How to grow pepper seedlings at home

Very easy to buy ready seedlings, plant it and wait for the harvest. Much more difficult to grow peppers from seed, but you will know what quality planting material, and in which the conditions was born a new life. For lovers of organic products this moment is important.

When to plant pepper seedlings

Seedlings of pepper

If you live in an average strip of Russia, start to plant pepper seeds in late February – first week of March. With a well-equipped greenhouse to grow the crop can be even earlier. Plant hatch for a long time – about 15 days plus the growth of seedlings at first, too slow. With a late planting period is mid – March. Such delay is permitted under the weak sunlight. If you’re late, then at the time of planting in open ground culture will feel uncomfortable and will not reward you with a bountiful harvest.

How to plant pepper

For the novice vacationer, this may seem daunting, but in practice it’s simple. Before you learn how to grow pepper seedlings at home, think what results you would get? Among the early varieties of pepper popularity has earned Pinocchio, California miracle, Winnie the Pooh. In Siberia peppers to grow difficult, so there is better to cultivate Poplar, frosty, Viking, and the Gingerbread man. Late varieties: Albatross, Flamingos, Anastasia ‒ grown only in the southern zones of Russia.

Preparing the soil and containers for planting

Growing pepper seedlings at home begins with the preparation of the substrate. Culture is very good organic fertilizer to the soil so that it is necessary to add a quality compost or a small amount of rotted manure. The substrate is prepared from such ingredients:

  • garden earth – 2 parts;
  • humus (rotted manure) – 1 piece;
  • peat – 1 part;
  • sawdust (large grain sand) – part 1.

The mixture should be very light and loose. Pepper does not like acidic soil, so they need to be limed. This task performs well wood ash. 1 kg of substrate contribute 1 tablespoons of ash. Feeding should be carried out after the formation of leaves 1-2 adults. The seedlings of pepper is not very tolerant of the pick, so seeds it is better to place them in individual pots on 2-3 pieces Fill the container with substrate to a depth of at least 5-7 cm Before planting, liberally pour the soil a bright pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Preparing for transplant

Purchase and preparation of seed

Pepper seeds remain viable for 3 years, but if they lie in the cold room, the time is reduced to 1-2 years. To grow a bountiful harvest, choose a light, damaged planting material. A small, empty, gray seeds unusable. Before boarding the 20 minute soak the seeds with 2% solution of potassium permanganate, then rinse with cold water. Then within 18 hours of material have to stand in a solution of zircon or gap.

To quickly grow the grains need to soak them in a nutrient mixture: HUMATE potassium, albite, rubber and others. To apply these substances in the home according to the instructions. After soaking the planting material is put in a damp cloth and plastic bag, so stand for two days. All manipulations are performed at room temperature. You can then consider how to grow pepper seedlings at home.


Comfortable soil temperature is 25-27 °C. How to plant pepper seedlings? Well, if after two days of exposure in humid fabric material sprouted, then he will give the shoots. To plant the seeds necessary so:

  1. In the prepared soil make oblong recesses of 0.5-1 cm at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other.
  2. Evenly spread the seeds. The minimum distance between plants be 1 cm.
  3. Sprinkle the planting material moist soil or mixture of soil and sand (1:1). The land should be very easy to the seeds of pepper at home sprouted effortlessly.
  4. Cover the container with a film or glass.
  5. Place a seed on a Sunny window sill or plank, placed on the warm battery.

Proper care of seedlings pepper

Home seedlings of pepper

If you followed the above advice, it is 5-15 days will appear the first shoots. What to do next and how to grow pepper seedlings at home? It is important to create for young plants the optimum temperature, to provide a sufficient amount of sunlight, they must be fed and properly watered. To take care of easy culture, one has only to take note of a few recommendations.

Soil moisture and temperature

As soon as you see the first shoots, remove the plastic and provide the plants at least 12-hour coverage. It is not necessary to water the seedlings of pepper 2-3 days. If the ground is dry, moisten it using a spray bottle. Culture is necessary to ensure a good flow of fresh air, but the cold from the window or the window they can not tolerate. The day temperature should be 20-25 °C, night 18-20 °C.

Lighting and watering

When you see the cotyledon leaves, the soil must be watered as the drying warm water (25-30 °C). The optimal interval between wet soil 3-4 days. Make sure the seedling didn’t fall, but was not the excess water. Sweet pepper needs to get a lot of light (12 hours). If it is not enough, early in the morning and in the evening turn on the fluorescent lamp. Turn off the appliance after 21.00, not later. In cloudy weather, be sure to arrange for additional lighting on all day.

Peppers in pots

Fertilizer and fertilizing

If the soil is initially well-fertilized, no feeding is not necessary. Otherwise, the first feeding should be carried out that will form the 1-2 leaf. The substrate is watered with a solution of 1 liter of water, home-made of these components:

  • ammonium nitrate – 0.5 g;
  • superphosphate – 3 g;
  • potassium compounds – 1,

The second top dressing of pepper seedlings at home is done in 2 weeks. 1 liter of water bring the same components, but in twice the quantity. The final dressing is a couple of days before transfer to the open ground. Required: 1 g of ammonium nitrate, 6 g of superphosphate and 8 g of potassium compounds. If desired, you can water the plant of nettle infusion (ratio 1:10).

Swordplay pepper

If you are first planted in one large container, after the appearance of 3-4 true leaves of pepper will need to swordplay. To do this, use peat humus plastic cups or normal seedling pots with a volume of not less than 0.5 l to Dive seedlings of pepper need in this way:

  1. Fill the pots very moist soil, 3-4 cm from the edge of the fill.
  2. In the center make a deep hole, place a young plant.
  3. Spread the roots, sprinkle them with soil until the cotyledon mid-knee.
  4. Place the pots on the windowsill.

Planting pepper seedlings in open ground

Planting peppers in the garden

How to grow pepper seedlings at home and successfully move them to the garden? In reality and in the photo the bushes look perfectly formed, they appear first buds. Transplant is preceded by hardening – gradual temperature decrease of the content of the seedlings to 12-14 °C. to Plant the peppers should, when there will be 8-12 leaves that early is not necessary, otherwise the plants may die. The process looks like this:

  1. To mark the ridges and prepare the hole.
  2. Representatives of the dwarf varieties should be at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other, tall – 60 cm
  3. The interval between the beds is approximately 60 cm.
  4. Seedlings of pepper pour water.
  5. In each well make polgardi ash, a handful of rotted compost, ½ tsp superphosphate. Fill the recess with warm water.
  6. When the water is absorbed, place in the hole of the seedling to a depth of the upper spine. Do not go to sleep the root neck.
  7. Hold the plant by hand, again moisten the deepening water (pour it on the wall of the hole).
  8. Sprinkle the hole with earth, gently compress the soil and scatter on top of the peat.
  9. Cover the beds with plastic wrap. When the pepper seedlings will take root, and the street will become warmer, remove the protection.

Video: how to sow pepper seedlings

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