Fashion women’s crochet hat with a POM-POM of lush columns

Crochet hat, knitted embossed columns, is very dense, and at the same time soft. Perfect for cold weather.

Hat with lush columns

We will need:

  • Hook No. 6 for rubbers, No. 7 for mating lush columns
  • Yarn 300 grams of two colors (e.g. pink, grey), it should be fine, will knit 8 threads!


PP – air loop

SC – St without nakida

CH – St-K with stitches

PP – connecting St-K, polost-without nakida

PSH – lush St-K

Twist – several of article with a single vertex

* the item marked with asterisks, repeated a specified number of times


How to calculate the number of stitches for the hat read in this article. Recruited the initial chain of 7 VP, plus 1 VP ascent. This element is knit into its back loop crochet work not under 2 «strings» loops, but only one, which is available from us on.

Skip 1 loop, the second loop from cu-ka to the end of the lines are finished SC (6 SC), 1 VP lift, turn knitting.

2 and subsequent rows: SC in each SC around loop (6 SC). To make a flat edge of the gum, the last column are finished in a VP rise of the previous ryadochek. Continue to knit as long as the girth isn’t for you, just on the head. In this case, this part of the cap consists of 32 scars.

Now connect the rubber band. To make the seam invisible, on each side, grab half of a loop and associated with PP.

The header

Now up from the gum knit lush bars. One wale — one of PH’s.

The initial PH: enter 3 VP – they will be in PN, then *yo, introduce cu to the rubber band and pull the loop to the height of the initial 3 VP* — repeat 3 times in same loop. Now take crochet thread and extend through all loops on the CD-ke. Now the PP are finished, thereby completing PN.

All subsequent lush bars do that *yo + elongated loop* — repeat 4 times, finish by using PP.

At the end of round join current column with the top of the first PN with PP. All subsequent rows PSH crochet not in the loop, and in the gaps between the article of the previous row.

Begin to Twist to do 4 R do according to the scheme: *PSH 2, PSH twist* — repeat to end of round. First, PH 2, and then reduce PH. That is, the first article is not complete PP, but first give the following article, and then both eyelids. complete emergency. Get 2 of the article with a single vertex.

R5: *1 HP, twist the PN* — repeat to end of round. Introduce gradient – model 2 strings on gray

P6: PSH every space between the columns of the previous row. The amplified gradient – add 3 more gray strings

P7: *twist 2 CH* — that is, 3 CH with one top – reducible by this method until the end of the round.


Pompom make a standard way. Fold 2 pieces of cardboard, cut out a large circle with a diameter of 9.5 cm, and inside the circle a small circle. Then evenly winding the yarn to make a loop.

Now between the cardboard insert the scissors, and all the edges of the cut threads. Then in the middle of all the threads pull very hard, tie tight. Where uneven – trim with scissors. Sewn to the cap.

Hat ready! You can still experiment with the number of threads, size of hook, width of bands and even add more rows of lush columns to «pull» the cap.

a few models similar knit:

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