Baby snudy knitting for girl and boy — 6 models with description, diagrams and videos MK

The clip is not only stylish and fashionable item of winter clothing and protection from cold, biting winter wind. It’s No wonder this trend is so popular in the last couple of years among modern girls! In our master class we’ll show you how to make handmade adult and children’s Snood knitting for a boy or a girl (and, perhaps, for a man?), that will help You not only to create a family look popular now, but warm Your family in bad weather.

Baby Snood on the buttons of the pattern «butterfly»

This scarf clip is convenient and versatile, it is suitable for moms and girls and in the black color is perfect for a boy. Due to buttons, wear it very comfortable, and it will serve not one year. Simple and easy to work with, this eye-catching scarf hand even for beginners craftswomen, so they can safely pick up a tool and Hanks of yarn.

We will need:

  • yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 116 m per 100 gr.) – 2 winding;
  • SP. # 4 and # 5;
  • 4 buttons.

The finished scarf will have options of 30 x 70 cm..


For a start, as always, we collect the spokes the desired number of loops, the formula is simple – they must be multiples of 10 + 2 edge loops, in our case, it 52 p.. – 3 cm garter viscous (knit all loops of the front).

Next, go to the butterfly (carefully review the diagram below):

Knitting needles the first row: 1 edge. p., 5 p. facial, then the thread is put in front of our work and remove 5 loops, 5 front p, 5 loops removed, leaving the thread before work. Continue knitting on the same scheme until the end of the series, don’t forget about the last edge loop.

Then the 2nd row and all subsequent even-numbered line of knit purl loops. Continue for 10 R. until you get 5 bars with nepovezane threads.

The eleventh line, which forms a «butterfly» needles are finished in this way: 1 edge. p., 5 headphon. p., now butterfly: 2 facial. p., threaded our needle under 5 nepovezane thread and are finished with 3 p. facial, 2 facial. p. etc., again 5 headphon. p., «butterfly», and so on until the end.

Then knit the butterflies from the beginning of the line:

13th p.: 1 cu. p. *p. 5 removed, thread before work, 5 L. p.*, continue to the end of the row, the resulting pattern, staggered.

Continue to knit knitting Snood to the desired length, in our case, do 15 or rapport 64 cm. Then 3 cm garter viscous (making all the loops face), but do not forget to make 1,5 cm buttonholes: 1 edge p, 2 facial. p., sakriven 2 loops, after – 13 L. p., sakriven p. 2, repeat 2 times, finishing 1 L. p. and 1 cu. p..

Next we need over p. we closed at 2 p., then knit 1.5 cm in height and we have to close all p. sew buttons in place and our yoke for girl, boy or yourself, a loved one, is ready.

Snood in two turns 1-3 years English band: live master class

Scarf clip «jewel»

Unusual, warm, but quite simple in execution, this Snood will suit any family member. In our master class we will show you how to make this Snood yourself, a loved one, and also on boy or girl from 4 to 12 years. Carefully read the description, please be spokes and Hanks of yarn – we are sure You will succeed!

We will need:

  • yarn (80% acrylic, 20% Alpaca, 120 m, 100 grams per Hank): age 4-6 years – 1 skein, 7 to 9 – 2, 10 to 12 – 2 to make a scarf for an adult we will need 3 skeins;
  • direct SP. stops at the ends of No. 10;

Density crochet sample 10 x 10 cm is 15 x 8.5 pet.: in this case, the product will be perfect to keep in shape and proper washing for a long time will not to lose her.

The parameters of the finished product will be:

— for children 4-6 years old: 15 centimeters in width and 99 cm in length;

for children 7-9 years: 18 inches wide and 113 inches in length;

— for children 10-12 years: 20 cm width 127 inches in length;

— for adult: 22 centimes. in width, 141 inches in length.


Recruited by the spokes 13 (15, 17, 19) of loops according to the selected size of the finished product, then follow the description:

1st p. (front side): *1 LP, 1. p.*, repeat from * to * to end p. and last p. for that we need to purl.. n Repeat this again and again, giving us a «pearl» pattern, also called «rice». To achieve 99 (113, 127, 141) cm close all n.. Now we just have to collect scarf clip, that’s why we sew its short side. You should then lay out the scarf on a wet towel and cover it on top of another one. When the scarf will be wet both towels gently remove and allow it to dry out our product in a horizontal position.

Scarf-Snood for a toddler 1.5 — 2 years: video master class

Hat clip «the Fox» based on HeidiMay

Original and striking, this Lisi Snood in grey and dreary winter day will not leave indifferent any passer-by! Be sure that the second in the city meet. Thanks to a hood, the collar will warm Your baby and are perfect for boy and for girls.

We will need:

  • yarn orange, black and milky colors (100% wool or 50% wool, 50% acrylic, preferably thicker);
  • circular SP. No. 9;
  • hook.

The model is designed for a boy or girl 2-4 years.


For a start, we collect circular knitting needles 70 pet., ongoing knitting circle (no back seam).

1-4 g.: vivasyan pearl pattern.

5-8 g: black colour yarn, continue. surface.

9-20 g: replaceable thread on a thread of orange color again. surface.

From 21 to 60 PP. continue to work people. stitch the turning series.

Now we need to fold the top in half and sew, at the same time closing p. and connecting the two halves, as shown in the photo below.

Then need to tie the area around the face 2-3 rows of columns without nakida, as a result, we get a «border» which should wrap out and if you want to sew it a hidden seam.

When our yoke is almost ready, proceed to the «ears». For this we need to dial 9 loops, then work the front stitch, promazyvaya each R. latest 2 pet. together. Thus, we make four handles: two orange and two white. Now we need to fold them in pairs (orange + white), tie them with a hook, connecting the black thread and columns without nakida. When the result is two ears should sew them with the seam to the hood». You only have to make the straps or sew buttons and our original Snood for the winter ready!

I hope that this master class with a diagram and detailed step by step descriptions were useful and will help to tie the Snood to Your boy or girl quickly and easily. We wish You smooth loops!

Simple Snood for the spring 3.5 — 4 year: live master class

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