How to knit baby socks knitting with diagrams and descriptions

Baby socks can be linked using knitting patterns socks for adults. Only need to adjust the number of loops. It’s easy and available even for beginners craftswomen. Knitted children’s socks with needles schematic description provided in this article to help you tie beautiful and warm socks for the children. When knitting multi-colored socks is very important when you weave to avoid long-broaches – they will cling to the fingers of the child.

Knitted socks for a little boy

The proposed step-by-step master class for novice knitters will help you to knit a simple, but comfortable and warm baby socks knitting. The selected combination of colors is arbitrary, focused on the boy, if desired, the yarn colour can be changed to knit socks for the girls using the same master class.

Calculation and manual for boy 12-18 months.

You need to:

  • yarn of two colors: green and white, only 50g;
  • SP. No. 3.


  • gum: 1l. х1изн.;
  • . goal.: during circular knitting all loops.

Master class

To gain 32P. and distribute the work for 4 SP. VIVASAN green yarn around a rubber band 25R., change yarn to white.

Provatas 2R., start vyvazhivanii heel. This 1/2 for all p, that is 16 pieces of moving one SP. and work only with them. Knit 10p. . goal. Then conditionally divide all the loops into three parts – 5,6,5 p. Knit 11n. L. the Last loop. are finished with the first clause of the extreme parts. Turn the knitting and Phi. knit 6P. Again turn the work and knit to 6 years old, first and last promazyvaya together with the adjacent loops of the first and last parts. Continue until the spokes will not remain 6P.

We came out fifth. Then side article recruited through 5P. – will shape the recovery. For children eighteen months to two years 5P. it is usually sufficient. But, if a baby has a very high instep, then you can increase the number of p.

Go to circular knitting. To socks for children was not only warm but also beautiful, alternating color, In General knit of 18. and begin knitting the toe. For this there are various schemes. Our master class offers first 2 p. of each SP. to purl together 1P. When the needles will remain 8P., interrupts the thread, extend it through the remaining p., contractible, we deduce at the end of Phi. article and fasten.

Knit second sock the same way. Socks for kids is ready! For older children, about two years can be based on the same scheme, just a sock to knit a little longer.

Pointelle socks for baby

Yellow socks for girls (age – 2 years.)

Baby socks can make not just beautiful, and very original! This is especially true of socks for girls. We offer you to associate socks for your little fashionista.

Calculation and schematic for age eighteen months to two years.

You need to:

  • h/W yarn – 50g, 95m to 25g;
  • SP. No. 3.


  • gum х1изн 1l.;
  • . goal.: during circular knitting of all p.–.;
  • jagged edge: in the entire series, alternate 2P. along K1. 1 nakida.
  • the pattern «Laced diamonds»: on the scheme. Twin city knitting L. p. Rapport — 16R. in height.

Density knitting. goal.: 30p to 40P. = 10cm by 10cm.


Socks begin, starting with a decorative edge. Recruited 42п. arrange them on the needles – 10,11,10,11 p.

1st and 2nd R.: K. Gol.;

3R.: gear cu.;

3rd, 4th, 5th G. K. Gol.;

6, the elastic 1l. х1изн.

Associate 3cm in the last R. on SP. with 11 p. reduce by 1P. We have a total of 40п.

Then go to the pattern «Laced diamonds». To associate with knitting needles 8 pattern, go to L. surface. Then continue using the classical scheme of vyvazhivanija socks – see the previous master class. Linking 6cm after five, to begin the descent to the bowl. At the toothed edge of the socks to make podvorot and hem.

Children’s socks «Bee»

Cute ankle socks suitable for both girls and boys. Calculations for children 4-5 years.

You need to:

  • Ave mixed composition (200m per 100g) brown, white, and orange.;
  • SP. No. 3.


  • gum: 2n х2изн.;
  • K. Gol.: when knitting round – all clause.


Start white. For children’s socks for a child of 4-5 years need to dial 40п. Go to circular knitting 4 SP. Linking 6P. gum, go to K. goal. 3 – knit pattern.

Then are finished white St. 2 G. K. Gol. Usually this height is enough for child’s feet 4-5 years. If desired, you can repeat the pattern one more time for height. Then proceed to vyvazhivanii heel using a master class for the first model of this article. The alternation of colors – see photo. Forming the heel, return to the circle. knitting. Every 3P. replaceable color. Linking 9cm, knit toe – see description above. Foot girls are usually smaller than boys, so the lengths are approximate. It is better to measure your foot and calculate the desired number of rows.

Easy method of knitting socks on two needles

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