Autumn crafts from vegetables and fruits

A large number of fruits and vegetables in the fall is pushing even other people’s art to create incredible products. And what if the family grows a little dreamer? In such cases, the production of crafts from vegetables and fruits becomes a favorite pastime. As construction materials will use whatever is at hand: potatoes, apples, squash, leaves, cones, and other gifts of autumn.

How to do autumn crafts from vegetables and fruits with your own hands

There are many options of things of vegetables and fruits. Among them surround panels, applications, drawings, separate objects: animals, vehicles, fairy-tale heroes. To make crafts, or you need to use ready-made master classes, or to expand an existing «building material» and to think together with the child, what happens with this set. An exhibition of Handicrafts from fruits and vegetables pictures for children, adults represent a variety of creations. Let’s look at what you can make using the popular natural materials.

From potatoes

The most common vegetable that you will find in any kitchen is the potato. An amazing variety of forms tubers allows you to create a huge number of articles: funny men, cartoon and fairy tale characters (Cheburashka, Baba Yaga, Cipollino), animals. Suggest you make a hedgehog. To do this, take:

  • 1 tuber of a potato-shaped;
  • floss;
  • clay;
  • 2 small black beads;
  • 2 safety pins;
  • spices cloves.

Hedgehog potatoes made with your own hands

How to make crafts from vegetables

  1. Using black clay make 4 legs, attach them to Bulba.
  2. Clove sharp part stick in place of a nose on the muzzle of a hedgehog.
  3. Safety pins, attach the bead eyes.
  4. Using toothpicks Palatinate at the top of the tuber and on the sides of the eagle. To add some color product, zadekorirovat hedgehog. «Needles» tattoo, natural, or leaves of any tree, or paper. It is useful use as additional decor mushrooms, berries.


The least popular building material for crafts from vegetables and fruits is a product like zucchini. Moderately thick rind, do not darken in the sections of pulp, the shape of the fruit ensures its use for the manufacture of various lighter products. With the help of pub can get little animals, boats, cars. Let’s look at how to make a rabbit. For the figures of the animal take:

  • 3 round zucchini;
  • 1 tomato red color;
  • 2 black olives;
  • 1 radish;
  • 2 long cucumber;
  • 3 eggplant;
  • 1 lemon;
  • floss;
  • 2 wooden kebab skewers.

Kids crafts from vegetables to rabbits

Crafts from vegetables and fruits instructions for making:

  1. Take the zucchini smaller, preparing a place for eyes, mouth, carving out small holes.
  2. Fasten with each other the zucchini with the help of skewers.
  3. For the stability figures cut the bottom of the second pumpkin. To it attach with the two sides of the whole eggplant – legs.
  4. Left eggplant cut lengthwise. One part divide in half, each doing the incision under the claws. The resulting part is attached to the eggplant at the bottom. Receive feet of the animal.
  5. Do the front legs. To do this, divide the cucumber in half. Slice make a scythe. Connect both parts of the cucumbers at an angle fastened to the body.
  6. To make the claws, take a lemon, cut in half. One part again divide into 2 halves. On each make incisions, mimicking the claws of the animal.
  7. Draw a face on it. Fasten with a toothpick tomato in place of the spout. From the radish cut two of the same mug, two cubes. Put them in the holes for the eyes. Then take the olives, using toothpicks, fasten them on top of the radishes. The hole for the mouth place the cubes of radish. Get teeth.
  8. The rabbit ears cut out, using zucchini or cabbage leaves. Fasten to the head.
  9. Figure ready.


Pumpkin has unique characteristics, thanks to which parents and children can make articles on the topic: «Autumn fruits and vegetables». With thick-walled fruit make vases, carriages, lanterns, and even entire sculpture. Offer to make an autumn arrangement. For it will need:

  • 1 good, smooth gourd flattened form;
  • 5 dry pods of physalis;
  • 10 sticks
  • mountain ash branches;
  • a piece of foam 2 cm thick, 10 cm in diameter;
  • any dried flowers.

Autumn crafts from pumpkins and dried flowers

Step by step instructions:

  1. Placed the pumpkin so that it is held steady.
  2. On the surface of the vegetable cut out figures of any shape. It can be stars, maple leaves, circles, diamonds. To get beautiful patterns, it is recommended to use the stencil, the outline of which draw out a pencil.
  3. In the figure scrape the top layer of skin.
  4. Then proceed to the creation of ikebana. Take the foam, cut out a circle wrapped in green paper, fasten it to the pumpkin with glue or liquid nails.
  5. With the help of twigs weave a lightweight, openwork halo, the diameter of which is slightly bigger than the foam.
  6. The contour of the foam fasten a whisk.
  7. Inside the Corolla, using the foam as a base, placed ikebana. For her take dried flowers, bunches of Rowan, fruit, boxes of physalis, berries.
  8. The product from vegetables and fruits ready.


Cucumbers – the most common in Russian cuisine is the vegetable. With their help, make easy, fun edible crafts about autumn, small animals, cartoon characters. To make a simple frog, you need to stock the following items and vegetables:

  • 1 large, «pusateri» cucumber;
  • 2 berries cranberries;
  • the toothpicks.

Frog cucumber

Do a figure contest crafts from vegetables and fruits:

  1. From the cucumber cut off the tip to make a detail with a length of 6 inches.
  2. The upper part is divide in half, have the details next.
  3. On top of them fasten the top part of slightly raising the «muzzle».
  4. Cut out the mouth.
  5. Fasten eyes-berries.
  6. The toy is ready for the contest of articles made from vegetables and fruits.

With apples and pears

On the occasion of autumn crafts from vegetables and fruits using apples, pears. Their shape helps to come up with something simple, original, available for the production of children with minimal adult participation. Such a fun DIY applies to the caterpillar. For its manufacturing take:

  • 5 green apples of the same size;
  • 1 pear;
  • clay;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 flat shell;
  • floss;
  • Rowan berries.

The caterpillar of vegetables and fruits for exhibition

Master-class on making of the tracks on the exhibition of crafts from vegetables and fruits:

  1. Carrots cut into rings and put on toothpicks.
  2. Take the apples, combine all the same toothpicks.
  3. Pear mounted perpendicular to the apples.
  4. Toothpicks with carrot sticks in the apples, simulating the legs of a caterpillar.
  5. Do the horns on a toothpick stringing Rowan berries.
  6. Horns attached to the bag.
  7. Take clay, sculpt the mouth, eyes, nose. Fasten the items to the bag.
  8. The head of the caterpillar decorate using the sink.
  9. Figure ready.

Interesting crafts on the theme of the gifts of autumn for kindergarten or school

Autumn children’s educational institutions participate in exhibitions, competitions for the most original fruits, vegetables and crafts, a painting or a song made by their pupils. Sometimes his imagination to create a masterpiece. In such cases, we propose to see crafts from vegetables and fruits in our collection of master classes. Original performed by using available and inexpensive household products.


With the available vegetables and improvised means you can get figurines of your favorite cartoon Smeshariki. These products are interesting to children of kindergarten age. Make Smeshariki young master can own with little adult help. For making take:

  • onion;
  • clay;
  • the tuber of the potato;
  • Apple;
  • decorative needle.

Smeshariki from vegetables and fruits

Step by step instructions:

  1. Take Apple for Nyusha, potato for Kopatich, bulb for Lacasa.
  2. Make, using clay, for each character nose, eyes, attached decorative needles.
  3. Then do the legs, decorate the top of the figures. Locale sculpt the horns, Nyusha – braid, Kopatych – hat. All these circuits are fastened with decorative pins and needles.
  4. Smeshariki ready for the exhibition.

Products animals

The most popular products made with vegetables, there are animals. For their production using beets, onions, potatoes, peppers, squash, corn, cabbage. Vegetable sheep, penguins, frogs can not only occupy a place of honor exhibits at the exhibitions but can also be used for table decoration. One such animal is a mouse. To make a pair of the animals that we take:

  • 2 cucumbers;
  • 4 matches.

Children's autumn crafts - mice of cucumber

Manufacturing process:

  1. Take any cucumber and cut it in half.
  2. From the second silence cut 4 circles for the ears and two thin strips-tails.
  3. Put half of cucumbers on the plate and fasten them ears, tails.
  4. Stick a match to the place of peephole. If you don’t want to use matches, we will see the eye make cuts.
  5. Cucumber mice ready!

Autumn fantasy

Make a unique composition on the theme of autumn can any parent who has creative thinking. It will fit all the available vegetables. We offer you the variant of the product «Autumn fantasy». To make the composition you need:

  • 1 round pumpkin;
  • marigolds (Golden, orange, large, small-flowered);
  • sprigs of Rowan;
  • dried flowers;
  • the umbrellas of dill;
  • roses;
  • grapes;
  • foam.

Crafts from pumpkins - autumn fantasy

How to make:

  1. Pumpkin use to make the basket. The proposed contour of the handles, cut them with a knife.
  2. Take out all the pulp, which then cook for a sweet, healthy porridge.
  3. Cut the foam spacer, which will be the basis for fixing the decoration. It should snugly fit into the hole of the pumpkin.
  4. Pour water into the pumpkin bowl, cover with foam.
  5. Decorate the basket with Golden marigolds, red clusters of Rowan, grapes, umbrellas dill, a box of Cape gooseberries, roses. The flowers can be replaced with vegetables, berries. If such a variant design of the pumpkin is not satisfied, it is possible to make a composition, like on Halloween, but instead of a scary face make slits in the leaves or stars. It all depends on your imagination.

Video how to make an original autumn crafts from vegetables and fruits

Crafts using the gifts of autumn fun. Not always fancy enough to create original, beautiful figure. Then comes to the aid of the collective mind, seats made from natural vegetables and fruits, cones, twigs, berries, shells, stones. Original and striking figures raise the mood, decorate the school fair, but the holiday feast. We offer you to look at a selection of the videos through which you will be able to make easy to make, beautiful product, using only the gifts of nature.

Beautiful products for children

Baby edible compositions

Master class flowers from carrots

Craft ideas for the exhibition

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