Sledkov knitting crochet 6 patterns with description, diagrams and videos MK

A deal crochet is a charming Slippers, which are a mixture of Slippers and socks. They cover only the heel, toes and foot. They are very comfortable, warm, so many people replace their regular house shoes. Peds comfortable and do not hamper movements, does not create discomfort. It is important that they are made from natural materials, but unfortunately, finding such stores is not easy. And anyone who has ever some knowledge of crochet, can watch the master class and take up knitting sledkov yourself. You can independently choose the yarn, its composition, thickness, allowing you to create a truly perfect Slippers. They will fit perfectly on the leg, because bound to a specific size. For beginners this work is straightforward, and if you have any difficulties, you can always read a detailed description of the model.

Peds will definitely appeal to those who like the morning to put on the legs something warm, especially in the cold season. But if someone’s home sick, with such shoes you can still cure the common cold. First, they should be linked from natural wool, and secondly, during the disease pour into socks mustard powder, to put on before bed and sleep all night. And in the morning will display all the characteristic signs of the disease receding. Knit footsies – some fun, interesting and accessible even for beginners, and clear plans to further facilitate the work.

simple foot petal


If knitting deal crochet yourself, you can easily find the right size, and if they tally for yourself, it is possible to periodically try on the shoes. But if during operation there is no possibility to try, you have on a sheet of paper to outline the foot of that person and then for her to navigate. If the socks will fit snugly to the leg, then start to slide during wear. The master class will help you to create a simple model, and will have to work not knitting – crochet. All complex patterns of the type of squares is not here, so you can invite novice knitters.


Shoes better to knit from natural wool, it is both warm and healthy. Thread you should take enough fat, you will also need a hook of appropriate size.


Job description

Master-class will help to link quickly and without any problems interesting model of shoes. Start at the toe.

  1. Knit the toe in a circle. Start with a sliding loop, it knit into 6 columns without nakida (article W/n). Collect all the strings ring. Within each loop to purl 2 tbsp. b/n.

In the following lines are added tbsp. b/n in random order, but need to make sure that they are not accounted for on the same action of the previous row, otherwise instead of a circle will turn the polyhedron. Knit up until the length of the semicircle does not match with the coverage of the foot.


  1. Knit the foot. Next, you will need the skills of reading schemes, though it’s not that difficult. Fold in half the resulting circle. Not adding V. b/n to continue, that is, you just have to go up. After the part is connected to the bone, we must begin to make allowances in each row. To make 2 tbsp. b/n in the first loop, which will increase the height of the bit and prevent it from falling while walking.

The heel should be slightly rounded, acute angle is not necessary. Short 2-3 rows to the end of the product, mark the middle of the canvas and in the center to make 6-8 bars through one vymazyvaja them.

  1. Complete. Knitting sledkov gradually coming to an end. To turn work to wrong side and join the back halves. Then remove the socks and do the tying the top of the article. b/n. If a deal crochet turned out too small or not sufficiently adhere to the foot, it is only necessary to perform another series of strapping, passing several columns.56

Beautiful Slippers ready!

Slippers-knitting deal


It is impossible to ignore the beautiful models associated spokes. They look no less interesting, the work also simple, suitable for beginners. Proposed master class allows you to create really unique thing and to choose the level of difficulty. You can safely use your favorite or available for execution of the scheme, as served description of the principle of work shoes.


Need yarn and 2 knitting needles.

Job description

First, we need to measure the foot that will determine the number of loops (it must be an odd number). For adults it is 40-60 loops. First knitting needles the top and then the sides.

  1. To create the top can be used with any tight binding, it can be elastic. If you would like to try the lapel, the top will consist of 20 rows, but loose enough to be 10 rows.
  2. Split the edge into 2 parts, in the middle add 1 and p. knitting needles the top of the toe garter viscous. (Tie one half, make a yo, knit across the row medium p, again yo and dobesilate in the second half.).
  3. Now there is a master class in knitting of the sole. The canvas is divided into 3 parts, the average consists of 11 p. row, Knit to the middle, knit into the 10 items and the 11th together with the next part. Expand the work and link 11 p. and continue until, until you get the canvas that corresponds to the size of the foot. If something is unclear, it is possible to use the scheme.
  4. Master class on creating a back. The remaining loop knit across the row knitting with the first p. Boca, and then from the second.

Video master class

Foot petal seamless ready! It turned out that the spokes get no less interesting articles, besides the simplicity is sure to interest beginners. And if you choose a darker color yarn, the Slippers can pass for a male.

Slippers: video master class

The transactions in Tunisian crochet

Seeing at least once thing associated with this method, it is difficult to forget. The transactions in Tunisian crochet heart, mind and imagination. To make such a model possible for men, women and children. A detailed master-class with a clear description of the scheme will be a good helper for beginners.


Need any any yarn. Also useful crochet, it is best to use special Tunisian, but if not, like with a pen.

Job description

  1. The creation of socks begins with a set of 20 p. and continue with the Tunisian pattern. The schema of this pattern look like (it should say that there are 3 kinds of loops):
  • p. elongated, stacked rows, it is extracted from the first row of the chain of Foundation, and in the following lines the hook is injected from left to right under vertical p. the previous row, grab the working thread and pull p. If there are no other indications, it should work exactly;
  • p. inverse of a number is performed once recruited all p. rows, after that throw the thread on the hook and pull through the item that hangs on the hook;
  • p. expanded stacked number of runs in an elongated p. previous line, which is inserted into the hook from left to right.
  1. For beginners is not difficult to understand. The next 23 lines to continue the pattern, Tunisian, and 1 row consists of a passage there and back.
  2. To 24 g. to enter a thread of a different color. And start with the left side subtract by 2 p. to continue so until then, until the main thread will not be typed 5 p.
  3. when typed 5 p. the main yarn, then do the opposite of a number is not necessary, and at oblique edge to score 15 p.
  4. reverse the ranks to start to do subtraction. Get a kind of wedge.
  5. Repeat all described for the second and third wedges.
  6. When will be finished the third wedge, then purl one row of the main thread and one other color.
  7. Dial the 23 number of the main color.
  8. Now will be described the creation of the sole. To fold the billet in half to find the middle. To score 9 p., and tenth to pull out through the sidewall. The last loop after promazyvanija reverse of a number to write on the hook, through the sidewall and p. this stretching the thread. Continue to work until five.

The product is ready and you can decorate on your own or to leave it as is.

Openwork Slippers a deal-video master class

Slippers from squares


A deal crochet with squares popular in Estonia. Yes, and they look really very interesting, original and emanates from them a warm home. In the core of the Granny square, diagram of which is quite simple. Beginners to learn this type of craft it will definitely be of interest, because looks bright.


Yarn can be used from leftovers, best of all, she was a different color. From this the sandals-socks will benefit. Hook — №2-3.

Job description

Granny square is simple to implement, and it is not necessary to be afraid to avoid. The number of squares for one of the bast – 6 pieces to create squares looks like this:

1: 5. p. to close in a ring, dial 2. p. for lifting;

2.: 12 St. s/n, 2 tbsp. p., and 5 tbsp. s/n;

G. 3-6: work as for 2nd row.

7.: take a thread of another color and make 3 tbsp. s/n, 6 tablespoons. s /n, dividing them in half between the 6-th columns;

8: running a thread of a different color. 6 tbsp. s/n, and between them to do 2 times 3 tbsp. s/n;

G. 9: to change the color of the thread. To make 6 tablespoons. s/n between them to do 3 times 3 tbsp. s/n

These squares need to tie 6 PCs.

The stitching of socks to start with the front end, using thread of a contrasting color. According to the description it is necessary to make 2 squares, then join the third thus, to get the entrance for the foot.

To work without a needle, that is, using a hook. Flip the Shoe upside down and sew 4 and 5 Granny square, then a 6 and tie it.

With that description to cope with this work quickly. Socks-sandals is ready!

Peds high heel: video master class

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