How to knit DIY baby blanket newborn

Warm and soft blanket for babies with their hands can be not only practical, but also beautiful. Following the instructions in this lesson, You will be able to try some of their variations, just have coils of thread, knitting needles and Your patience.

A Blankie for baby «Tenderness»

The first option may seem difficult, but it is not so! Please note the following CX., if a little confused. As a reward You will quickly make enough spokes and your hands are bulky, warm and soft knitted blanket 56х80 cm for Your newborn baby.

We will use:

  • SP. No. 3;
  • yarn (90% cotton, 10% Merino) — 300 gr.

Job description

For a start, we collect the spokes 140 cm p., then knit on the SC. No. 1 10 g. After that, we continue to work in the following order: 8. p. CX. No. 1, then 124 p. CX. No. 2, while performing the uniform summation along the first city of the pattern, as indicated in the East., and after 8 p. as CX. No. 3, together we get 180 p.. Continue until the length of the blanket will not be 77 see

After that, we should decrease p. in the place of the previously added and go 9. on CX. No. 1. Close p.: facial over facial, purl — purl over, hide the ends and our product ready for a newborn!

Blanket knitting «a Blue tale»

The second variant of the blanket is even easier than the first and suitable for beginners. You can change the color and composition of the bone at its discretion, depending on what time of the year will use the product. You associate the product with a length of 88 cm.

We will need:

  • yarn of medium thickness (50% wool, 50% cotton) — 450 gr.;
  • SP. No. 5


  • pearl V-g: 1 L. p., 1. p., displace the figure in each p.;
  • fantasy in g: in the following CX.

Job description

For a start, we should gain by spokes 139 p., then — recruit 5 inches tall pearl V-M. After this, continue to do only the first and last 8 p. gemc. knots and 123 p. between them is done according to CX.

Thus making an 83 cm, begin again to do everything in pearl p. m at a height of 5 cm, and then close all p. as shown in the figure. A blanket for Your newborn toddler is ready!

Blanket-blanket with braids: video master class

Plaid «Air»

This classic warm plaid, looks very comfortable, he is quite large — 117х117 cm, so is suitable as a very baby and older infant.

The work will be used:

  • the bone to Your taste (a perfect combination of 80% Merino, 20% silk);
  • SP. # 4 and # 5;
  • markers.

Job description

Start with the Central square. To do this, recruit spoke at 2 p. for each of the 4 spokes (8 PCs), then knit 1 through 26 p. CX. No. 1 = 27 p. last, after the CX. No. 1.

Knit 1-28 G. CX. No. 2 = 55 after the last p. R. CX. No. 2.

The next, the front side: NAC., 1 l p, (put the marker, knit one. p. CX. No. 3), the marker 9 L. p. — x2.

Token, 1. p. CX. No. 3, marker, 2 L. p. — added another p in addition to the allowances in the CX..

Following G.: yo, knit front to marker, continue on the SC. No. 3 between the markers, repeat 5 times , finish L. p. — add one clause, except for allowances in the CX..

Continue on the SC. No. 3-to 24-year. = 79 after the last p. R. CX. No. 3. After doing 1-4 g. fourth CX.. Next, repeat g. 7-24 CX. No. 4 4 times, knit 25-30 g. of the same CX. and closing p.

In order to knit the border, we will need to collect 32 spokes p., hereinafter called L. p. G. do CX 1-18. No. 5 50 times, and then close.

Start preparing a blanket

This should hide the ends, to steam 4 Central square, stitch them so that floral motifs were connected to the center, sew a border around the square and plaid their hands ready.

Baby blanket Oblachko

This blanket is perfect for babies born in the warmer time of the year. It will look great both in stroller and in the crib, and fit-simply nowhere! If you follow description, You will get a light blanket for the baby with dimensions 70х86 cm, made by hand quickly and definitely exclusive.

You will need:

  • white yarn of Your choice — 450 gr.;
  • circular SP. №3,5.

Necessary equipment:

  • openwork pattern: adhere to the following Eastern., in the cat. only specified people. in Phi. G. all p. and NAC. war. in Phi. g.. p. we Start from the rapport, rapport repeat, finishing after a p. repeat, repeat so 1 to 20 range, inclusive.

To make the pattern for the strap, we will need to dial the spokes 6 p. 1st R: 3. 1 NAC, 3. 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th p.: persons. p. 3rd p.: 3 persons., 1 yo, 4. 5th R.: 3. 1 NAC, 5. 7th R.: 3 persons., 1 yo, 6 persons, 9 p.; 3., 1 yo, 7. 11th p.: 3., 1 NAK., 7 people., «bump» 2 (1. P1., 1 individuals., 1 p., P1. and 1 individuals., *turn, remove 1 p., 4 persons., repeat from* 3 times, then stretch the 1st clause through the 5th — 2nd. p. and removed from the needles). 12-th p.: close 6 p., 6 p. persons. Repeat from 1st to 12th R.

Job description

First, we should dial p. 159, and continue in fishnet-m, and using the 85 cm from typesetting edge after the 4th or 14th year. p. close. After, for the strap we need to recruit 6 p. and continue in accordance with the relevant in-m while it is equal to the perimeter of the blanket, then closing p.

When all parts are ready, it remains only to sew the strap and sew the short side.

Blanket for a newborn sunbeams

This product is ideal for the off-season — it’s light, moderately warm and fine. His undoubted advantage is also the ease of implementation — even novice seamstresses will be able to create it myself!

During the work will involve:

  • yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) — 350 gr.;
  • circular SP. No. 3;
  • knitting needle.


So, get to work — we recruit on the SP. 175 loops and knit in garter 11 G. coy, last. the loop var. facial. Reaching 11 g., starting to do the direct nakida. for a uniform increase stitches. Knit 11 loops, including the edge, making a straight NAC. and we continue to do the NAC. 18 loops (repeat -), thus, the length of the part you will receive 10 NAC..

When he reached the next city should be at the beginning and at the end make for 7 stitches in the technique of «square», after the main in-m. So the application does not evident in the finished product, you must do a NAK. for the back wall. Knit 11 rapport (264) basic in-m, in last 10 loops diminish in the same places and added two loops together with a slope to the left, finishing the bar and close the loops. Simple baby soft their hands ready.

Blanket-a blanket for a newborn: video master class for beginners

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