How to plant strawberries in August

Grown in a personal garden, tasty, aromatic and large strawberry brings a lot of pleasant emotions to the gardener. But the rich harvest of the berry is not quite simple. Just knowing the secrets of planting and caring for it, it is possible to grow delicious strawberries. New bushes of berries roots in late summer or autumn. How to plant strawberries in August? Consider the description of the sequence of agricultural activities before planting seedlings of the culture and the ways of planting berry bushes.

How to pick and buy strawberries on the landing

To get healthy the strawberry bushes that will grow well without diseases and will give a large harvest of sweet berries, you must plant high-quality seedlings. How to choose the right material for planting? Experts recommend buying a one-year seedlings with closed root system (in cups). They must be fibrous roots length less than 5 cm and not more than 3 well-developed leaves.

Give a good harvest elite varieties of strawberries. Great would be if you purchase and plant in the garden such plants. Even for cultivation of this crop growers are using Frigo seedlings, which are carefully selected from the available in the garden bushes of berries, then dug in late autumn and stored in packages with a small negative temperature.

Strawberry seedlings for planting in August

Where is the best to buy seedlings of strawberries? If you buy it in the markets from private dealers, there is a chance that if you purchased a plant is infected with diseases and pests. It is best to take healthy seedlings obtained from sterile plants grown by a special technique «test-tube». Such plants sell to large manufacturers. In their specialized nurseries implemented the strawberry seedlings, ranging from late July to early August.

The sooner in the late summer you plant the bushes of this plant, the greater the likelihood that they will be laying of flower buds, and next year will be the first harvest. When choosing plants, take a good look seedlings. If you see on the plants pale, wrinkled leaves, or they have some point, the material is better not to buy. These characteristics suggest poor quality of seedlings, infected by disease/pests. Buy strawberry seedlings with the following characteristics:

  • The leathery leaves of seedlings/ hairs have the healthy rich shiny green.
  • Horn seedling has a thickness of not less than 0.7, see
  • Root length of seedlings in the open more 7 see
  • The seedlings are not damaged the roots, leaves.
  • The core of the Bush is strong, resilient, has a rich green color.
  • Have seedlings in cups or magazines the roots have enveloped the entire volume of the container in which they are located.
  • The peat pot should be with roots that pierced through him and look out.

Soil preparation

To plant the strawberries are best in late the summer season in August. To do so, preferably in full sun on the South-Western slopes with a slope of 2-3 degrees. To be used for cultivation of the plant areas in the lowlands or closed is not desirable. The acidity of the soil for transplanting strawberries should not be greater than 5.5 to 6.5. A good harvest bushes of berries if planted on Chernozem podzolized soils or on dark grey forest soil, which has an average or poor team.

Soil preparation before planting strawberries

Nice fruit berry will be on sod-podzolic, sandy loam soils. It is advisable not to plant strawberries where close to the surface are ground water. Before planting of seedlings in a particular area must first investigate the presence of pests and if found to destroy insects by special means. The ground for planting strawberries is first cleaned from weeds. Then 2 weeks before planting seedlings, prepare the soil for planting seedlings. Across the site sift 2-3 buckets of organics per 1 sqm

After what crops to plant: predecessors strawberries

When choosing a site for planting strawberries, consider how the plant grew on it earlier. It is not necessary to use the land for growing this delicious berry as if it had recently grew plants from the family Asteraceae, Ranunculaceae or tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, sunflower. So then you can plant strawberries? And you can put an onion is a plant? The crop of berries will be good, if you plant seedlings in the ground, where previously grew:

  • peas;
  • beans;
  • radishes;
  • garlic;
  • parsley;
  • radish;
  • mustard;
  • dill;
  • salad;
  • oats;
  • bow.

What is the distance to root berries: a planting scheme with the photo

When planting seedlings should not bury them in the ground, otherwise the Central point or heart of the Bush will be below ground level, which will lead to the death of the plant. To prevent small planting of strawberries too. It is fraught with the drying of the heart and death of the Bush. The seedling is well established and will grow if we plant it so that the Central point of the seedling were slightly above the soil surface.

How to plant strawberries in August

  • When transplanting into the hole, it is necessary to make it a mound and put it on a plant.
  • The roots cannot bend, they must smoothly descend the hillock. If they are too long, be sure to trim them a bit.
  • After planting seedlings, the plant need plenty of water and make for each seedling l of a solution of NV 101 — 93, 93 diluted drops of this substance in 1 liter of water.
  • Then young bushes mulch compost (5-6 cm) or with straw, hay, shavings (10 cm) and covered with a special material to create a greenhouse effect for better rooting of seedlings.

In the future, carry out regular weeding of the bushes and removed the mustache. If, after transplanting, the weather is dry, need to water culture to the land in the area was wet. During this period, there is a tab of flower buds depends on the crop of berries next year. Schemes of planting strawberries, there are several:

Diagram of proper planting strawberries

  • A single-line. Is planting seedlings in a row. The distance between the clumps of plants should be 15-20 cm, and between rows – 60-70 cm.
  • Two-line. This planting strips, consisting of 2 rows of bushes. The distance between the ribbons – 60-70 cm, in rows 30 cm, clumps – 15-20 cm.
  • Natural farming techniques. In this scheme, seedlings are planted every 50 cm in single rows in the garden with a width of 50 cm Distance between rows is 50 cm.

Than to fertilize the soil before planting

2 weeks prior to planting, it is desirable to make in the soil (for every 1 m2 40 g of double superphosphate, 20 g of potash (wood ash or potassium sulfate). In the holes for planting bushes and seedlings, it is desirable to add organic matter. To do this, dig each plant a hole 25x25x25 and fill it with a mixture of 1 bucket of earth from the site, 1 bucket of compost, 1 bucket of rotted horse manure, 2 cups of ash.

Planting garden strawberry mustache outdoors

One way of producing seedlings of strawberries is rooting a mustache from a specially prepared Royal Bush this culture. On such shoots formed sockets and its root system:

Planted strawberry mustache

  • 2 weeks prior to transplant young seedlings obtained from the rooting of moustaches, a pair of scissors separate from the adult plant. Since that time, he will go to his own food.
  • When the socket strawberries ripen, transplant them to a permanent place. And when to plant strawberry mustache? This process is better to start to produce in the period from late July to late August. This should be done in cloudy day or in the evening to the plant root system is well adapted to the new place.
  • The site for planting strawberry divide into rows with distance between them of 1 m. Plant strawberries at a distance of 20-30 cm between the bushes.
  • The depth of pits for planting strawberries do 15 cm.
  • The core outlet after planting should be at soil level. It is important not to deepen, and not to leave on the soil, the plants died.

How to plant under black film

To obtain a large crop of strawberries gardeners use the method of planting plants under a black film or AGROSALON. These devices cover the whole area. In the film, make holes for planting berry bushes. The black stuff on the ground doesn’t let the sunlight and it does not grow weeds and other undesirable at the site of the plant. To implement this method of planting:

Strawberries planted under agrotextile

  • Buy agricultural fiber, or black tape area equal to the size of the area of the future plantation of strawberries.
  • Further, the mulch material to lay on the ground, laying his angles in the holes around the perimeter and covering with soil.
  • Then begin the process of planting seedlings. They should be planted in a staggered manner with a distance between plants 25-30 cm.
  • On film pre-mark the places for holes and make small perpendicular cuts.
  • Then through each hole dig the holes with his hands and planted seedlings.
  • Holes in the film must be large, so as not to provoke the growth of weeds.

What fertilizer to use or what to feed in the fall

Planted in August, plants need to fertilize. It makes different substances. Useful treating the strawberries with a solution consisting of 30 g of urea and 10 l of water. Foliar feeding is carried out with boron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc. Treated bushes in the summer will bring more yield and quality of berries will be higher than in not fertilized with these substances in plants. To make a mix for feeding, prepare the following ingredients:

  • molybdenum – 2 g;
  • manganese – 50 g;
  • boric acid – 15 g;
  • water — 15 HP

Care in the fall for strawberries include the preparation of plants for winter. Sheltering bushes of this crop straw, peat, compost, fallen leaves or corn stalks. These natural substances will not only preserve the plants in winter from the cold, but will also fertilize the soil. As mulch the bushes using a special materials – spunbond, lutrasil. Covered strawberries will be protected from frost and next year will give a good harvest. Further agarbati with strawberries start in April.

Is it possible to put next to different varieties of strawberries

Different varieties of strawberries in the same bed

Some reviewers gardeners reflects a deep conviction that to put together different varieties of strawberries can not. So they cross-pollinated between themselves and then on their bushes as the berries are getting worse. But experts say that the cause of the deterioration of the crop in these cases is not that cross-pollination occurs, and because there is a degeneration of the plant.

If you go a little further into botany, then you may recall that when pollinating crops there is a double fertilization. As a result of this process, we get seeds that have genetic information from the plant pollinator. However, strawberry is not the case, because the fruit is not quite what this term understands botany.

Juicy red berry Bush this culture is overgrown receptacle, which is part of the parent plant and carries only its genetic characteristics. Therefore, culture, which are pollinated with pollen of the flowers of strawberries, does not affect the quality of the berries. So plant different varieties next not prohibited. But when breeding plants mustache, it is important not to mix up, to what type of strawberry belongs subsidiary of socket.

Video: the technology of landing on covering material

Experienced gardeners gardeners prefer to grow strawberries is to use a black film, spunbond, agrotextile. Planting technology of the seedling of this plant to cover the material allows to obtain a good yield and prevents weeds. About the features tree planting strawberries on agricultural fiber, spunbond, you will learn of the 3 videos below showing different ways of rooting of seedlings.

Under black spunbond

How to plant under agrotextile

The original planting method

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