.
  3. Start to glue the melt chestnuts, moving from the trunk to the treetops. Use lots of glue to all elements of the composition firmly held.
  4. Between the chestnuts will be void. Largest hide using acorns.
  5. Take corrugated paper. Left empty space, fill it, stick material PVA.
  6. Optionally decorate the topiary with additional elements. Pick up any pot with a base for the barrel – and the beautiful thing is ready!


Funny chestnut animals make a cute decoration for preschool children they serve as toys. Interesting and looks cute rocking horse, which is created using orehovicki seed. You will need toothpicks or wooden skewers, thread, a few wooden beads and two chestnuts of different size. The tools used are scissors, awl. How to make a small toy:

Horse chestnuts with their hands

  1. Take two chestnut. One needs to be more for body, the other smaller for the head. To make the muzzle of the horse, use the highest flat chestnut. The fruit for the body, the opposite should be round or oval.
  2. Chestnut intended for the horse’s body, stick a needle in four places from the bottom using the awl – there will be the legs of the animal. Insert in the holes the toothpicks. Cut with scissors the edge, making them all the same size, so the horse was stand.
  3. Make a hole in the neck. Insert a toothpick. Place several wooden beads (preferably two).
  4. In chestnut for head too make a hole, place the fruit on the free end of the toothpick.
  5. Tie string with tassel. Make a hole for the tail. Insert the thread, tamping them with a needle.
  6. Make holes for the ears, put there short floss, and the top bead.
  7. Lovely horse ready!

Spider with web

To make a fun spider, you will need an awl, eight toothpicks, white and black clay, and another chestnut of the desired size. The insect will turn out cute, this toy will definitely appeal to children, even those who does not like robots. For the eye, instead of clay, you can use puppet – from old toys that are no longer needed. Then the insect will be even funnier. How to make a cute spider:

Children's crafts - Spider chestnut

  1. Take chestnut, which has a pronounced flat side – it will be the lower part of the calf.
  2. On the sides of the fruit make four holes with the awl.
  3. Take toothpicks and insert them into the holes. Slightly Adamite that the materials were similar to the real foot. Trim the toothpick to make the spider stood straight.
  4. Take white clay, make two circles, place them in a place where there should be eyes. Top attach the smaller circles to make pupils.
  5. To tightly fix the eyes, use a glue.


Ladybug solar bug, which will appeal to young children. To make the garland you will need black, white and red clay, single chestnut Board on which it will be convenient to work with the material, and the stack. Select fruit with a flat bottom, so that the insect was like himself. Step by step instructions on making ladybugs:

Ladybug chestnut for kids

  1. Top seal fruit clay red. Do this by smearing material on a surface. Leave a space where the head of the animal is not papered.
  2. For the open day, apply a black clay – this is the face of an insect.
  3. Fingers vilaite small black beads that will become future spots ladybugs. Sculpt as many items as you want to see on the body of the insect.
  4. Make a black strip of small width and length of about two centimeters. Place it on the space from head to end of back. A little press.
  5. With both sides of the strip, place balls, slightly press them with your finger. Do not place them symmetrically.
  6. For the eyes roll two white circles and two smaller black pupils. Put on the head of insects.
  7. The original hack is ready!

Video tutorials on creating crafts from chestnuts with their hands

The creation of products with the use of chestnut fruits – this is a great lesson. In schools such an event may be held to support the environment, while creating many things are only natural materials. So you can simple and fun to make original Handicrafts, skilled craftsmen handcraft create a step-by-step master-classes for free and post their videos on YouTube and other sources. In addition to the fruit, used a variety of materials – cardboard, paper, thread, beads, toothpicks, skewers. See some interesting videos instructions:

Cheerful caterpillar from chestnuts and plasticine in kindergarten

Master-class on making crafts about the autumn of chestnuts without clay

Autumn crafts for kids for school «Funny snail» chestnut

The «mushroom dog» from chestnuts, acorns and other natural materials

The song «Bunny and Fox» of chestnuts and cones for kindergarten

Photos ideas, children’s crafts on the theme of «Autumn» chestnut

The purpose of inventing chestnut products to children – develop kids imagination, improve fine motor skills, to include creative potential. Preschoolers are happy to plunge into work, coming up with new ideas for execution, embody their ideas. Below are a few pictures that illustrate children’s creativity. With the fruit of the chestnut tree the kids out truly lovely and beautiful job.

Kids crafts on the theme of autumn chestnut

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