How to plant grapes

Grapes – very tasty and useful berry, which can be grown in almost any city of Russia. If you want to grow in his dacha, an aromatic plant, it is necessary to learn how you can plant the grapes.

Planting the vines according to the rules


Since ancient times people were aware of wild grapes. He was one of the first crops where the man began to lead a settled way of life. For the cultivation and harvest its ripe fruit takes a long time, and it was required to live in one place. Today, many gardeners are often interested in the question how to plant grapes. There are certain rules to planting berries:

  • To get a rich harvest, you need to choose the right place for the plant. It is best to place the vineyard on the plot with lots of sun. Thus groundwater should lie low.
  • The area should be protected from cold winds, so it is better to plant vines on the South side of the fence. If you place the plant in the center of the garden, it is best to see it was next to the currants. If your area has acidic soil, before planting the berries it needs to be limed and filled with humus.
  • Considering the climate, the planting of green cuttings (with closed root system) should be conducted at the end of may. Planting grapes from exposed roots can be carried out in April.
  • Seedlings must be purchased immediately before planting. In addition, can be planted and pre-sprouted cuttings.
  • Grape variety also affects productivity. Consider the resistance of seedlings to pests, diseases, bad weather conditions. Experts advise to choose varieties that have stable and strong fruiting ovaries, for example, Aladdin, Harold, Momentum, Galahad.

How to plant benjamnin way

Technology planting grapes without pits used by the summer residents, whose sites are located on rocky or clay soils or when subsurface water are too high. The basic idea of this planting is that in poor soil conditions, place the grapes in good soil at the desired depth. To grow berries, you need to:

  • to take cuttings and plant them in boxes without a bottom length of 150 cm and a width of 40 cm;
  • 2 years into the space between the boxes should be placed fallen leaves, grass clippings, kiln ash and covered with earth;
  • the result is a fertile layer of the soil, of the vineyard will be possible to obtain high and stable yields.

Winds grapes

How to plant grapes from cuttings

If you don’t know how to plant the cuttings, you can use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • You must use only the green shoots that root easily and take root.
  • Better to cut them two weeks before flowering.
  • Green seedlings should be cut on dwuhpuchkova cuttings, make slices, remove the lower leaves and place in a bucket of water.
  • Planting grapes in spring by cuttings is carried out in special pits.
  • Dig a hole with a depth of 80 inches, with a diameter of 60 cm;
  • On the bottom is filled with 10 cm of gravel.
  • In the South-Western part of the pit put a pipe with a diameter of 50 mm and a length of one meter.
  • Take the soil and mix with compost.
  • The resulting mixture was put in a pit and well we stamp, the top covered with earth.
  • Planted grapes.
  • Here’s how to water the grapes after planting: water is necessary to defend and use it to the plants every three days, while after watering the soil should be loosened;
  • when the roots grow to the feeding of the grapes will go to growth, will begin to bloom and bear fruit.

Planting grape seedlings in the spring

The grapes, planted seedlings

Instructions on how to plant grapes in the spring:

  • Soil for grapes must be cooked in autumn.
  • The location for planting should be Sunny, the soil is loam and black soil.
  • When buying seedlings, inspect to avoid damage by pests and signs of disease.
  • The most suitable material for planting of annual seedling with three roots, of a thickness exceeding 2 mm, length 10 cm
  • All seedlings Before planting is necessary to properly disinfect, soak them for 5 minutes in a solution of HCH.
  • The distance between plants should be 2 meters.
  • Do not make smaller distance due to the deterioration of ventilation further lighting and shelter for the winter.
  • Prepare planting holes with a diameter of 80 cm, depth 90 cm.
  • The bottom is carpeted with broken bricks.
  • Insert the pipe through which will be implemented by irrigation.
  • Fill hole with fertilized soil.
  • Moisturize the soil.
  • Planted grapes: set the seedling roots to the South, the buds on the North.
  • Covered with soil layer of 10 cm.
  • By late summer the vines can reach two meters, the next year will be a small crop.
  • The time of fruit ripening can take several months.
  • In the case of transplantation you need to take the seedling with the ball of soil to avoid damaging roots.

How to plant grapes in autumn

Molodi grapes

The fruits of the plants for a long time retain useful vitamins and substances and the addition of berries produce juice, wine. To successfully grow a plant, you need to know about the vine, how to plant grapes in the fall, spring. It is proved that the best period for planting is autumn and October, because the plant will have time to grow and take root before the frost. The rules of autumn planting of grapes:

  • It is better to choose shoots 40 cm long and with a diameter not less than 8 mm
  • Preparation of the seedling is pruned, the upper parts of the shoot, removal of lateral roots.
  • Before planting the roots should be dipped in a special «mash», which consists of manure, water, clay.
  • Dig a hole with a diameter of 70 cm and a depth of 90 cm.
  • Laid down 7 cm drainage, then put a thick paper.
  • Be sure to set the drainage pipe at the edge of the pit.
  • Fall asleep on top of the soil with humus, sand and fertilizer.
  • The plant is placed with the heel in the centre, straighten the roots in the South side.
  • Pour a bucket of water.
  • When moisture is absorbed, fill the earth.

When to plant

To grow a rich harvest of grapes is hard work that requires time and constant attention, although hard work will be rewarded with the sweet bunches of gorgeous berries. Many gardeners often argue about when you should be planting the grapes. This can be done both in autumn and spring, while in each case has its own characteristics:

  1. Most growers prefer planting for the fall. The seedlings are currently in a state of rest. In addition, the earth in autumn is well moisturized, so do not need abundant watering. The only downside of autumn planting, the plant may die if it is too cold in winter.
  2. Spring planting requires careful preparation of planting material. There is a possibility to order the desired variety, not hurrying up to prepare the cuttings. With this planting your seedlings are certainly not frozen.

Planting scheme

The scheme of planting grapes

The distance between the bushes is called a scheme of planting. From her choice depends on the yield and growth of plants. Generally the scheme of the two dimensions –the distance between the bushes in the row and the distance among lines of the landing. Depends fit from the fertility of the soil, the grapes, the formation of a Bush. Vigorous plants should be planted with the large distances in the row. The plot breaks with the orientation of the lines from North to South which allows the sun to better illuminate the berries. The distance between rows should be about 2 or 3 meters, in the middle of bushes 1.5-2 meters.

Video: planting grapes in the spring

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