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How beautifully decorate the Christmas tree? You can buy beautiful toys, garlands, bright firecrackers and other original decorations. And you can go the other way – to make their own hands, attracting to this activity all the family. For example, children can make interesting decorations from paper, plastic boxes and other scrap materials, and mom will be able to tie a pretty little angel. The work, however, is quite laborious, but the result will exceed all expectations. Master class and detailed diagram will help to make the work of angel crochet pleasant and interesting. This lovely product can be not only decoration of the Christmas tree at home, but also a great souvenir that you can present as a gift. Christmas will be even warmer with these beautiful products, which will be able to understand even a beginner needlewoman. Angels – the most beautiful knitted Christmas symbol.

Delicate lightweight angel

Related toys have some special magnetism, they are fascinating and warm. And this cute, airy angel will appeal to everyone who sees him. Link it is not difficult, but the pleasure of such work will bring a lot. Master class with detailed description will make it easier knitting this delicate and light decorations on the Christmas tree or just for the interior.


This cute Christmas angel can be linked to their yarn in white, well it will look like the product is pale blue in color. Best suited yarn iris, you should not take synthetic yarn, and the best – linen, cotton. Also need a crochet hook No. 1 is 1.5. Need polyester batting or any other filler, pins, PVA glue, plastic wrap, clay, decorative tape.



These cute Christmas angels are knitted from the top. You should start with a chain of air loops, prisoners in the ring. The chain need to tie in a circle, increasing the number of loops. And thus form a knitted ball (this is the head), and when it is almost ready, it is necessary to fill a synthetic winterizer. The number of loops to reduce to the initial set of edges. To cut the thread is not necessary.


The trunk is knit, not taking the thread from the head. Detailed master class is not needed, because you need to make the body in the form of a cone in any arbitrary pattern. Skilled craftsmen can use their favorite schemes or come up with something unusual, but beginners may be advisable to knit columns with nakida.

Sleeves and hands, wings

Christmas angel is almost ready, now we need to make knitted sleeves and hands. It is important to place them symmetrically.

Separately to produce knitted wings in the shape of a butterfly (yet to sew them is not necessary).

The formation of toys

Take the clay and shape it into a cone, which is suitable in size to the associated torso. The prepared cone with plastic wrap. On this basis to put on the body of the angel, and securely attach studs at the bottom. Take the glue and apply a liberal amount of the body of the toy. Be sure to soak the head, but do not hold to. Knitted arm sleeves, and also to moisten the glue and to give them the desired shape. To do exactly the same with the wings, just need to fix it using pins, rethrownew on a piece of film.

When everything dries, all associated fittings can be joined. Wings to sew, additionally locking glue. When the toy is fully dry, you can tie a decorative cord to the back of the angel and hang on the Christmas tree or in another place.

Such a simple master class is convenient because each knitter can choose what she likes most, enjoy your favorite schemes and patterns.

Source: igrushki-svoimi-rukami.ru

Christmas angel: live master class

Angel is bound by the pattern «grandma’s square»

Warm and sincere braided pattern – Granny square. Scheme of knitting, probably known to everyone who even slightly knows how to work a hook. There is an interesting master class creating decorations for the Christmas tree this technique. Christmas angel crystal will consist of a Chairman and bibs. Its peculiarity is that it looks very warm, cozy and like at home.


To make this cute toy will not be difficult, especially because there is a detailed master-class. But first we must stock up on these simple materials is not very thick thread – 50 g 179 g, the hook n of 1.7.



The knitting starts with the head, for which such a scheme:

To associate a ring of 6 air loop (VP).

1 in: 1 loop lift (CL) and 5 columns without nakida (article W/n);

2.: in each loop of the previous row knit for 2 (out 12);

3.: to make a raise after one loop (together for 18);

G. 4: increase in every third (24);

5 g: link 30 St. b/n. (without this number you can do).

Turned out a circle with a diameter of 3 cm

6-7 g: allowances not to do;

Continue to do obuvki in reverse order. And when the hole will remain small, then fill the related item synthetic padding (or other filler).


— When there is 1 loop at the end of the crochet ball you can go on to create handles.

Dial 14. p., next in the 8th from the beginning of the loop to make 1 tbsp. b/n, tie 7. p. to Connect with the beginning chain. To make the second handle.


Now it will be a master class of knitting for halo toys.

1: 20. p.;

2.: rise, 1 tbsp. b/n in next 2 loops to tie 2 tbsp. b/n, and then every 2 сс2н. 3 loops to tie at 2 сс3н, then do 2 nakida, etc. mirror order.

Connect the ends of the rim, leaving a thread in order to be able to sew to head.

Granny squares

Master-class of creating a Granny square will allow you to learn how to create this simple but beautiful braided pattern. You will need 3 square. Classic Granny square knit:

6. p. – ring;

1: 3. p., 2 tbsp. s/n, p. 2 tbsp., 3 tbsp. s/n, repeat twice;

G. 2-4: knit. p. 3 tbsp. s/n, and between them to do 2. p.;

The corners of the square are the following: 3 tbsp. s/n, p. 2 tbsp., 3 tbsp. s/n

2 color square tie white yarn to connect them. All details to sew.

Knitted angel krystal on the Christmas tree is ready!

Source: www.stranamam.ru

Christmas angel: live master class

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