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in recent years, many holidays, there are a lot of accessories, made by hand, from a private crochet: New year, birthday, March 8, February 23, Easter. Traditional crocheted Easter eggs, chickens, Chicks, eggs. Tie chicken openwork crochet is very interesting. It will create a festive atmosphere and will decorate any interior of the house. Chicken crochet diagram and description in our article.

How to connect openwork chicken

In order to associate a gentle hen will need a thin cotton thread is white, a little red, hook of suitable size (usually a 1.00 or 1.25), two small black beads for eyes.

In the hook you will use the following types of loops: air columns with two yo, and connecting columns.

To start knitting from the head chicken.

Dial crochet 5 air.p and connect them in a ring, then do 3 loops rise. Then in the hole to bind 9 St with one nakida. Go to the next row. Start with 4-Gvozd.p, and two columns with two SC in the same loop. Then for each next column to knit three pieces. with 2 yo. A total of 30 Palecek. The thread is secure, trim.

To make a second one exactly the same circle, only the thread not to end. To attach to the obtained circle of the first manufactured part and sew them up binding columns in a circle, but not completely, leaving on each side for 8 loops. The thread does not snap off, and the hook to continue.

Continue to knit in pattern. Here is a diagram:

In the first row to crochet in each loop column with two yo. A total of 16 pieces.

2nd row. Make 3 pet.the rise and another who.p. Now under each loop to associate a column with one nakida, alternating between the air loop.

3rd number to start with 4 pet.rise. From this loop the reason to associate a column with two yo, to bind 2 tbsp. p. With bottom air.loops of the previous row to knit on two columns with two acidemia 2. p. So to do until the end of the row.

4th R. Again link 4 pet.under. and 2 tbsp. of p. Now at the bottom. n the previous row to do a three PT 2 yo. Crochet in this pattern until the end of the row.

5-th p. 4 p. in, for the same reason to purl 2 St. with two NAK., 2. p. continue to knit columns with air.Pat the bottom of ryadochek. Three column with 2 SC and 2 St. n. — to repeat this combination three time.

Now knit the base for the future tail chicken. It will be posted on the following eight air the loops of the previous row. With each associate so — *three of article 2 of the NAC 2возд. loop* . Repeat this sequence 8 times. To finish, a number — two. p., three tbsp. with 2нак. Secure the Thread, trim and hide the tip.

Scheme knitting chicken tail

Attach the thread to the place where he began vyvazhivanija grounds for tail hen, that is, those two hanging loops located in front of kompleksnom between a pair of the three columns. Knitting scheme crochet:

1st row loop from one of the 3 columns with two NAK., 2 air.n, complex *3, St with 2 NAK from one loop of the base, between 2 air.p, over 3 St with 2 NAC*. Repeat from * to * 3 times (complex #1). Then, focusing on the scheme, to knit in loops and between the complexes. Module to crochet from one loop 2 tbsp. with 2 yo, 2 air.n, 2 tbsp. with 2 NAC. (module #2). Then knit twice complex #1, once the module #2 and three times complex #1. Finish number two who.Pat and three columns, with 2 NAC out one petelicki.

2nd g to start with a trio of article 2 of the NAC, to make 2. p. and link Complex #1 between a pair of VP last line. All of these systems should get 10 pieces. Terminate the string at the beginning of this g — 2. p. three pieces with two tbsp. of the NAC.

3rd G. the Following two rows to crochet only ordinary columns and air.p. Columns to do under the arches of the previous row, and between the complexes. In total there should be 21. Divide them by five air pet.

4-th line similarly, the third knit. Columns placed under the arches and to separate them five V. p.

5th row. It is necessary to focus on the schema. You need to purl into the Module from one of the loops, consisting of eight PT 2 of NAC. Moreover, between the pair of columns to associate peak. The peak — atomania 5. n of one loop of the base. Such peak should be three things on each module and of the modules necessary to make the hook 9 pieces. It is advisable to constantly peek in the presented scheme, in order not to get lost in the knitting.

Home crochet delicate openwork chicken is done. Now you need to take thread red color and make the chicken’s comb and beak.

Schematic design of head chicken

As can be seen from the figure, for the manufacture of combs you need to connect the red thread to the fifth Conn. loops on the head of a chicken, tie * 1 SC, then 5 pieces with one nakida*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times and finish with one SC.

The beak of the chicken fit simple Ctbn. Connect the red lead from the opposite side of the head to the third unit.the loop and make two Conn. loops 4 SC. To deploy the knitting and make 3сбн, turn again — 2 SC, end with 1 stbn.

It remains to sew one black bead on the head. Beautiful Easter chicken is ready!

chicken 7

Now you need a chicken to starch. Suitable as a sugar syrup. The product should hold in the solution, and then dried in air at room temperature in a suitable mold.

You can make several of these openwork beauties crochet. The filaments may optionally be combined.

chicken 8

And you can make colored chickens.

chicken 9

If you put a chicken inside an Easter egg and give a gift with near and dear people, then they will not remain indifferent.

Easter Chicks: video master class

Chicken for Easter: video MK

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