Column with nakida hook

With hook and thread can be linked the original items from hats to dresses, sweaters. To create a unique product, it is important to master the skills of knitting, basic patterns, techniques of weaving, learn how to read a schematic. One of the most important and popular items is the column with nakida hook. His undoubted advantage of creating things takes less time, because the bar higher than classic, and the product fit faster. Using SSN (abbreviated name of the element), you can create amazing designs that will make a unique thing.

The stages of knitting of the column with nakida hook with photo

Learn to knit SSN is not difficult, especially if you have skills in crocheting. It is important to remember the sequence of how to perform and calculate the amount of runway. To create a masterpiece you will need:

  • The hook size depends on the yarn and the desired density of the weave. The denser the bone, the thicker is to choose the tool. Plays an important role and tool material, the better to give preference to metal or product made of plastic.
  • Thread, depending on personal preference and which product should be the result. Thick yarn obtained is dense, and sometimes even hemp, which is not very suitable for some products (for example, summer Panama, sundresses or t-shirts). Beginners who are just starting to learn, can get advice on choosing yarn from the consultants in the shops for a hobby or knitting.

Tools and materials for crochet

Phased implementation of columns with yo crochet:

  1. Any product starts with the weaving of a chain of air loops (VP). At this stage it is important to calculate their number – OP, which will promazyvaetsya of SSN, plus two elements of recovery.
  2. Hook throws one thread to make yo.
  3. Enter the tool in a third loop and extending through it to the thread. As a result of the manipulation tool it turns out 3 of the item.
  4. Through the first two loops are on the hook, stretch the thread connecting them. The result is two elements.
  5. Are finished two loops, stretching through them the thread – the first column ready.
  6. Similar knit one SSN within each VP.Step-by-step knitting CLO
  7. Before creating large-scale products need to link a trial version to see density of knit, tall.
  8. See the chart below below to find out more on technique SSN.

The execution scheme of SSN

A method of joining rows when knitting in a circle

Many products are made in the technique of knitting in a circle, an oval, and the needle raises the problem of how to connect the beginning and the end of the row, to be accurate, the loop is well kept, and the connection is not very conspicuous. In circular knitting can be used several ways dock series, the choice depends on the weaving technique and created things:

  • When knitting in a spiral, a new round begins with promazyvanie loop over the first column of the previous row. To stay and not lose the beginning, in the first loop should thread a different color or the pin.
  • For weaving in concentric circles, it is necessary to close the beginning and end of each row. To look carefully, observe the rules: it all starts with an air-lift loops (WFP), their number depends on the pattern of the weave, and ends with a connecting column which is promazyvaetsya at the top of the runway.
  • When the knitting rotary series, for connection to the connecting column of stitches on the runway. Further expand the work and continue knitting in the other direction.

The connection loops when crocheting in a circle

A column with two yo and more

To create things with openwork structure may be used a column with two yo (СС2Н) or more. When netting this comes a high loop, and the work itself has a loose texture. The order of execution:

  • To weave a chain with the required number of SNPs. Additionally knit into the 3 stitches of the instep.
  • On the hook, make a yo. Extend tool the fifth loop from the beginning and extend the string, then the hook will get four elements.
  • Are finished, all loops on the hook in pairs: the first two, then the other, until there is 1 loop.
  • Knit each cap in 1 СС2Н to the end of the row.
  • At the end of runway four are finished, unfold the work and continue knitting.

How to knit СС2Н

To make a column with a large number of nacidos (3, 4), it is important to consider some nuances:

  • To correctly calculate the number of loops rise. 1 yo need two WFP (2 – 4 runways, 3 to 6 VPP and so on).
  • Depending on the number of nakido, you must do a certain amount of negativni thread on the hook.
  • When using СС2Н turns delicate, loose texture of the product.

The technique of knitting front and back embossed columns

To the basic elements of crochet are embossed columns with SC. They are often found in weaving patterns of many products, so to see the technique of application is very important. There are two main types of relief SSN – concave (reverse) and a convex (front). Important: these items cannot be knit into the loops aerial chain, previous should be the number of SPES.


Step by step instructions to create a concave (reverse) a relief of columns:

  • It is based on the chain of VP with knit one row SSN.
  • Hook throws a working thread, bring instruments (right to left) on the reverse side, holding the element of the previous row. Threading the yarn creating a new loop that the tool was 3 loops.
  • Knit according to the scheme of weaving SSN to hook one loop.

How to make a concave relief column


Phased implementation the front (convex) columns:

  • To associate a chain of air loops. On the second row in each trip to purl to 1 SSN.
  • Begin the knitting of relief items: thread throws the hook, then enter from the front side under the SSN of the previous row. Use boot tool from right to left. Grab the thread and pull it, resulting in 3 loops.
  • Then weave as SSN – are finished the first two loops together, then 2 to 1 element.
  • Knit to the end of the series or to create a specific pattern (orientirueshsya the picture).

Weave convex relief column


You can get beautiful pattern, if you cross your SSN, provatas their crossover. Instruction execution:

  • Knit a chain of VP required length. Additionally are finished the two runways.
  • Knit to end of row columns with SC.
  • One loop to skip the following knit 1 SSN. Return to a missed trip and are finished column with nakida, cross over the elements.
  • Then weave under the scheme up to the end of the last loop are finished SSN.

Crossed posts with SC

Pattern with crossed bars used for knitting of many products. It can be blankets, jackets, dresses, sometimes they can be used to handle things, strapping edges. Looks like this picture very beautiful and original, and the technique is quite simple, work even for beginners in knitting. View videos with detailed description of performance crossed columns:

Useful tips

To crochet was a good thing, remember a few tips:

  • Need to stock up on plenty of yarn, which is enough for making things.
  • The choice of instrument should correspond to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Before operation, read the symbology on the diagram because many authors do not use the standard values.
  • Novice knitters often incorrectly begin and end rows, which leads to the contraction or expansion of the product. To avoid this, start knitting with the first loop of the base, and not elements of recovery.
  • When knitting art. s/n to do the first 2-3 loops of lift that the product looked smooth and neat.
  • If you create things using a specific pattern, control the correct sequence of promazyvanija elements. The pattern should be the same on both sides of the product.

Video: knitting unfinished columns with nakida scheme

In many schemes for crochet unfinished there are designations of columns with yo, which can be with the same base, but different vertices; a vertex and different bases. There are pictures in IOS have a common vertex and one institution of the hook. Using such schemes, you will be able to purl and lush SSN. Consider a few steps of weaving the unfinished columns:

  • To get started, knit a chain of VP required length.
  • To make the hook yo, enter it in the 5th loop of the previous row. The thread is drawn, the tool throws another line and two loops promazyvaetsya together. After that, the hook is two loops.
  • Making yo, enter the tool in the same loop and pull the thread. Again throw a working thread on the tool are finished and the two end loops together, leaving 3 items.
  • Repeat all again, end up on the hook there are four loops that promazyvaetsya together OP.
  • Skipping one loop of the previous row, repeat all the scheme.

Marking incomplete columns

Unfinished columns «tick»:

  • Knit a chain of VP.
  • Throws a thread on a working tool, inject the hook into the loop and pull the thread. All are finished according to the scheme of columns with yo.
  • Repeat the action, promazyvaya another SSN in the same loop of the previous row.
  • One loop is skipped, the next two are finished SSN.

Scheme nezavershenok SSN Tick

Unfinished columns with a common vertex and different bases:

  • Weave the chain of the EP are finished and two runways.
  • On the hook, make a yo and introducing it into the loop of the first row. Pull the thread and are finished the first two items.
  • Repeat the action, promazyvaya unfinished SSN in the next loop of the chain.
  • All items that are left on the hook are finished together EP.

This simple method of crochet will be able to master even girls who only join to this art. Despite the simplicity of execution, the result is beautiful patterns that adorn and complement any product crochet. Below more details to understand the technique of creating unfinished columns with yo, watch the video with detailed step by step description of this technique:

Video tutorial of how to crochet the column with nakida

Crochet – fun, by which is possible to get pleasure from the creative process and the chic thing created with their own hands. To learn how to make elegant products, it is important to learn the skills of working with crochet, learn symbols of elements on the diagram and methods of weaving. This may help in experienced girls-needlewomen, diagrams and video with detailed description of performance work. To see how is the column with nakida hook, learn the secrets of creating products, view a video lesson with detailed instructions:

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