How to plant cucumbers in the open ground

Their vegetables is a huge help on the farm. If you are concerned about how to plant cucumbers in the open ground, do not rush to sowing. Cucumbers are heat — loving plant, fear of night frosts, and against cold watering they become sick. Growing vegetables begins with choosing soil, varieties, time of year. Planting of this crop growers require patience, knowledge of the intricacies and peculiarities of the plant.

Some varieties of cucumbers are best planted in open ground

For cultivation are considered to be more suitable hybrid varieties of the vegetable (on the bag is marked F1). Cucumbers germinate these seeds faster, better pollinated, give a good harvest. For landing the best fit of the three-year seed culture. They develop more slowly, but form more buds, steeped in productivity. The plants grow resistant to diseases. The best varieties of vegetables for planting in the open ground:

  • Competitor;
  • Universal;
  • Cascade;
  • Altai;
  • Far East;
  • Russian taste;
  • Leader;
  • Fair cucumber;
  • Antoshka;
  • Omelko;
  • Brigantine;
  • Wonderful.

When to plant cucumbers seeds

People planting cucumber seeds in open ground

The best time for sowing crops – when will the stable weather the daily average air temperature +25C°, night will not fall below around +10C°. According to national signs, vegetable sow Yuri — 6 may. Early varieties of cucumbers, such as a Competitor, Universal, Altai planted until the middle of the last month of spring. The best time for planting cucumbers late maturing (Antoshka, Emelya, Great) — late spring and June.

How to prepare the soil for planting cucumbers

When the top layer of the earth is well warmed up, and worry about the similarity of culture is not necessary, proceed to the cultivation of vegetables. To fit will not bring you unpleasant surprises, follow the advice of the candidate of Sciences Oktyabrina Ganichkina. For growing cucumbers in the garden, select a spacious, well-lit, protected from the wind and fertilized with manure place.

Below the ground is well warmed, dig and loosen it. Cucumber landing place in the garden where it grew tomatoes, herbs, vegetables or legumes (except beans). This culture does not like pumpkin predecessors. Cucumbers planted from seed or seedlings directly in the open ground. Planting watered with warm water. Subject to reasonable farming practices, you’ll get good germination of crops.

Seed processing, care and feeding

Cottager caring for planted in the open ground cucumbers

Before planting, soak the material for 10 hours, until its swelling. For hedging mix soaked seeds with the dry, then proceed with the planting. Painted (processed) seeds are sown without prior soaking in water. When culture sprout, begin to regularly trim your mustache so that they are not taken nutrition in fruit plants. Water the cucumbers carefully, so that no water touched the leaves. For a good harvest provide culture conditions with enough power.

Feed your cucumbers one of the most challenging tasks that should be solved to gardeners in the cultivation of this crop. First feed the plants spend 2 weeks after planting, the second when to start pollination, and the third — in the period of fruiting. Spraying spend in a Sunny, windless day. The optimal treatment period the plants in the morning or evening. Use fertilizer based on superphosphate. Handle cucumbers carefully so as not to damage the shoots, fruit flower and leaves.

Optimum depth for planting

  • Cucumbers are sown in a hole with a depth of 3 to 5 cm, pre-watered with the water. Seeds are placed along or across the beds.
  • When sown along the middle pull the rope and hold the grooves at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other with a depth of 7-9 cm
  • If sown across the beds, between the grooves make the same distance. Culture are sown at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other, and then the groove is closed by a layer of soil of 2-3 cm, from above the bed multimedia peat.
  • Experienced gardeners make the recess deep (10-12 cm) after sowing cover with a glass or garden tape to encourage the emergence of the first seedlings and protect them from frost.

Prepare to transplant seedlings in the ground

Woman to sow cucumbers in the open ground

  • Before you plant vegetable, prepare the cups. This will save the culture from a transplant in the future since cucumbers are taking it very badly.
  • Capacity fill with soil, pour a warm weak solution of potassium salt (potassium permanganate).
  • After enduring about 30 minutes. carry out sowing seeds. Capacity each deepen one grain, after making a small hole in the center. Depth of hole – 1.5 cm, place the Seeds flat.
  • Then pour the sifted soil, irrigate with warm water. To retain moisture capacity will place it on a stable tray, cover outdoor film.
  • The tray put in a warm, well-lit place, wait for germination. For this great greenhouse or window sill.
  • Tillage and irrigation — a prerequisite to good seed germination.

Since the formation of culture takes place in greenhouse conditions, it needs to be strengthened – gradually accustomed to natural conditions: air, sunlight, temperatures begin to drop. For this, at home, open Windows or take out the seedlings in the afternoon on the balcony. Her stay in the fresh air gradually increase. When growing crops in a greenhouse, to strengthen the plants opens the film.

High-quality seedlings thick, strong stem, thick leaves are green. Only in this way it is ready to be transplanted to the open ground. If seedlings have weak roots and large leaves, reduce watering her. Do not rush to transplant the culture, the immature plant will die. Video below will help you to prepare cucumber seedlings to transplant into the open ground.

Video tips for growing cucumbers

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