Bib crochet 8 patterns for women description, schematics, MK

8 models bibs crochet

Delicate and airy, warm and tight – knitted, crochet bib will emphasize style, good taste and personality of its owner. Today’s master class will show you how to quickly and correctly associate some kind of jewelry in just one evening, even if You just recently learned how to work with this tool.

Scarf-bib for beginners

We will need:

  • yarn (100% Alpaca, 100 grams to 263 meters) color a 1 skein, color, 1 skein;
  • hook № 3,75;
  • knitting needle;
  • 3 studs;
  • 3 buttons.

This bib crochet is calculated on the amount neck 33 (35,5, 38, 42, 45,5) see

The density of knitting: 21 x p. 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Scheme openwork strapping


A rectangular portion

Dialed the color yarn And chain of 26. p..

1 g (PP): 1 kg. without n. 2nd p. from the CD. and within each SL. p. chain = 25 p. returned.

G. 2: 1. p. C. B. without back, turn.

Repeat 2nd R. up to the length 39, 42, 44,5, 49,5, 52) see

The holes for the buttons

1: 1. p. C. B. without back SL. 8 sec., *1 tbsp. p. skip SL. S. S. no. in SL. 3 s.* from * to * repeat x 1, 1 St. n., noise of SL. S., S. B. no back in all of SL. S. to the end, returned.

G. 2: 1. p. S. no. in the rear wall each S. S. G. V. p. and under (not = VP!), return.

Knit the 2nd series of still x 5 times, cut the thread and hide tail.

Laced binding

Tying the bib thread color: make 9. p., then, for the following CX.

1 g: 1 sec. B. in the 6 th century from p. cu., *2 tbsp. p., 1 sec. n* from * to * x 3 in the same p. B. reserve not promazyvaya 3 is VP = 4 sec. B. returned.

2 g.: 2. p., miss 2 chrome. p., 1 sec. p. 5 chrome. p. maniecki, 2 St. n., noise (1 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p., 1 sec. n) 1-th,, *1 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p.* from * to * and x 3 SL. a chain of 2. p. returned.

3.: 5. p., APA. (1 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p., 1 sec. B. 2nd G.), *1 sec. B., p. 2 tbsp.*, repeat 3 times on SL. TS. 2 p., 1 sec. n in the same arch of 2 V. p., returned.

G. 4: 2. p., APA. 4 chrome. p., 1 sec. p. in the 3rd chrome. p., 2 St. n., ROM. (1 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p., 1 sec. B. 3 g) *1 sec. B., p. 2 tbsp.*, repeat 3 times on SL. TS. 2 p., 1 sec. B. in the same space of 2 V. p., returned.

Repeat 3rd and 4th-4 years, after 3 years..

Last row: bind 2. p. S. p. at SL. chrome. p., 2 St. n., noise (1 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p., 1 sec. n.) 3rd p., 6 sec. B. in CL. TS. 2 p., skip the next. TS. 2 p., 1 sec. B. in the last. S., et..

*9 sec. B. in the arch of 5 V. p.*, repeat to end row 9 sec. n in the last arch of 5 V. p., stand. 90 degrees, 2 St. n., C. p. 1st V. p. of the 1st year. strapping. Cut the thread and hide tail.

Similarly, the banded bottom part using sec. p. in free chrome. p., 2.5 cm from bottom and short 2.5 cm to the top.

Note the pin locations for buttons and sew them.

Bib collar for women

We will need:

  • yarn (45% wool, 55 % acrylic, 100 grams, 110 meters) milky – 350 grams;
  • button;
  • hook No. 4.

the technique of knitting and

Elastic 1×1: alternately 1 p. n. concave, 1 convex S. s n..

The basic pattern: according to SG. # 1 and # 2.



Recruit a chain of 88 V. p. and closable in a circle with SS.

1: 1. p. p., 87 S. no. in SL. 87 V. p. of Foundation chain, SS..

G. 2: 1. p. p., 5 sec. 2 B. in the 2nd sec. without B. B., *1 TS. without n in the 2nd sec. no n PR. n., 5 sec. 2 B. second C. without B. B.*, repeat from * to * 20 times, a total of 22 repeat, SS..

We work according to the SG. basic pattern No. 1 to 6-th p., each of ends of G. SS..

7 g. knit in accordance with the SG. No. 2, 23rd R., end all n. SS..

Now we need to tie 4 p. eraser 1 x 1, SS., cut the thread.

The upper part

Attach a new thread on the reverse side of the base chain the bottom.

1: 3. p. p., 87 B. S. in SL. 87 V. p. of Foundation chain, SS..

2-3 years: round elastic 1 x 1, SS. at the end of each.

4-12 PP.: the forward and reverse R. elastic 1 x 1.

13: 3. p. p. 1st C. B. C. B. B. cut thread.

Performed a loop and sew on buttons as in the photo.

Unusual manicheck for women

We will need:

  • yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100 grams to 162 meters) – 2 Hank;
  • 7 buttons;
  • hook No. 5.

Bib crochet will be 19 inches wide at the top its length is about 45 cm.

The density of knitting: 13 x 10 p. = 10 x 10 cm



Crochet start with a chain of 59 V. p. (8 rapport at 7 p. + 2 p. the symmetry of + 1 percentage point). Next knit on the SC., Deut. 3-6 years x 2.

The right side of the product 1 binds из28 G. C. without D., then another 1 g., where do the loops for the buttons: knit 2 seconds. without MD, ?1. p. 3 sec. without n*, Deut. from * to * x 6. at the end of the line do 1. p., 2 seconds. no n..

The left side is tying 5th, 28 seconds. no n..

Openwork hat for women

We will need:

  • yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100 grams, 156 meters) – 1 Hank;
  • cu. № 4,5-5;
  • 5 buttons.

The density of knitting: 16P. x 14 = 10 x 10 cm s. no n..



Important! The collar fit of papatek.

Recruit a chain of 17. p. + 3. p. p., of the stand. knitting.

1: 4 sec. B., 3 p/s s n., 10 sec. no n..

G. 2: 1. p. p., 10 sec. without MD, 3 p/s s n., 5 sec. ..

Alternate these 2 until it reaches the length of 37 cm

You can use a slightly different version – 2: 3. p. S. B. to the con. g..

Then turn the knitting and tying his fantasy pattern according to scheme above.


We were able to associate for 3 seconds. B. each chrome. S. – 1 p., then 4 years. for symmetry you need to tie 6 or 8 seconds. n, not 7, as specified (see diagram).

The first option is the last.: *3 sec. PhD, Pico 23. p. 3 sec. B. in the same hole prop. CL. hole-V. p. lower g*, – Deut. 3 times for 1 motif of the pattern, the option – s. without B. between motifs. Drawback – beautiful latest G. edges will not coincide with 1-m horizontal with s. n.!

The second option is the last row: *3 sec. n, 2 tbsp. p., 3 sec. B. in one hole, skip the next. hole-V. p. lower g*, – Deut. 3 times for 1 motif of the pattern, the option – s. without B. between motifs. Then promyvaem G. S. B. performed and no Pico 3 VP over 2. p. (3 Picot on motif).

Distributed and sew 5 buttons, vivasyan for them hinges on the other side of the product.

The bib and mitts for beginners: video master class

Summer collar for women with his own hands

We will need:

  • yarn for machine knitting in 4 addition;
  • hook No. 2.




Knit in a circle, starting with speakers, then a lace pelerine.

1: make a chain of VP of the correct length, the number of multiples of three. Closes the chain into a ring with SS.

2.: 3. p. p., 1 sec. n, 1 tbsp. p., *2 sec. n, 1 tbsp. p.*; connected series with p/s.

3 g: *2 sec. B. under no. previous p. G., p. 2 article* connected with p/s.

The connection of the lines were almost invisible, are finished 1 p/sec. n of the previous row.

4.: *2 sec. n under the circuit with 2-VP previous row, 1 St. n.*. Connect the beginning and the end of the row of p/s are finished 1 p/s in SL. p. previous row, 3. p. p., 1 sec. B. under the arch of 2 VP and then according to the scheme.

5-6 PP.: knit similarly.

In order to make the connection between the cells of the mesh the least visible, are finished the half loops of the arch, and then beginning the late. the line connecting SN (length of the arcs 4-5. p.) or S. B. 2 (length of the arcs in 6-8. p.). In this case, the center of the arcs is B. the beginning of the next.

5.: as 3rd.

6 g: 4 th.

7 g.: *1 TS. B. under no. p. B., Pico, 1 sec. without n the same p., 1 sec. no. in the space between the two C. B. B.*; join beginning and con. G. p/s, fasten the thread.

Chest part

Turn the knitting and knit openwork part.

8 g.: tying the base of the column (1st p.) S. a..

9. increase the width – knit *2 times 1 sec. B. within each fundamentals, 2 seconds. B. in the 3rd clause of reason* from * to * until the end. G., p/s..

10: 3. p. p., 1 sec. n, *1 tbsp. p., 2 sec. n*.

11 G. S. B. in each St., p. g..

12 g: 1 C. without MD, *3. p., 1 sec. no present 3rd Ave p. g..

13-15 years: continue to knit the «grid» pattern, adding each of R. the appropriate number of V. p..

16-17. instead of C. without B. under circuit B. to associate the lush roll of 3 seconds. .. in Between chains of 8 and 9%, respectively.

17: 16, finish n/a..

18: *2 seconds. B. in the lush column PR. n., 3. p., 2 seconds. B. under circuit 9. p. B., 3. p.* from * to * to end of row.

19 g: *2 sec. B. in the interval between 2 sec. n. Ave, 4. p.*, Deut. until the end of the row.

20: *1 TS. no settlement in the interval between 2 sec. n., 2 St. n., 6 sec. 2 n, divided by 5 Pico, in the interval between 2 sec. n., 2 St. n.*.

Repeat to end of row, join the beginning and the end, p/s, fasten the thread. Stylish openwork bib crochet for women ready!

A simple bib for women: live master class

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