Spring garden treatment against pests and diseases

Planting fruit-bearing trees and shrubs is only the first stage of their cultivation. To obtain a good crop, it is necessary to provide the plants proper care. Mandatory procedure for fruit crops is spring spraying, which prevents the development of disease and provides insect control.

Protecting your garden from pests in the spring

Male sprays trees

Whitewashing the trunks, digging the soil around the bushes/trees, spraying the plants with chemicals – these are three important procedures, which includes spring garden treatment against pests and diseases. The first is disinfected the bark, which is often a source of pests and diseases. Treatment of the soil with digging helps to combat pests living in the soil. This procedure is carried out just before spraying the garden with protective agents. For the spring treatment using different formulations, including gentle organic liquid.

Before Bud

Processing garden from diseases, pests should gradually. Start spraying should be in early spring, in early March, when there are no buds on the trees. It is important to pay special attention to such garden crops as raspberry, currant, gooseberry. You need to clean the plants from withered branches, the fruit, the crown of trees to cut and remove the old bark. Trimmed branches, other parts of the shrubs should be burned.

Treatment in spring garden from diseases and pests is carried out after this preparatory period. Use any effective treatments: copper or iron sulfate, urea (urea, diesel oil, Bordeaux mixture, etc. early spring spraying of fruit trees in the spring helps to get rid of the Apple blossom weevil, weevils, sawflies, mites, some types of fungal diseases.

Treatment of trees after flowering

When it is finished flowering fruit crops, it’s time to start another spring processing garden from pests and diseases. The last spraying is carried out when the trees/bushes will reset all the petals and place the flowers appear the ovaries. Spray the plants in this period it is necessary to protect them from rot diseases and help to develop immunity against blights and fungi.

It is desirable that the processing of the garden after flowering is over careful inspection of each fruit crops for the presence of pests. Sometimes even multiple procedures does not yield the expected result, but spaces still are under the negative impact of aphids or other insects. If you find insects, destroy them, however, during the ripening of fruits is not allowed the use of most insecticides. Better in this case to treat the plants with urea.

What to spray fruit trees in spring

Man spraying tree

Spring treatment of fruit trees against pests include the use of chemical, organic or combined formulations. Each type has its pros and cons:

  • So, chemicals are very effective and easy to use, but they expire after 1-2 weeks after treatment.
  • Organic substances as safe as possible for gardens and people, but are not universal, as they help in a fight with some insects and diseases.
  • The most effective for the spring treatment of garden pests and diseases are considered as combined funds.


This is an extremely effective agent against not only insect parasites and their eggs, larvae. NITROPHENOL treated fruit crops exclusively in early spring, when the buds are closed, since the contact of the drug with the leaves it burns them, at least the tree/shrub may die. Effective against lichens, mosses, aphids, caterpillars, leaf rollers, mites, and spots. It is used for spraying grapes, apples, plums, and other plants. Dilute the solution by mixing Cup of Nitrogen in a 10 litre bucket of water.

Treatment with copper sulfate

Usually, the spring processing garden from pests and diseases involves spraying the trees/bushes with copper sulfate. This fluid is suitable for combating powdery mildew, scab, blights, gnilostna. To use copper sulfate is an all year round under different weather conditions. To achieve maximum efficiency, the composition is added with an equal part lime (a mixture of the obtained 1:1). As a result, the gardeners have Bordeaux liquid, which is even more effective against insects.

Spraying urea

Spraying trees

This procedure allows to avoid many diseases – brown rot, scab, kokkomikoza and gnilostna. Urea is able to destroy pupae, and eggs of various insect pests. The tool acts as a fertilizer, filling the spaces with nitrogen, making aktiviziruyutsya growing process. Urea is a mixture of ash and soap solution. Prepare a means of spreading out in a 10 litre bucket of water pounds of wood ash. After the liquid is boiled, strain and give a long to brew. Before application, add 20 g of green soap and 30 g of urea.

When to spray the trees against pests in the spring

Many gardeners intuitively choose the time for watering the plants with insecticide, but do it too soon or delay the process. Meanwhile, the spraying should be carried out strictly on time, otherwise you will not destroy the pests or with them you eliminate the insects that pollinate the gardens. The result of this approach is the absence of the ovary. Experienced growers advise to treat fruit trees/bushes in the spring season several times, using different formulations. Below is a table with dates that are suitable to handle funds.

Period Type of works Permissible means
The first half of March Elimination of overwintering plants insects and their larvae Diesel fuel
Before the advent of kidney The fight against scab, fungi, larvae hatching Iron/copper sulphate, urea, Bordeaux mixture, Malathion
In the flowering period Immunity enhancement plantings, elimination of ticks, weevils Malathion, Bordeaux tool, copper sulfate powder DDT, anabasine
After flowering Insect control and prevention from putrid diseases Means broad-based action (United warehouses)

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