The greenhouse is made of polypropylene pipes with his hands

Shelter for plants is not a luxury but a guarantee of the crop under any weather surprises. Ready-made greenhouses are expensive, difficult to transport and assemble, do not always meet the requirements of the user. Convenient and reliable design to protect plants from frost, you can gather with his own hands. It will be based on polypropylene pipes.

How to make a greenhouse with their hands

The frame of the greenhouse

Installing the greenhouse is strictly on a flat plot of land. It should be covered morning, noon and until sunset. Well, if you have the opportunity to place the long side of the greenhouse in the direction North-South. So the plants will receive the maximum amount of light. To work conveniently, area under the building must be clear and well compacted.

The greenhouse is made of polypropylene pipes with his hands going in a few hours. First you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools. So, for future greenhouse prepare:

  • polypropylene pipes (outer diameter of 25 or 32 mm);
  • fittings (connection details) polypropylene;
  • furniture bolts, screws;
  • a Board edging in width of 150-200 mm, thickness 30 mm;
  • pieces of rebar with a length of 750 mm, thickness of 10-12 mm;
  • material for shelter (greenhouse film, polycarbonate);
  • soldering iron for polypropylene;
  • sledgehammer;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • construction knife;
  • hacksaw.

What tubes should give preference to, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)? Without going into the properties of polymers note: the walls of the polypropylene is much thicker and the design of them will get tougher, can withstand heavy loads. Reinforced pipe is mainly for the manufacture of greenhouses. Even with strong heating in the summer sun it:

  1. is not deformed;
  2. is not expanded;
  3. does not lose elasticity.

How to fasten the parts together? The perfect combination for them – special fittings. Take them out of the plastic plumbing. Fittings and pipes that are connected using a special soldering iron, form a solid monolithic structure. Use these connections if the greenhouse is planned as a temporary structure, demountable and for the winter will be removed from the site. Then to bond the pipes together use furniture bolts or screws.

Classic arched greenhouse of polypropylene pipes

Arched greenhouse of polypropylene pipes

If you first construct a frame for the greenhouse with their hands, choose a classic arched design. Water pipes fit perfectly. The construction of the greenhouse takes place in four stages:

  • the construction of the base;
  • the manufacture of the frame;
  • the design of the end parts;
  • installation of covering material.

The base and frame for greenhouse

Boards break box strictly rectangular shape, which will be lining the perimeter of the greenhouse. In each corner is driven reinforcing rod, two feet of which must go into the soil, and the other 25 cm to rise above the ground. The same rods are mounted along the long sides of the box every 50 cm They are the backbone, the Foundation of our greenhouse.

Frame greenhouses made of polypropylene pipes with his hands erect with the installation of the arches. The ends of the workpieces put on the opposite segments of rebar, towering over the earth, when the pipe is bent into an arc. For the connection of the arches with a cross pipe and make marks at the mounting locations. The workpiece is cut and solder. When mounting with bolts or screws of the cross detail is superimposed on the arch on the inside of the structure. The bolt is drilled through hole.

As laid a greenhouse from plastic tubes on the ends

Greenhouse from plastic tubes on the ends

End of the building where there should be doors and a window, draw bar 5 5 cm and the same polypropylene. The door frame is welded from pipes and corner fittings reinforce transverse or diagonal crossbar. «Box» is equipped with a clip-holder (in the water it is necessary to fasten pipes to the wall). Loops are made from wire or cut larger diameter pipe. At the opposite end of the reinforced window near the ceiling. Door, ventilation hole and the remaining space is closed up by film or polycarbonate.

How to tighten a greenhouse made of polypropylene pipes film

The simple coating, which can delay the greenhouse of the pipes, – polyethylene film. Its main advantage is low weight and affordable price. The film, which cover the entire greenhouse to the ground, is attached via rails to the wooden box. Begin assembling the film from the middle and moving to the ends. Reinforcing coating on one side, move on to another. Pull the film gently, without jerks. When warm, the film becomes softer, stretches better and does not SAG. If the length is enough, the ends can be repaired the same cloth, passing over a neat fold.

A greenhouse out of plastic piping in the house

How to make a greenhouse out of plastic piping in the house

Another version of the construction – greenhouse with straight walls in the form of a house. To build it in a similar way. To collect such a structure is conveniently based on similar consideration. Features mounting frame with vertical walls. So, for formation ridge and lateral ribs, the use of cross-shaped fittings and tees. Reliability and stability of such building is not inferior to the arch, but as collapsible structures, it is not useful.

The greenhouse is made of polypropylene and polycarbonate

The greenhouse is made of polypropylene

As the greenhouse-like cabin and arched greenhouse of polypropylene pipes can be covered with polycarbonate sheets. This material is more expensive than film, but with careful use will last three to five times longer. Built construction under a polycarbonate of the same elements. It is important to consider the size. The arc length should be equal to size polycarbonate sheet. The shelter is attached to the pipe with roofing screws with rubber washer.

Video: durable comfortable greenhouse is made of polypropylene


Valentin, 34 years:a Greenhouse from PVC water pipe cost me three times cheaper than the original. He collected himself, covered with reinforced material. Early spring planted cucumbers and herbs between them. Growing by leaps and bounds. Salad, dill with greenhouse eat from the middle of may, the cucumber is tied very much. My wife and the end of works quite pleased.

Ivan, 60 years:I Saw the movie «Greenhouse made of polypropylene pipes with his hands», was surprised by the simplicity and fired up to build one of these. Solidly made, connected by fittings, covered with transparent polycarbonate. Nice teplička turned on my century will suffice. Planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. Waiting for a good harvest.

Natalia, 32 years:All the time grown seedlings, herbs, early vegetables in pernicka. Worked, but stationary greenhouse is always better. Chose a design made of polypropylene. The first season covered the cost of the greenhouse completely. Seedlings of tomato, eggplant and pepper small super marketable, better future was only Petunia. Sold out in three days.

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