Knitting needles beautiful Bolero for girl — 3 models from schematic and description

To associate such a necessary thing, as a Bolero, can be in different ways. It can be warm – in this case, yarn to work you need to choose wool. But if you want to link openwork Bolero for girl spokes – then the threads need to choose h/b, fine. That was the model we consider in this article.

Openwork Bolero for a little girl

The model is calculated in two sizes – for ages 3 years and 5 years.

To work you need:

  • x/W fine (50g/215м) yarn -150 (200)g;
  • direct SP. No. 3;
  • circular SP. n 3.

Used patterns:

The front surface of the odd rows – facial., even – purl loops;

Garter expanse – series headphon. loops.

Openwork pattern

Start with the inside.

1P.: *P1., 1 yo, 11., 1N.* — repeat to end of row, P1.

2P. and all the pairs: 1., *5 persons., 1 double broach, 6. — entire line.

3R. and 5P.: *P1., 1N., 5 people., P1., 5 people., 1 n* — the entire row, P1.

7R.: *P1., 5лиц., P1., 5 people., P1.* — the whole series.

Policy knitting openwork knitting

For option Bolero jacket for girl 3 years:

– front, back, and the sleeves are linked using schema: vivasyan, repeating the rapport between the two *. Finish loops after the second *.

For option Bolero for girl 5 years:

– sleeve tie using schema: vivasyan, repeating the rapport between the two *. Finish loops after the second *;

— before communicating, repeating the rapport between the two *. Finish loops after the second* A;

— back to start with 1., then tie the loops before the first *, repeat rapport between the two *. Zakanchivaem the string loops after the second * and 1 person.

In the height of the report pattern is 8 rows.

Density knitting openwork: 29пет.=10cm

Job description

The right half of the front of the Bolero for girl

Dial 123 (127)and p. knitting needles 1(5)p. garter pattern, 121п. openwork, 1P. garter pattern. Provatas 8P. pattern, go to. surface. Knit into the 4P. To move the first 78п. additional spoke — this is the strap that ties behind. Continue to knit knitting the remaining 45(49)p. using openwork pattern.

For neck wraps make the twist using scheme: received 4 cm total height of the canvas, each 4-m p. 15(17) times the third and fourth loops are finished one.

For armholes capes make a twist using scheme: received 7(8,5)cm total height of the canvas, close to 6P. And then in the even rows to subtract 3 times in 1P.

Povezav of 17.5 (20)cm close the remaining 21(23)p. – this is the shoulder.

Left half of the front knit mirrored, using the same scheme.


To dial 87(95)item and execute spokes 1(5)p. garter pattern, 85п. – openwork, 1(5)p. garter knit. After 8P., to purl 4 rows. goal., then knit openwork. Viveza 7(8,5)cm begin to make obuvki for the armholes. With both sides close at 6P. Then in every even row on both sides three times to reduce by 1P. Viveza the desired height of the part (see the scheme), close to shoulder seams 21(23)Central p. 27(31)p. reserve for the neck.


Recruited 63(69)p. and associate спицами1(4)p. garter pattern, 61p.pattern, 1(4)p. again, the garter pattern. Provyazat 8, openwork, operated by 4P. . goal., next knit openwork knitting. Provatas 4cm from the beginning of the work, both sides make a symmetric increase in each 6P. twice add 1P. Viveza 6(7)cm overall height, closed on the two sides at 6P. For registration eyed symmetrically diminish sleeves 16(18) times in even-numbered rows of 1P. The remaining 23(25)p. close.


Perform shoulder seams. On the spokes with fishing line transplanted 78п. right zavyazochki the front, next, type 60(64)p. on the right neckline, move 27(31)p. backless recruited 60(64)p. on the left neck, move 78п. left zavyazochki. All the loops are finished 1P. facial, then 1P. garter. knots 301(313)p. openwork, 1P. garter. uz. Running 6 lines, closed loops. Shivam other joints. They need a little steam to make the product look neater. Knitted Bolero jacket for girls ready!

Model for spring: video master class

Bolero for girl 2-3 years old: video master class

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