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New Year – the most anticipated holiday for children and adults, because at this time a miracle can happen, a miracle. Special atmosphere, holiday mood in the air long before 31 December. People begin to prepare for the holiday in advance, do crafts with your hands, because I need the time to prepare gifts, decorate the house and to cook something tasty. And add to it with anxious expectation, will help to own related toys on the Christmas tree. Knit Christmas toys, crochet interesting, because just a few hours get a nice and beautiful peace of decoration for the New Year. Popular today became the Japanese art of making cute crochet toys, and it’s called amigurumi. Watch this master class and make sure to create such toys amigurumi is not difficult.


Make a beautiful thing with your hands very difficult, you need only patience and detailed master class will be a good guide to needlework. Anyone who in childhood read the good book by A. Gaidar «Chuk and GEK», just remember how you guys made Christmas decorations with their hands. It was a rag doll, animals, paper flowers, embellished with silver paper cones… the kids really liked the lesson and caused a lot of positive emotions. Even more will appreciate crocheted toy created by your own hands.

Snowman topper on a Christmas tree

Easy and beautiful toy that is associated with their hands warm in the most severe frosts. Interesting patterns will help to make it quickly and easily. This master class will learn to associate fun Snowman for the New Year, the size of 25 cm And if it is easy to fill padding polyester or acrylic and attach the thread, then you can safely use on the Christmas tree.


You’ll need acrylic yarn in white, blue, Burgundy, tan, and red colors. Knit snowman need a hook, and the best in this case tool number 3. Also toy need glasses, and for fixing the glue gun(or other glue). For filling – batting. Here’s a simple set of tools and materials needed in order to tie in the New Year the original toy in the technique of amigurumi with your own hands.

Job description


The snowman will fit the pieces of what recounts a master class. First weave the torso from blue and white yarn, then the head, legs, hands and clothes for the Snowman. Work starts traditionally for all the toys amigurumi – crochet ring. Start knitting with blue yarn.

1.: to tie the ring amigurumi: score 5 loops (VP) and wrap them into a ring;

2.: knit columns without nakida (article W/n) without additions;

3-6 G.: in every third loop to make allowance;

7-9 g.: knit art. b/n without of increases;snowman 1

10: go to the white yarn and knit St. b/n.

snowman 2

11-16 g.: art. b/n;

17: in every third column to cut a loop;

18.: without additions;

19-21 G.: in each of the second loop to do the reduction. At this stage the torso amigurumi is filled with synthetic padding.

snowman 3

22-23 g: to reduce the loop to lock the thread and finish knitting. Master-class of creating for the body of the Snowman is finished, now it is the turn of other elements. It’s hard to see a beautiful toy for the New Year in this billet, but it’s a start.


1. to start knitting your head should be the same as the torso, that is, to tie the ring amigurumi out of 5. p.;

2.: knit without of increases;

3.: every third article. b/n to make an allowance;

G. 4: as second row;

snowman 5

5: repeat the circuit 3 of the series.

6-10 G.: knit without the addition of loops;

11: a third loop to reduce to 1 column;

12.: cut loop in each second loop;

13.: in each loop make obuvki. Fix the thread and trim it. The Snowman’s head ready.

snowman 6


1: legs knitting white yarn. Dial 4. p. and to conclude in the ring.

2.: knit art. b/n, making no allowances;

3-4: in every third loop add 1 tbsp. s/n;

snegovik 7

5-7 g: no additions;

8.: to reduce one loop in each fifth;

9.: like the previous one. Only cut every third loop;

10.: no benefits;

11-12 G.: to finish the knitting as described above.

The same scheme of knitting the second leg of the Snowman.

snowman 8


1: starting hand to build mittens. For this you will need yarn Burgundy color. Hook to dial 3. p. and merge them;

2: tie 3 tbsp. b/n;

3.: in the first column add 1 tbsp. b/n and continue to knit without of increases;

G. 4: same as row 2;

5.: knit in a circle, and in the place where there should be your thumb, you have to get a chain of 5 V. p., then hook to stretch the thread in next loop and continue to knit in a circle;

snowman 9

6-7 g.: no benefits;

8-13 G.: a white thread knit in a circle without additions. Get the hand that must be filled with padding polyester;

15-16 g.: to reduce one loop in row, fasten thread and cut.

Description this scheme to use to create the second handle Christmas toys.

snowman 10


New item toy is the nose. For the Snowman’s nose is an ordinary carrot. Master class her knitting to take the yarn reddish color, to dial a chain of 3. p. Knit in a circle, and at the end, cut the loop, giving the nose the shape of a carrot. Fill with synthetic padding detail.

snekvik 14



1: black yarn to dial a chain of 4. p. and enclosed in a ring;

2. make 4 tbsp. b/n;

3-4: in each of the third loop to make allowance;

5 g: white knitting yarn art. b/n;

snowman 11

6 p: so St. b/n, but only yarn Burgundy color;

7.: in every third column to make allowance;

8.: white thread art. b/n in a circle, making no allowances;

9 g: Burgundy knitting yarn as a row No. 6;

10.: no benefits to do art. b/n. Fill cap synthetic padding.

Caps are left to make a pompom, but not crochet. For the manufacture of POM-POM with your hands you need to cut a circle with a hole in the center through which to wind the white yarn on the circle. A wound thread is cut, and lock the thread the part of the POM-POM inside the cardboard circle. Remove the cardboard, and stick the pompom to the hat.snowman 12


Scheme of the scarf are as obvious as the previous ones. Crocheted using maroon thread dial 4. p. I associate the strip with a length of 20 cm White yarn to make fringe, that is to drag her to the ends of the scarf.

snowman 13

Straps for pants

Such an interesting knitted straps for pants look original. They need a hook to score 15. and tie p. art. b/n on one side. On New Year’s Snowman is almost ready, just do not forget to make another strap. And then it will be no less interesting patterns crochet toys.

snowman 15


A master class with a detailed description in this case is not needed, because everything is clear without words. Hook to dial a chain of 4. p. and wrap them into a ring. The thread to secure and trim. Buttons should be 2.


Toy for the New year is almost ready, more details for her. Further, the scheme of knitting not needed, because you have to collect the knitted items. Crochet at this stage, too, do nothing – you need a glue gun. First, we need to stick to the torso straps, then the straps — buttons. Christmas toy takes on a more finished look, now we have to head to glue the hat, nose, eyes, torso, legs and arms. Master-class on making amigurumi for the New Year can be completed. By the way, to replace the cotton batting is not recommended because wool has the property of cake, and a beautiful Christmas toy will quickly lose its appeal. Snowman, bound their hands, and ready to attach the string, it will decorate the Christmas tree. Knitting Christmas decorations is interesting, exciting and useful.

snowman 16

Toy-suspension «Elka»

A bump on the tree

The bell on the Christmas tree

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