How to collect sea buckthorn videos

This small shrub with yellow berries is famous for its useful properties. In its composition the fruit contains a huge number of biologically active components and vitamins. Sea buckthorn oil made the harvest jam, squeeze out the juice. To save the maximum of useful properties some Housewives prefer to freeze fresh fruit. Collection of sea buckthorn begins with the onset of the first frost. This should be done immediately, over time, the berries become softer and easy to choke in his hands.

When you need to collect grapes in the middle lane

Ripe fruits of Seabuckthorn are a rich orange color, they are firmly impaled on the branches. In the middle lane bushes are getting ripe in the summer, in late August. Before collecting ripe berries need to define the purpose of the process. Consider what you will use them. The method of application of sea buckthorn berries will depend on the start time of their collection.

Ripe berries of a Bush

If you are going to eat fresh berries or cook from them compote and jam, collect them, you need to start maturing in late August or the first days of September. During this period, sea-buckthorn berries are filled with ascorbic acid, has a thick skin, which prevents damage during Assembly. To prepare the marmalade, jam or butter, wait until mid-fall, then filled with sea buckthorn juice and become softer.

How to collect and store sea buckthorn

Collecting sea buckthorn you need to start with the top of the hive, gradually going down. Ripe fruits easily burst in his hands, spraying juice. To prevent contamination of clothing, wear an apron or old clothes that you won’t mind will get dirty. On hands should wear gloves – this will protect them from sea buckthorn thorns, which can leave numerous abrasions and sores.

What to collect sea-buckthorn:

  • Experienced growers to harvest use a special homemade device similar to a loop of thin wire or rope. This loop is attached to the base of the branch and with a quick sharp movement of the hands cuts off all the berries. Before you use the loop supply from the bottom of the volumetric container, which will fall buckthorn. This collection method is particularly useful when berry brush grow thick framed by branches and thorns.
  • To harvest often use a blade, knife or small scissors. With their help it is easy to cut ripe sea-buckthorn berries, but this method involves considerable time and labor costs.

The woman next to Bush

  • Resourceful gardeners use rakes, which stesyvajut berries from the bushes. However, this is not a very accurate method of collection. The fruit of sea buckthorn may crush under rough ridges.
  • With metal tube and plastic bag, you can carefully remove all the berries from the tree without damaging them. The tube is attached to the package, after which it is supplied to the base of the berries, sending it into the tube with your finger, and buckthorn slipping it into the bag.
  • The traditional method involves the harvest in late autumn or winter (from the beginning of the first frost). Under the Bush spread out a large blanket or piece of cellophane, it takes a strong stick, and with the light of frequent attacks on the trunk and branches of sea-buckthorn with him stroevaya all berries. When the fruit will fall off, them pour of blankets in boxes or other containers for storage.
  • It is easier to collect sea buckthorn? If you want to transport the harvest from the garden home, better to cut entire branches of the shrub with the berries and place them in small boxes. This safe method of collection will allow you to maintain the integrity of the buckthorn and bring it to the destination with less loss than if you had to transport taken from the stems of ripe berries.

Storage of berries in containers

Storage conditions of sea buckthorn involve the use of glass containers of dark glass, closed airtight lid. To keep capacity you need in a dark, cool place, but not in the refrigerator. You can freeze fruit plants. This sea buckthorn wash, dry and put in the freezer in a single layer. After freezing, the fruits are Packed in vacuum bags or containers and put in the freezer. Sea buckthorn dried at a temperature of 60 degrees. For that the berries spread out on a baking sheet and put in the oven, preheated to the desired temperature.

Methods and devices for the collection of sea buckthorn videos

For gardeners, the first time faced with the necessity of harvest, this job could seem complicated. Short peduncle, dense thickets of thorns will be a serious challenge for clumsy hands. The thorns will hurt the skin, and the juice from tender, easily burst berries, penetrating wounds, stings and leaves a unpleasant irritation. Since the fruits grow on the branches of sea-buckthorn berries in large clusters, gathering each of them individually can be a multi-day hard work. Experienced gardeners use to do this faster and less painful methods.

How to pick berries fixture in the form of a loop

There are a huge number of various devices intended for the collection of sea buckthorn. They needed to simplify and speed up the process. Often gardeners use a simple comb that «stesyvajut» sea-buckthorn in the prepared package or bag, but most use a «Cobra». This tool is a thin steel wire fixed on a wooden stick. After watching below YouTube video, you will learn how to collect sea buckthorn using a loop.

A quick way to gather the ripe fruit using tongs

Those who have a lot of patience, a suitable method of harvest using tongs, details of which see in the video below. The advantage of this method is its accuracy in relation to the tree remains unharmed, and the berry does not lose its integrity. Gentle shrub manual work has a positive effect on the volume of crop that will grow on the tree until next year. This method is used by gardeners who have on the plot a little sea buckthorn bushes.

Collection of sea buckthorn, cutting off branches with berries

To collect sea-buckthorn hard wood protects the crop from those who want to eat them. The branches of the shrub are covered with sharp thorns, and the berries themselves are under multiple branches, firmly attached to the stalk. Complexity soft peel of sea buckthorn fruit. This leads to the desire of vacationers to protect themselves and the crops in harvest time. Often they cut berries along with branches with garden shears or large scissors. From the video below you will learn how to do it.

Circumcision berries with small scissors

This method is the most common for all types of berries and is widely used. The gathering is done with the help of small scissors and hands. Disadvantage of the method is that the work takes a lot of time. Many gardeners prefer to cut whole branches, and is home to Rob them of berries. The advantage of manual collection is the safety of wood – careful work ensures the preservation of the Bush and the fruit. Learn how to harvest with the help of small scissors in this video:

Scraper for quick collection of sea buckthorn

The goal of each tool to collect sea buckthorn is to facilitate and accelerate the process. Often gardeners use special plugs or scrapers to stesyvanija fruit from the Bush. The tool is most often done with the help of available items. In addition to the scraper for this job you will need an umbrella or a square of cellophane that covered the ground under a tree. Videos will help you learn how to quickly harvest this fixture:

The collection in the form of sea buckthorn juice

If you don’t want to harvest a lot of jams, marmalade and butter, can make sea buckthorn juice, getting the required raw material during the harvest. But fruit juice can harm the owner, so you’ll need thick rubber gloves. Under the branches you need to put the juice container, then slowly run your hand from the base of the branch to its end, squeezing out the liquid from the fruit. View the video below on how to obtain sea buckthorn juice.

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