Dog clothes DIY pattern

In inclement weather the people are wrapped in a warm, comfortable, waterproof clothes that are comfortable and conform to fashion trends. Loyal, faithful our smaller brethren – dogs – as much as we suffer from heat, wind. Being responsible for those who took the family and tamed, we care about four-legged friends, worrying about their health, well-being. Clothes for dogs with his own hands, patterns which are modelled on the parameters your pet warm in the cold, hide from the rain, and will accentuate stylish «outfit» pet.

Tips on clothes for dogs of different breeds

Quality patterns clothes for dogs largely depends on the correct sizing. Then the process of designing, modeling clothes with their hands will require perseverance, focus and skills of drawing. To move the pattern to the fabric will not be easy, but the main point at this stage will be the process of material selection. Don’t forget about the accessories: zippers, buckles, Velcro, ribbons and elastic bands present in the majority of models of clothes for dogs.

How to properly take measurements

The clothes created by his own hands, was sitting on the dog ideal along with the movement and not rubbing the skin – keep in mind the main rules of measurement of a pet:

  • All measurements are performed in a standing position.
  • For the settings were correct, and the pattern follows the contours of dog’s body, it is necessary to take measurements at widest points:
    • neck circumference is equal to the size of the collar;
    • chest circumference is measured directly behind the front legs;
    • back length is the distance from the withers to the base of the tail dog in a standing state.
  • Don’t forget to add 1 to 3 inches to the pattern when cutting the material: it will be seam and loose fit clothing.

The choice of material

The summer heat is not the best reason to dress up a pet dog in a variety of clothing. Let your four-legged friend to breathe and not overheat. Cool evening are perfect cotton, knitted shirts, t-shirts. Spring and autumn time brings the bad, rainy weather, so in time will be waterproof Bologna, plaschevka.

To the dog it was warmer wear underneath a jumper, a sweater knitted with your own hands, the threads of which the share of wool or cotton shall be not less than 40%. Natural or faux fur, fleece, synthetic winterizer (as the lining of the suit) will protect your pet from the cold and snow. Woolen fabric for coat, drape use for sewing pattern outerwear.

Building basic models for modeling and sewing

To every detail of the clothes for dogs with his own hands patterns which you will find or will be invented, perfectly seated on four-legged friend, you need patience and time:

  • Draw a rectangle with one side equal to the length of the garment.
  • Put the points corresponding to the measurements of the waist and the chest.
  • Then mark the width of the back, continuing the line of the pattern.
  • Divided into 2 equal parts, the width of the back, get the point of intersection, which measure 1/3 of the circumference of the dog’s neck.
  • Combining a semi-circle of a point obtained the neckline.
  • You then need to build a shoulder cut, calculate the size of the armhole for the front and rear legs of the dog.
  • Vykraivaya clothes with your hands, don’t forget to leave a cutout for the tail.
  • For the pattern sleeves you need to measure the length of each dog’s paws, volume – the bones of the upper joint.

Clothes for dog dress patterns and description of work

Dog clothes – not a whim of the glamorous ladies. Decorative kids – toy-Terriers, Yorkies, Chihuahua, Shorthair Dachshund, Pinscher and other dog breeds are highly susceptible to weather conditions. And what about now popular Chinese crested is a witty, fun and funny doggie, wool which is present only on the head, ears, tail and paws, and the body freezes.

Rain or snow, frost, strong wind can cause hypothermia small family pet. Warm clothing will protect in bad weather; elegant models emphasize exquisitely glamorous look of the dog. Treat yourself and a friend a small collection of clothes created by your own hands on the basis of patterns and patterns. The trends of the season 2015 in the world of dog fashion remain tartan fabric, materials with graphic prints. Want to create your own brightly coloured outfits? Posate clothes, her beloved dog developed a pattern making and cutting fabric according to the measurements of your pet.

So, the wardrobe of any self-respecting dogs, from Pekinese to German shepherd – should include:

  • Jumpsuit on a snowy freezing weather.
  • A lightweight option for off-season.
  • Waterproof suit.
  • The Cape/blanket.
  • A couple of knitted jumpers, hats.

Other outfits – summer t-shirts, shirts, dresses, skirts – is not a mandatory attribute of the life of the dog. The existence of fashion clothes summer wardrobe rather due to the desire of the owners to dress up the pet. Unusual, exclusive styles, casual suits for walking, dressy models, you can sew with your hands, using the patterns given below. Detailed step-by-step will explain the main things to focus on.

How to sew a jumpsuit for a Yorkshire Terrier

To sew with their hands for the dog breed Yorkshire Terrier this cute, cozy coveralls, you will need the basic measurements of your pet and quality material. The clothes are perfect on a cool dry weather. The pattern consists of 4 parts: the back, shelves, sleeves and collar. Bright, beautiful fabric, decorative elements – ruffles, satin ribbon adorn the model. Zipper is on the back of the garment. It will suit playful and naughty dogs who don’t like long dress.

Pattern jumpsuit for Yorkshire Terrier

The poponku for taxes

This dress would be worn by the dog of a hunting breed in the spring and autumn season. The structural features of the tax have advantages in hunting and in cold or rainy weather legs, lower torso, the ears quickly become wet, cold. The poponku – versatile garment offers freedom of movement. If the pet is not accustomed from childhood to wearing clothing made pattern with your own hands, will be the best option.

The form itself is simple, but to build it, you need to know the length of the back to the base of the tail and the volume of the chest under the front legs. Closure Velcro or buckles help to adjust the «fit». Cool time of year dogs in danger of hypothermia, and lightweight, made from natural fabrics – wool, cotton blanket, absorbs sweat, protecting the animal from rapid hypothermia in windy weather..

Pattern poposki for taxes

Stylish hooded jumpsuit for Chihuahua

These decorative lapdog – representatives of «special» caste and part of the tiniest dogs in the world. Bold, playful, they love walks, but often cold. Salopettes, made by hand the pattern in the photo, will increase the time of stay of Chihuahua on the street, and the hood protects from rain and wind. Zipper in the back helps you quickly fasten the clothing emphasizing the stylish look.

Pattern jumpsuit with hoodie for Chihuahua with his own hands

The pattern and the scheme of knitting sweaters spokes

Warm associated with their hands sweater for dogs will be an excellent variant of clothes in cool weather, but also serve as good service as undergarments under tights in the winter. Measure the neck girth and the body length of your pet from withers to tail. The first measurement you will need for the pattern neck and the second to determine the length of clothes. Stop the choice on strings containing at least 40-45% of the coat, so sweat easily absorbed and the dog to keep warm while Hiking.

The scheme of knitting clothes for dogs with his own hands

Elegant dress for small dog

Many Housewives attend various events – parties, receptions – with the Pets. Look beautiful, fashionable and trendy need not only the beautiful lady, but her dog. Airy tulle, tulle, decorated with sequins will be perfect for creating stylish dress patterns. Made by hand the pattern that corresponds to the size of a small cat, decorated with decorative elements, the dress will emphasize the glamorous style apparel, attracting worldwide attention to the hostess and her «girlfriends».

Pattern dress for small dog

The scheme of making shoes in the winter for your pet

To make Slippers for dog, you will need a tight, non-slip material. Modeling the pattern, measure the size of the paws of your pet: this is the base-sole. Pristrochite to her stockings of thinner fabric (the pattern for the hind legs should be a few cm above hock). It remains to sew the straps, clasps or Velcro in two places: above the paw on the upper edge of the Shoe. The winter version involves the use of warm, waterproof material for the shaft, a rubber or leather fabric for the soles.

The scheme of manufacturing shoes for the dog with their hands

Bilateral warm jumpsuit for dogs large breeds

To protect the dog from wind, cold, rain or snow will help to warm coveralls, sewn by their hands. Winter version of the pattern involves the presence of warm upper layer of fabric (drape, cashmere) and internal insulation (fur, fleece, flannelette). Form is convenient because depending on weather conditions, a jumpsuit worn both one and the other side out.

The pattern of bilateral overalls for dogs

Video tutorials sewing clothes for dogs for beginners

Designer collections of clothing students fashion styles and trends, annual screenings – not fiction. More and more pet stores offer pet owners a diverse selection of clothing for all occasions. Time the quality of the collections is far from ideal and standard size, color, fit not impress the owners of dogs and cats. Sew or tie their hands exclusive models, investing great love and affection to the dog.

To accelerate the simulation process will help the standard patterns, which can be easily found on the Internet. Then «wing» the pattern on the size of the pet. With your hands, you will be able to create clothes for dogs, worthy of the title «masterpieces of high fashion»: light t-shirts and blankets, warm winter overalls, and elegant sweaters. Watch our video tutorials, you will learn all about the intricacies of designing, sewing or knitting clothes for four-legged friends.

Detailed tutorial on sewing a shirt for your pet

How to sew a vest from a sweater for the Terrier

Master class on sewing tops

Festive dress for small dog

Photo of fashion clothes for dogs with his own hands

Famous designers, world-famous fashion designers have not paid attention to Pets. A traditional Polo, sweatshirts, warm coats feature exclusive Zoo collection Ralph Lauren 2015 fashion dresses, stylish suits, coats offers dog owners this season Vivienne Westwood; and the extravagant clothing from Roberto Cavalli will not leave your pet unattended. Get new ideas of creating with your own hands clothing for dogs, remaining in the trend of Pet Fashion, you can view a selection of photos from fashion shows:

Fashion clothes for dogs with his own hands

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