Planting onions in the spring on the head

It’s hard to imagine lunch without onions. It is used in soups, soups, second dishes, salads, pickles and marinades. To vegetables, fish, meats – raw, steamed, fried onion indispensable for Russian cuisine. The cottagers have the ability to grow large, crisp, flavorful heads on your own site.

What kind of bow is better to plant the crown – varieties

Varieties of onions

The harvest was considerable, you need to decide on the technology of cultivation and to choose variety, ideal for planting in your circumstances. Bow on the head can be grown three ways: by sowing seeds in soil in early spring, plant sets (small bulbs grown last summer) or use seedlings. The choice of technology determines the time of planting. From the method of cultivation also depend on varieties that should opt.

Onions different varietal diversity. Some varieties of good fruit in annual crops, others cannot be used. In the southern regions of the country from seed in one year are grown:

  • Chalcedony;
  • Strigunovskiy;
  • Luhansk;
  • Gold;
  • The globe;
  • Lyubchik;
  • Amphora;
  • Aleko.

In two years of farming cultivate:

  • Eldorado;
  • Incentive;
  • Ellan;
  • Exhibition;
  • Stuttgarter Risen;
  • Centurion;
  • Timiryazevskiy.

For one gardening season onions can be grown only in warm regions of the country or applying seedlings and the cover film. It is used for planting last year’s seeds. They are soaked and sown in soil in early spring as soon as the snow melts and the land dries out. Seedlings thinned out, leaving between onion young interval of 3-5 cm, the closer the plants are to each other, the smaller will the bulbs. If your region is not Krasnodar Krai, for growing better to use sets.

How to plant onion sets in spring

Planting onions in the spring for a head start after stabilization of the warm weather. Got hit by frost the plants will not die, but will inevitably go to the arrow, and the harvest will be ruined. Well to use your own stock of bulbs. If stored properly unpleasant surprises. If spring arrived early, plant the sets can be even before the end of April. If not – better to wait until early or mid-may.

How to prepare a place

Preparation for planting vegetable garden

Large onion in the open ground grow when place under the plants are chosen correctly:

  1. The bed should be the most lit. Shade trees and tall plants significantly reduced the yield of this crop.
  2. Wetlands and poorly drained areas of the follicles grow watery, podgniet become unsuitable for winter storage.
  3. Good precursors of onion is considered to be carrots, beans, potatoes.

When planting onions in the spring on a die of the desired minimum tillage, surface tillage to a depth of ten centimeters. Well, if the fall patch filled up with humus or compost. To add to the soil fresh organic matter immediately before planting is not necessary. It stimulates the growth of green mass, but it slows down the development of the head. In a drought growing onions need to be watered.

Training sets

Planting material of onion are carefully selected and prepared. The bulbs must be clean, firm, free of blemishes and mold. Not suitable for growing heads are too small and overly large plants. Sevka the perfect diameter is from 14 to 20 mm. So the onions don’t strelyatsya, without loss tolerate late spring frosts, quickly going to increase. With proper pre-sowing treatment sets of this caliber does not hurt, gives a generous harvest.

Obligatory processing of the onions before planting with the purpose of disinfection. For this purpose, table salt, copper sulfate or the good old potassium permanganate. Soak the onion need in a solution of manganese dark pink color. Salt mix doing at the rate of one tablespoon of sodium chloride or of potassium permanganate per liter of water. Before soaking planting material good warm up for five to seven days at a temperature of 40-50 degrees, placing it near the radiator, boiler.


Planting onions

When the temperature of the earth in the country will rise to +12 degrees, you can start working. Planting onions in the spring on the head is a series. The arrangement of the follicles of the ordinary: lines have a distance of 15-20 cm, the plants in row – 5 cm of treated soil make a shallow groove in them lightly pressed onion, cover the ground. After a week the bed will be decorated with green onion pen, emerge from the soil in neat rows.

Proper care

Onion does not require complex care. All he needs is a loose soil, sun and moisture. Need time to weed the flower bed, and water it in the heat and loosen the soil after the rain. Need fertilizing for sevka, planted like a turnip? This issue must be approached thoughtfully, and fertilizer should be used carefully. If in a flower bed in the fall made humus, compost will be enough.

Remember, the fed bow on the head, if you deem it necessary. A great impact on the growth of plants infusion of the herb. Application:

  1. All greens are put in the barrel. Add chicken manure, fresh mullein or a bit of yeast. Infuse for a week in the sun, strain.
  2. This remedy, diluted in the ratio of 1 to 10, is a good dressing for any vegetable.
  3. Use the miracle potion for irrigation of onions has four green leaves (Pera).
  4. In late summer to feed the growing head is not necessary, it would adversely affect storage.

How to collect and store the harvest

Boxes with bow

3-4 weeks before anticipated harvest period completely stop watering. Head needs to Mature, to acquire the proper number of scales, dry. Dig the plants after the complete lodging of foliage. It is desirable to organize the collection, when it’s hot and dry. Dried onion is stored in the winter with minimal losses. Bulbs of different varieties it is stored separately. Rules:

  • Store heads of cabbage in wooden boxes, baskets or bags made of natural material. Do not use plastic bags, plastic containers.
  • The ideal temperature that allows you to save grown to a new season of 18 to 22 degrees.
  • It is important to remember that acute varieties stored better than semisweet, and head to the traditional gold color is better than red and white.
  • From time to time to sort out the vegetables, discard all suspicious bulbs.

Videorecommended: planting onions in the spring

Planting onions in the spring on the head is practiced by experienced gardeners. Personal and family secrets of a good harvest essential vegetable crops are distributed in articles and videos. Examined whether soaking the onions before planting, how to plant sets, and what to look for, caring for the garden. A selection of stories which answer these and many other questions, will help you grow an excellent crop.

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