Seedlings of Petunia at home

The cultivation of seedlings of Petunia’s house is not all I think a good idea. Some are much easier to buy already grown flower than to take care of small plants. There are fans who are very nice to deal with sowing seeds in plastic cups to observe the gradual emergence of a crop. They bring joy to each step of the care.

How to plant Petunia seedlings

Petunias in pots

Selection of seedlings of Petunia which is available in sale, small. Wishing to obtain rare hybrids should take up farming them yourself. For sowing you can get shallow boxes, plastic trays of mayonnaise, after making holes at the bottom. Before planting Petunia seedlings, it is recommended to water the soil with boiling water to get rid of possible pests, especially if the ground is home. Choose the substrate with the fertilizer, to avoid the purchase of defective goods.

Seedling petunias at home can be grown in peat tablets, this method is even simpler. You need to fill purchased «roundels» with boiling water and wait for cooling. Then place the flower seeds in special grooves. They should not be deep, can be a little finger pressure to the seed to form a contact with moist soil. Seedling Petunia needs good lighting, so place the container on a balcony (if you live in an apartment) or in a well lit room.

The selection of seeds

Choose Petunia seeds can be of two main types: Bush and basket. First grow bunch, not lagging, not hanging down from the pots. The second type can be planted in pots, these flowers will be nice to slip down, showing off all its flowers. Polianilina cascading Petunia is growing up, then bends under the pressure of the weight of its stems. When choosing seeds petunias, consider the following rules:

  • Ampelnye petunias varieties are not cheap. Are of foreign origin and are often sold by the piece. If you take a bag of seeds, pay attention to the manufacturer (it may be Germany, Japan, Israel).
  • You should not rely only on the beautiful name, better read what the manufacturer says. If the packaging says that the erect stems grow to 40 cm, branching they will not.
  • Beautiful picture do not always match the contents. That is, you can not grow seedling petunias at home the same color, hue or shape. The indication on the package that it contains a mixture of seeds does not mean that they will be colored (the advantage always on the side of one particular color).
  • Seed quality is determined by the similarity, it is indicated on the packaging. Also it is possible to ask the seller. But what sort of got this package with a beautiful Russian name, precisely tell nobody can.

Petunia flowers

When to plant Petunia

The most common Council for the propagation of seedlings of Petunia in home is landing in the «right» time. Because of the length of a day depends how long will sprout a plant which stem from it will be thick or thin, when to begin flowering. Start sowing from mid-March. This period is recommended to move on:

  • the end of February – subject to the availability of good, a constant illumination;
  • early March – if the Windows face South;
  • beginning of April – the Windows on the North side.

How to grow Petunia from seed at home

Germinating Petunia seeds

Growing petunias from seed in the home does not take much time. If you take elite varieties treated with nutrients (which form around the seed pellets), they are easier to plant. Observe the distance between plants easier. Thanks to the seed coating significantly increased. Germination of this pellets need high humidity. You need to moisten the seeds when they lie in their places. When this doesn’t work, you need to crush the pellet with a toothpick.

Wondering how to grow seedlings of Petunia, a lot of people want to know what other materials for the maintenance of the technology needed. On top of the box or container is covered with a transparent film (cap, glass, light nonwoven fabric), so you need to take care of her. The conditions of the greenhouse will save you from having to water small, only hatch sprouts. The temperature should be constant (between 23 and 26 degrees), to move the receptacle from the light source is not recommended.

Care of seedlings after the pick

Care of Petunia seedlings after the pick is to reduce the temperature, watering, fertilizing. Night in the room with plants should not be cold (below 15 degrees), a very hot day (18 to 20 degrees). Watering must be carefully, without getting water on the leaves. From excess moisture the flower will begin to rot, but dry it is not recommended. For forming a beautiful Bush plant pinch out, cutting off unnecessary leaves. Hanging plant varieties are not subject to such care, with time they will grow «on their own».

After germination

The appearance of the first small shoots of Petunia determines when it is necessary to decrease the temperature (20 degrees). You see the stairs (an average of 14 days after sowing), move the box from the battery. It is not required, it is desirable faster. So plants won’t stretch out, will come out strong. Now is the time to start airing. You can start with a few minutes a day. Then remove the film (or glass).

How to dive Petunia at home

Sprouts of petunias

The first sprouted leaves are not «real», it’s cotyledons. They contain nutrients for the full development of the young plants, so they need to be extremely careful. With the emergence of 2-4 leaves pairs with varietal characteristics begin swordplay. What it is and why you need to? Swordplay is the Seating of plants in individual cups (at least in the shortening of the main root).

The younger petunias need a lot of space, so they «settle». How to dive seedlings of Petunia’s home? Be neatly podkovyrnut (or pull out with the pill) plant and place it in a small container or pot. Modern gardeners do just that procedure, believing that the root system damaged during transplant. Previously it was believed useful to cut the tip of the root, that he grew in breadth.

Video: seedlings of Petunia Bush

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