Lighting for seedlings

When lighting is poor, very sluggish, photosynthesis of plants, biomass is growing slowly, the seedlings suffer. Although each seedling to the spectrum of your lighting requirements, daylight has all the ingredients for their normal growth. Modern technology is already close to the required parameters, so the illumination for the plants to pick easy.

Why the need for illumination of plants

Lighting plants

Led bulb for plants need, if they are a little light. Some types of seeds for seedlings planted in the middle of winter, but in order for it to grow, natural lighting is not enough. Conventional lamp as a backlight is not suitable, because of their capacity the plant will burn. Even much burning light enough seeds due to the small spectrum of radiation, so the light for seedlings should be conducted by specialized lamps. Data lighting devices have a small heat output and the desired range for the lighting of plants, planted on a shelf or windowsill.

The main types of lamps for lighting seedlings

Lighting for plants is very different. For proper photosynthesis, plants need sunlight consists of different wavelengths and different colors. For example, the red light improves the vegetation of the seed, affecting germination, purple and blue contribute to the emergence of strong germs. Also for plant growth is of great importance, the intensity and duration of lighting. All these nuances should be taken into account when choosing lamps and installation of light for seedlings at home.

Classic incandescent bulbs

Trying to save money, some people used to illuminate the seedlings of the classic tungsten lamp. This process is not only ineffective, but even absolutely useless. Because such lamps are only five percent of the total radiation enters the luminous flux, the other is a thermal component, that is, a light source warms more than light. Moreover, the emission spectrum of the classic incandescent lamps do not meet the requirements of the plants so devastating to them. The leaves under them get burned, the biomass dries up.

Fitolampy for plants

Led backlight seedlings

A perfect light for seedlings is lighting fitolamp. From traditional artificial light sources, they differ in that the generated photons are not colored narrow range and are more favourable for photosynthesis – wide. Fitolampy arranged so that do not create harmful infrared and ultraviolet radiation for green cells. In their design, the United red and blue glow that makes this kind of artificial light is universal.

Led strip lights for plants

The light-emitting diode or LED is a semiconductor device, distorting the light into electric voltage. The use of led strips for plants began only in recent years available, so this is the most expensive lighting. The advantages of lead lights for seedlings:

  1. Efficiency. Use less energy, 8 times than the traditional light bulbs.
  2. Quick inclusion. The glow it gives is smooth, without flashes of light.
  3. Durability. Duration of operation can reach 50 000 hours.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Not require special disposal, do not contain harmful chemical elements.


Energy saving fluorescent daylight lamp is a mercury gas discharge lighting device, the radiation which is fluorescence. Mercury vapor to excite the gas with an electric current, which emits light in the ultraviolet range, which causes the illumination of the phosphoric coating that is inside. Fluorescent lamp for seedlings is very suitable, as it consumes much less energy and practically radiates heat. This is the most economical lights for indoor plants.

Sodium lamp metal halide

Sodium lamps

A promising group of light sources – metal halide lamp with high luminous efficiency, a large set the desired temperature, excellent color reproduction. It’s a perfect backlight that has a positive effect on the root system of seedlings, promotes short internodes and good branching. But it is better not to use in flowering stage. Better metal halide, sodium light used on the seedlings, because these fixtures guarantee its rapid growth and many shoots.

Sodium lamps high pressure

Abbreviated designation HPS( sodium arc tube). This is a lamp with a low color rendition and a dim light which is connected via a control gear or starting antenna. It is a cylinder of glass with a special cylindrical tube-burner that contains xenon gas. The advantages of sodium illuminator high pressure:

  • operating temperature range from -60 to +40 °C;
  • efficiency of application;
  • long operating time (up to 32 000 hours);
  • high luminous efficiency;
  • a small change during operation of the light flux.

What kind of light for seedlings better

By far the best illumination of seedlings with his own hands is by using led bulbs. They are chosen on the basis of low consumption of electricity, due to the fact that the lamps can be placed close to seedlings without detrimental impact on the flora, due to the fact that LEDs do not overheat the soil, requiring additional watering. It is economic lighting and during lighting of seedlings, when it is necessary to abide by the schedule photoperiods: day-night.

Lighting home seedlings

Where to buy and how much it cost

To buy lighting in specialty stores, and order online. Fitolampy and Bielany for growing seedlings have different costs, depending on the power and type. Thus, the reflux sodium lamp costs about 700 rubles, plus installation will cost about 1000 rubles. The average price for an led lamp power 9 – 1500 rubles, and 12 – about 2500 rubles.

Lighting for seedlings at home with your own hands

To make the led lights at home, not necessarily have special knowledge. Important compact and efficient to place the lights on the shelves, so they can cover the required area. To create a ribbon lamp needs:

  • LEDs blue, red;
  • thermal grease or thermal glue;
  • a piece of aluminum, which will serve as a base;
  • the power supply that provides stable current;
  • plug, cord.

Lighting for seedlings, hand made

For optimal illumination to rotate on the ribbon, 1 blue and 2 red element. Connect them by soldering, and are output to the power supply, which is connected with plug and switch. To mount tape double-adhesive tape, rivets or bolts on the prepared base, after which it is going to driver switch, plug and cord in a single chain.

To make a stand, where you will grow the seedlings, you need a wooden beam or metal area. Design simple shelves with hollow compartments for the drawers are fastened together with bolts or screws. The size of the rack depends on seedling boxes and the height is recommended at no more than 3 ranks. On each row mounted one led strip is affixed on the top drawer.

What lights or light panel to illuminate the seedlings garden decides. Someone more like fluorescent bulbs, but some people prefer metal halide and sodium light sources. Watch your plants, do experiments, and you will definitely find the best method of cultivation.

Videorecommended: what bulb is needed for seedlings

Well done highlighting compliance with the required performance is the key to producing strong and healthy seedlings. Very rare plants have enough daylight, mostly, growers have to arrange additional artificial lighting. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of lamps for seedlings, and how to choose them, see the video below.

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