Cap toe mens with diagrams and description for beginners

Knit cap toe for diagrams and descriptions

Cap toe appeared not so long ago. These fashionable hats are very popular among young people. But time does not stand still, and already more Mature men use fashionable images of young boys. A model of the caps to tie and crochet is quite simple. Patterns for knitting using the most simple, so that even beginner knitters to associate it with their own hands is not difficult. It is worth noting that in order to make it look like a cap toe scheme of knitting — its length should be at least 30 centimeters for an adult. If you are knitting her crochet, it should start is from the top.

How to calculate the number of stitches for the hat read in this article.

Blue cap toe and crochet

You will need:

  • wool blend yarn blue or blue (200 m/100g.) — 1 skein;
  • spokes №4;
  • hook (hook will pull the top).

Size: 58-59.


Associate it with your own hands is so simple that a diagram is not needed. Recruited 90 loops spokes №4 and knit purl stitch six rows and six rows elastic 1 × 1. So we alternated until the desired height of the hat. Such a model fit in length than conventional caps. Loops that remain on top we charge a hook. Further, the scheme is — join cap rear seam and a little contractible. The beanie is ready!

Hat simple sock pattern

You will need:

  • one hundred percent wool is 1 of the ILO.;
  • hosiery needles 5 mm and 6 mm

Size: head circumference 48 cm

Description of the scheme and

Knitting needles the basic pattern. The number of loops multiple of six and 2 lifting.

1, 3 — 2. p., *p. L. 4, 2 of.Pat.* repeat until end of row

2, 4 g — 2 L. p., *4. p. 2 L. p.* repeat until end of row

A 5.7-g — 3 L. p. 2. p, *4 l. p, 2 of.Pat* repeat until end.row 3 L. p.

A 6.8 — 3. p, 2 l p, *4, 2 l. n* repeat to end.line 3. p.

Begin knitting. On hosiery needles 5 mm we recruited 104 loops and knit facial loops two ryadochek. The next four rows of knitting needles elastic 1×1. I take the needles 6 mm and knit the basic pattern (8 rows) until hat height is 19 centimeters from the edge of the knitting.

Then knit the decrease in the following way.

1 — 2 loops are finished together as of.p. *4 L. p., 2 pet and how.Pat. * repeat to end of row.

2 g — 1 L. p., *4. p., 2 pet and together as a people. Pat. * repeat to end of row.

3 g — 1. p., *1 L. p., 2 loop stitches together as facial, 1 L. pet., 1.Pat.* repeat to end of row.

4 g — 1 L. p., *3. p., 1 man. p. * repeat until end of row.

5 G. — 2 loops are finished along center stitch, *1 izenave.Pat., 1 headphon.p. 2 pet together and facial.Pat. * repeat to end of row and finish with 1. p., 2 pet. together people.

6 G. — 1 izenave.Pat., *1 facial.Pat., 2 Phi.Pat.* repeat until the con number and finish 1 L. p., 1. p.

7 G. — 1. Pat., *P1.Pat., 2 facial.Pat.* repeat until the con number and finish 1 L. p., 1. p.

8 R — 1 purl together, *2 purl loops together as purl* repeat to end of row.

9 — *2 stitches together inside* repeat to end of row.

Then the standard scheme — loops are left to tighten and to connect the hat side seam.

Cap-toe video master class

Designer cap diagram and description

And these two hats were knitted on the same description, but different yarn.

How to wear cap toe

A cap toe will complement any style, so let’s see how to wear cap toe.

Like any other element of your image, it should come up to your looks. The key here will be the face shape, structure shape, and other factors.

Cap toe a fine knit can be worn even in summer, as a complement to the image. Well such a thin beanie will look great with shorts, breeches, or jeans combined with a shirt or t-shirt under the unbuttoned shirt. Now this image is very fashionable.

Her designs can be worn in different ways to pull it up to the eyebrows, raise, opening the forehead and releasing the bangs. The top can be tucked inside or left hanging around.

As you can see this model is very versatile. They can be worn in different ways, you can knit or crochet. Be sure to try to link it with their hands.

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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