Landscape design of the yard of a private house

Any private dwelling house, whether a house in the city, country or just country home is the yard. To sort it, no need to spend time looking for the specialist. You can try to create your own landscape design outside the house. Below you will find instructions and tips how to decorate the yard with his hands.

Landscaping of a private house

Landscaping home

Apartment blocks and private houses have one main difference – the courtyards, the latter has one owner. While it is not forbidden to invent your own project design space. Yard in any private house, from cottages to country cottage, is a separate territory. She meets his owner after a hard day, or even weeks, and creates the first impression about him. The arrangement of the yard of a private home puts the overall goal of the cultivation environment and the still wild nature.

A feature of the design of private yard is what you need to write in their ideas and other elements of the site. These include:

  • a vegetable garden with greenhouses and greenhouses for planting of mainly vegetable crops;
  • garden area with plantings of fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and berries;
  • domestic outbuildings such as a shed, fence, summer kitchen, room for domestic animals, a Playground, small architectural forms and even bath.

Design of a private house

The design of the yard of a private house

Design yard part, where there are garden beds and many vegetable crops, depends on what you want to do on this free space. If your family is prone to sports games, you should more space be dedicated to lawn. Those who often gathers with friends to fry a shish kebab, it is better to consider how to position in the backyard or barbecue grill. A great solution for the latter case there is a canopy under which you can relax even in bad weather. Importantly, under it was placed a couple of benches and a table.

The design of the garden of a private house

A mandatory part of the garden are vegetable crops. To decorate this area can be divided as follows:

  • vegetables, flowering during fruiting;
  • vegetables that have a beautiful view throughout the growing season.

The latter include green culture. Looks especially beautiful lettuce, whose leaves can be wavy or toothed, entire or lobed, round or oval. To dilute such parterre flower garden, you can use curly parsley, carrots, delicate asparagus and dill. Vegetables, impressing its appearance during the fruiting is tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin.

How to decorate a yard

Landscaping a large yard

Landscape design of private house’s goal of beautification with the help of such items as:

  • benches;
  • flower beds;
  • figurines fairy-tale characters;
  • reservoirs;
  • track;
  • lanterns;
  • other elements of the decor.

For landscape design of private yard looked perfect, still need to mask unsightly elements. These include:

  • fence;
  • outbuildings and walls;
  • stumps or old trees;
  • of uneven terrain.

A good dark design of the fence can be vines planted around the perimeter. Decorate a fence with the help of stained glass film, mirrors, pieces of broken tile. On the walls of the outbuildings will look good items such as:

  • hanging pots with aromatic or medicinal herbs;
  • rail grating or openwork Wallpaper;
  • shelves with a collection of old tools or colors;
  • simple drawings or designs;
  • different installations of the old things.

To spoil the design of the private yard and may depressions or bumps. To beat the terrain easily with the help of small reservoirs, multilevel flower beds or complex decking with posts. Old tree stumps can make a stool or stand for flowers, of unprepossessing trees – a support for climbing plants, and a compost bin – garden bed for vegetables, for example cucumbers.

Landscape design of the yard

Making arbors

In the design environment, there are several styles, each suited to a particular locality. For the inner courtyard would be more appropriate the following areas of landscape design:

  1. Infinity. Suitable for almost any yard. As seen in the picture, is characterized by cobbled walkways, abundant greenery, lack of specific decor and classic furniture.
  2. SEL. Characteristic of the old buildings. The basis of the style are natural materials – wood, stone. Allows you to profitably farm building and is a part of gardening, therefore more suitable for a suburban backyard.
  3. Mediterranean. This flexible style will fit into almost any landscape design. It is characterized by the abundance of pottery and vases.
  4. Modern or modern. Applies, if itself a private house decorated in this style. The main elements of style is a structure of strict silhouettes, the predominance of lawns, natural and smooth tones. Modern relevant just for large spaces.

The interior garden

Design garden

Design gardening part does not require large expenditures of labor and resources. Vacant land can be issued in the form of lawns. Not necessarily to buy branded grass. Lawn with teams of herbs to private yard too. The next step will be to create compositions of flowers, because they are integral elements of any garden. The main thing – not to get involved. Remember that the purpose of the garden is the cultivation of crops, so the first thing you need to harmoniously accommodate all crops. After that you can place the elements.

Courtyard landscape

To achieve harmony in landscape design backyard yard, you can use the right of dividing the territory into zones. Economic and recreational should be about the same size, but the first is better positioned on the back side of the property, separating it with small front gardens or bushes. The private yard design should consider the following points:

  1. Additional constructions. It is inappropriate to do them right next to the house, otherwise he would be sandwiched between them. It is recommended to recede 2-3 meters along the perimeter to give the court freedom.
  2. Landscaping. Planting tomatoes or parsley under the Windows, a summer kitchen, you turn the court in a continuation of the garden or the garden. Harmoniously will look only a couple of sweet cherry trees or cherry or neat bushes.
  3. The decorative elements. Not to clutter the plot, especially small sculptures, figurines or ponds with bridges. They must be harmoniously inscribed in the commercial and recreational areas.


Garni design yard

It is desirable that landscaping of the yard of a private house is functionally responsive to the needs of the owners. In addition to gardening and economic zones in planning an important element is the sector of active and passive recreation. In order not to create unnecessary restrictions on movement, on small yards best to stick to the comfortable furniture in the form of benches and chairs with tables. At large stations it is possible to arrange much more different zones, including:

  • open Parking or garage;
  • gazebo;
  • fountains or sculptures;
  • pond or pool;
  • the barbecue area;
  • summer kitchen;
  • a children’s Playground.


In the gallery presents options for how the plot is possible to implement some of the ideas of landscape design of a private house:

  1. Gazebo. The yard gives comfort and serenity, perfect for spending time alone, and conversations with family and friends.
  2. Gazebo with summer kitchen. This option is preferable for those who like to dine al fresco.
  3. Canopy. Depending on the plan in this building can be put simply sofas and chairs, or supplemented by table.
  4. Hammock. For lovers to relax in nature is this device. It requires only two adjacent wood.
  5. The loungers. If you put them in a small pond or pool and to complement the umbrella, the courtyard becomes a real family beach.

Video: landscape design of a private house

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