Christmas decorations crochet for home and hobby

The new Year is always associated with snow, festive bustle, the variety of gifts, home decor, and, of course, the tree. Without it can not do any new year’s celebration. Decorate the green beauty loved by both adults and children. Knitted Christmas decorations are used for this ritual on a par with glass balls, sweets, garlands and strands.

The idea is to hang on the Christmas tree charm jewelry is not new. You may recall the characters of the cartoon «Prostokvashino» or heroes Chuck and Huck, devised by Gaidar, narezushi tree soft toys, old clocks and other products. Who first had the idea to create knitted Christmas products hard to say. But it has successfully taken root in our days, the fashion of Christmas ornaments made by the hook, is gaining popularity from year to year. It is not surprising, because they have a number of advantages which set them apart from classic mass ornaments.

Fashionable and economical hobby

Fashion knitting is now in full swing. And it concerns not only things, but also accessories for home and holiday. Following the fashion, hook in hand take not only experienced masters but also ordinary women who want to do with your hands something unusual and interesting. Options toys on the Christmas tree, which vary in difficulty making the weight. For inexperienced knitters is simple to implement products. For knitting does not need honed skills. On the contrary, making Christmas decorations, you can gain experience in handling the hook.

Stores before the holiday the full holiday-themed goods. Bright Christmas balls, shiny garlands beckon you to buy them and bring home the joy of waiting for the New year. But it is not always possible to spend money on an attractive trinket. Connected home, new product is always exclusive and most importantly, economical. At its creation, as a rule, do not need to spend additional funds. All you need can be found among the things for needlework. Your tree every year is to dress in a new outfit.

Another plus knitting toys on the Christmas tree crochet – utilization of yarn left over from other large projects. Any seamstress after another masterpiece remain small Hanks of thread. Of them and you can knit items for the holiday beauties. Small balls of different colors and types of yarn are perfect for this.

Flight of fancy

Making new knitted Christmas decorations, you are not limited in anything. The size, shape and color will depend on your preferences. To create trinkets need a tool for knitting, yarn, the desire to create and fantasy.

Decorating the tree can make flat or three-dimensional. Skates, caps, socks, Christmas tree is only a small part of possible variants of products. These images are inextricably linked to winter and so to the New Year.

Voluminous knitted ball can be done using padding or scraps of fabric, filling it with these materials. Another option is to use a wire frame. Volume can be not only Christmas balls, but also bells, stars, candies, cones, various animals, cartoon characters and so on.

In addition to toys on the Christmas tree for the New Year, you can crochet doilies, snowflakes, garlands, candle holders and other additions to the interior. Such decorations will make the comfort in the room and once again let me remind you about the approaching holiday.

Creating knitted knick-knacks that you are not restricted to threads. Also use beads, ribbon, foil, wire and other materials for decoration and give the desired shape of the product.

An original Christmas composition

Under the evergreen tree you can find not only gifts. Grandfather frost, snow maiden, snowman and a fabulous house, to crochet, will make an original Christmas song next to the beautiful forest. It will not only create an atmosphere of a magical night, but will catch the attention of guests. Your skills will be appreciated.

A second life for old toys

Tying old balls laced with a cobweb – another way to update the Christmas closet. Glass and plastic balls, tarnished by time, scratched, peeling paint and erased the drawing can be updated, «dressed» in lace outfit, made a hook from a contrasting thread. So they will look elegant and beautiful.

The festive mood

Crochet Christmas toys helps to plunge into the tale, creates a festive mood. Starting with their hands to make Christmas accessories, you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic, and will wait for the New year with the same impatience as a child. Your positive emotions are transferred to all the family that ensures a happy holiday. Besides, connected independently, the product will have a special energy of home comfort and to fill its space.

Craft with the whole family

The new year is a family holiday, so the Christmas knitting crafts you can connect children. The older girl can do to try to make a simple Christmas tree ornament. With children of younger age it is possible for the pictures to select those products that you will be doing. The choice of color for the future product is also quite feasible task for little helpers. Then they look and will oversee their creation.

Decorate with crocheted detail not only the tree, but the keys or bag, hang on to them for a new year’s accessory. Due to this, your look is guaranteed to turn into a holiday. In addition, a knitted thing would be a good gift for friends and relatives.

Knitting Christmas toys – fashion and does not require large funds capture. It helps to unite the family, to spend time and gear up for the occasion. To make the New Year a unique and unforgettable event possible with their hands!

How to tie a Christmas toy?

Knitting Christmas tree ornaments is not difficult. For example, try to associate this wonderful tree!

It is possible to associate the bell, the circuit is not too difficult.

Now a lot of videos on how to knit these toys. We offer you to familiarize yourself with some of them.

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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