Perennial flowers for the garden

Bright, beautiful flower garden at the cottage or the garden will help to create a unique design of the site, will be pleasing to the eye. Perfect perennials which do not require complex care, can easily tolerate winter median strip, bloom for a long time, until autumn. Perennial flowers for the garden variety, they can please the eye for several months, gradually replacing each other. For this you need to plant them wisely, to consider features.

How to choose garden flowers perennials

Garden flowers perennials

A variety of ornamental perennials opens new opportunities and helps to come up with such beds, which will delight gardeners for a long time, starting with spring and ending in late autumn. The basis of landscape footage always – flowers-perennials, undemanding and resistant. There are several types who choose gardeners, designers. In the store selling perennial plants begins in autumn, when they decided to land. Before you buy in the nursery, where the cultivation of flowers, you need to carefully study the description of the varieties.

The correct lawn of the composition there’s always the perennials, able to bloom throughout the summer. There are always plants that are not afraid of deep shadows. Don’t forget about hardy flowers, easily tolerate temperature changes, cold snaps, light frosts. Blossoming, bright, with large inflorescences of flowers, such as poppies, will decorate any country clubbuy area. Flowers-perennials for the garden are divided by way of planting, which can be round the root, through seeds, seedlings.

Bloom all summer

The most popular plants are those that bloom all summer. They must be properly planted, and they are not one year will delight in the country in bright colors. Gardeners divide perennial flowers for the garden to low-growing, with a maximum height of feet wide and tall. The choice depends on individual preferences, the soil, the presence of shady and Sunny areas, the design of the site. Perennials are often used create borders that frame the beds.

There are several of the most unpretentious species popular among gardeners:

  • Sage – flowers summer very beautiful blue flowers. It is better to plant on the shady sites with moist soil.
  • English rose is a hardy, low maintenance, blooms in summer. Reaches a height of 2.5 m.
  • Clematis – a perennial many varieties to choose easily. There are white, purple, blue, height up to 3 m.
  • Calendula is a natural defense against pests, has a distinct flavor.
  • Phlox prefers Sunny areas, do not like excessive humidity.

Perennial low-growing flowers

Undersized flowers

The heart of the composition from perennials to routinely see low-growing flowers with a maximum height of 30 cm. these include:

  • Pansies – unique color combinations on the background of bright green leaves, large selection of varieties.
  • Gentian – a gentle blue color of the petals.
  • Flax macranthon different shades of red in the large flowers.
  • Cuff – green-yellow blossoms in the form of a ball.
  • Dianthus-deltoides – red and white flowers.


The advantage of the undemanding perennials that they do not require maintenance and time-consuming. Such species include:

  • Astrantsiya – colors includes green, cream, white, pink shades, same grows in the shade and in the sun.
  • Gypsophila – flowers volume fluffy buds, frost.
  • Grebenniki – known for its ability to withstand any conditions, from drought to swampy area, long flowering.

Early flowers-perennials

Early garden perennials

More popular among early flower perennial bulbs, plant them in the fall, there are the first shoots under the snow. This category includes:

  • Snowdrop – the name speaks for itself, begins to grow even under the snow, the first spring flower, the plant preferably under trees, bushes, in the shade.
  • Krokus – early flowering, many varieties, shoots under certain climatic conditions appear in February.
  • Muscari – shrub, very fast growing, undemanding.

The long flowering time

Decoration of any street flower beds are blooming throughout the warm season perennials. To ensure that they are happy for a long time, it is necessary to observe some rules. It is impossible to plant plants that require different care, together. Perennial flowers for the garden, which belong to the shrub, it is desirable to divide: pick 5-6 sprigs and seated them at a small distance. Most popular include:

  • Rudbeckia – like a sunflower, bright and memorable.
  • Lavender – helps to get rid of pests in the home, but also in the garden.
  • Astilba – small white, red, purple, pink flowers.

Beautiful flowering perennial

Blooming perennials for the garden

Landscape designers are capable of making works of art from the beautifully blooming perennial flowers for the garden. Popular among professionals and Amateur gardeners use:

  • Peonies – fragrant plants come in different types, beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Anemones – large petals with a bright core of different shades on long stems.
  • Catnip – replaces the lavender in zones of cold climate.
  • Host – beautiful fleshy leaves, flowers with long bright petals. The beauty will give a better photo in the catalog of flowers for your cottage or on the Internet.

Flowers for borders

Create a beautiful design of flower beds – not an easy task. It is important to choose low-growing perennial garden flowers that are unpretentious, grow in any light. To create a contrasting border choose saturated colors. The most popular perennials: chives, arabis, Geum, sedums, Ajuga, feverfew, marigolds, geraniums, etc. the List border perennial flowers for the garden are endless. Stand out plants that can trail and curl.

To create a functional, attractive flower border, it is important to follow the rules:

  1. Gaps should not be, because the border will look untidy.
  2. The design should create a contrast to the colours of the flower beds.
  3. Aesthetics cannot depend on the weather. Rain, heat, cloud – in all conditions, the composition needs to look good.

Perennial flowers for borders

Care of perennial flowers

Perennials in most of the unpretentious, capable to withstand temperature extremes, but to take care of flowers is still necessary. The observance of certain steps will help to preserve blooming, bright, unique garden. Attention should be given to all perennial plants, without exception: time to feed, to water, to weed, to treat parasites, pruning, etc.

The main stages of care:

  1. Fertilizing in the spring, with the onset of the first shoots.
  2. Watering in the middle band is needed only in periods of drought, especially when at the cottage or in the garden planted perennial unpretentious flowers.
  3. Mulching retains moisture in the soil.
  4. The collection of withered blossoms – need for re-flowering, giving a tidy look of the flower bed.
  5. Division – grown shrub perennial flowers every few years are seated.

Watering perennial flowers

Video: planting Phlox in the open ground

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