What to spray tomatoes after the rain?

Rain is good for the garden, its natural moisture and timely watering. But most people, both beginners and experienced gardeners wonder what to spray the bushes of tomatoes after a rain. Wrong care do tomato leaves curl, rot roots, fruits covered with dark stains, the bed disappears. In this article you will learn the signs, causes of the disease late blight, and learn what to spray tomatoes if the leaves are rolled, what drugs to use.

It is necessary to spray tomatoes after a long rain

During heavy rains developing spores of the fungus Phytophthora, striking bushes of tomatoes, but also high humidity causes the development of infection. When the disease on the leaves, stems and even the fruits appear gray-brown spots. The disease spreads very quickly, and the affected bushes die within 1-2 weeks. A very susceptible young seedlings, so it is important to spray the bushes to prevent the emergence and reproduction of the fungus Phytophthora. Greenhouse, much-loved gardeners, saving the plant from infection.

Signs of dangerous diseases tomato – late blight

Late blight of tomato after the rain

Fungal disease affects the entire hive, and the first signs of its appearance, become dry grayish spots that eventually darken. Very soon on the back of leaves whiteish plaque, the stem of the Bush dark fruits begin to rot. In the later stages of the disease, leaves curl, turn black. In severe cases the plants formed mold. These fruits is strictly forbidden to eat, use for seed.

Than it is best to spray tomatoes after the rain from Phytophthora, and pests

Disease of vegetable crops start with the seed treatment, inventory, ground, where theoretically preserved spores of the infection. Note*: choose high-quality planting material annually, change the place of landing. To combat blight, pests, use of chemical (nitrate, fundazol) and folk remedies (ash, Zelenka, soda), try to alternate them. Here are a few recipes that successfully cope with diseases of tomatoes:

  • Treatment of planting material stimulator of growth «Ivin». This drug is an analogue of the natural phytohormones, which reduces the level of diseases of vegetable crops, higher yield, lower content of nitrates. Scheme for seed treatment: 1 ml (1 ampoule 1 ml), 200 ml of working solution of 100 g of seeds.
  • To strengthen the root system to use the growth regulator «Rehoplant». Composite preparation has bioprotective properties, enriches the bushes with vitamins, trace elements, increases the resistance of plants to diseases, pests (Colorado beetle, aphids). Used for spraying of vegetable crops during the period of the growing season. For processing crops, use 50 ml per 1 ha.
  • During the period of fruit set, process the tomatoes means «Stina». This multifunctional product with a wide action has a bioprotective effect. «Stempo» reveals the potential of varieties, activates the immune system of the plant. For spraying tomato use 20 ml per 1 ha.
  • During the growing season for foliar feeding, use a granular fertilizer «Urea» (urea). The drug saturates with nitrogen, normalizes the growth of a plant, increases resistance of vegetable crops to pests. For treatment of planting mix 20-30g of granules for 10 liters of water the desired temperature (room temperature).

Spraying serum

Cottager is preparing a serum to combat Phytophthora

To combat late blight experienced growers advise to use people’s tricks, one of them is the serum. It contains mineral salts that strengthen immunity bushes of tomatoes. For spraying, dilute in equal proportions the serum with water, the mixture process the tomatoes daily from the first days of July for 14 days.

How to treat fruit yogurt

According to experienced gardeners, effective method of combating blight and dairy products. For processing tomatoes percussio take 1 liter of kefir (sour milk), dissolve in 20 liters of water. This mixture was treated with bushes, vegetable crops immediately after planting and every week until harvest. Mineral salts, lactic acid contained in yogurt will strengthen the immune system of plants.

Folk remedy – milk with iodine

Experienced growers who prefer growing vegetable crops without chemicals, it is recommended to use a simple and affordable way of spraying plants, that destroys microbes, stimulates the ripening of fruits. For the preparation of folk remedies in a bucket of water add 1 l skim milk, 20 drops of iodine. Spray the tomatoes from pests should be 2 times a month.


Spraying tomatoes yeast solution

For the prevention of blight and its treatment, use the following simple method: in 10 liters of warm water dissolve 100 g of fresh yeast. This solution is treated tomatoes after the rain or at the first sign of the disease of plants by late blight. To strengthen the immune system for tomatoes, pest management prepare a highly nutritious fertilizer. To do this, in 10 l of water mix 10 g of dry yeast, 0.5 liters of chicken manure extract, 0.5 l of wood ash, 5 tbsp sugar. For the treatment of vegetable crops nutritional feeding dilute with water in ratio 1:10.

Treatment with Bordeaux liquid – a solution of copper sulphate

Tomatoes exacting care. Effective way of prevention of disease is the treatment of vegetable crops with Bordeaux liquid. In horticulture, copper sulphate is used for the disinfection of bushes, replacement of copper deficiency in the soil. To prevent fungal diseases of tomato dilute 100 g of drug per 10 liters of water. Process the tomatoes with copper sulfate should once in early spring before budding.


For the treatment of vegetable crops from blight experienced gardeners use antimicrobials, and the most effective of them – «Trykhopol». This drug is among Antiprotozoal drugs, so use it with caution. «Trykhopol» suppresses the development of fungal organisms. For treatment of tomato per 10 liters of water dissolve 1 tablet from the blister. The mixture treat the affected landing until the complete disappearance of late blight.

The Drug «Bud»

Woman spraying tomatoes after a rain means a Bud

For good flowering and fruit formation of tomato use of natural stimulants. The drug «Bud» increases the yield to 40%, improves taste, nutritional quality of fruits, increases the resistance of plants to weather changes and ecological purity of the crop. For processing tomatoes, mix 10 liters of water and 15 g of the drug «Bud». This mixture should be used once in the beginning of the flowering.

Boric acid

To combat late blight gardeners use antiseptic solution for the treatment of bushes. Boric acid has disinfecting properties. Antiseptic for preparation of the mixture in 10 liters of hot water dissolve 10 grams of the drug. Spray the cooled tomato mixture in the period of active flowering. Apply antiseptic solution to the bushes and small spray bottle for the stems and leaves.

Garlic with potassium permanganate

To prevent late blight experts recommend the use of fungicides. For infusion take 100 grams of garlic (all parts of the plant: bow, arrows, leaves), using a meat grinder or chop in a blender, pour 1 Cup hot water, let stand for a day. Ready mix, strain through cheesecloth, dilute 10 l of water, add 10 g of potassium permanganate. This solution treat the bushes every 2 weeks.

Ash with water

Ash with water for the tomato

To prevent late blight use for processing tomatoes immunostimulatory solution. In wood ashes contain useful chemical microelements that strengthen the immune system of plants, stimulates their growth. To prepare the mixture in 10 liters of water, add 200 g of product, allow to stand for 2-3 days. The prepared mixture to treat the soil, spray the tomatoes.

Video: how many times and how to properly carry out spraying of the tomatoes

Combating diseases and pests of vegetable crops begins with prevention. In order to protect the bushes and the crops from Phytophthora, use modern chemical and time-tested folk remedies. If the rules for farming you will have a great harvest of tomatoes. Timely to protect the area from pests is the key to successful gardening. Of the following video, you will learn what time of day it is best to spray tomatoes on how to treat the plant.

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