How to care for geraniums

Almost every home on the windowsill to find a beautiful and fragrant plant, like a geranium. Although it can grow on the balcony, and even on the street. For all its simplicity geranium still requires a few care rules. If you follow the recommendations below, this flower will always delight you in appearance.

Care of geraniums in the home

In floriculture properly care for any potted plant – so follow the rules of embarkation, and further modes of lighting and irrigation, and the use of good soil in combination with fertilizers. Important criteria are the temperature and humidity in the room. In addition to these factors, it is necessary to carry out the multiplication and transplanting the flower. Here are some tips on how to care for this plant:

  1. The ground. Planting should be carried out in moderately fertile soil. So the plant is more flowers, not green.
  2. Drainage. This layer is mandatory for geranium. As it is possible to use a large concrete block.
  3. Lighting. Flower likes bright light and even direct sunlight, but in the hotter days it should cover.
  4. Temperature. Regarding this factor, geranium refers to heat-loving plants. Best temperature is 18-20 degrees in winter, these ranges drop to values 10-15.
  5. Pot. From the whole range, we offer floral shops, you should choose those models that are made from natural materials, for example, in baked clay.

Pink geranium flowers

How to water the geraniums at home

Flower name geranium – pelargonium. In the process of reproduction out of all the new species: Royal, Tulip, basket, etc. any Mode of irrigation is determined based on the time of year. In summer, plants need more water to avoid drying out, but don’t pour it, otherwise it will cause death. A symptom of excessive moisture are:

  • the lethargy and decay of the leaves;
  • the appearance of grey mold;
  • blackening of the stem.

If you see any of these signs, immediately reduce the water. Otherwise, you will perish all the root system and care not for it. Geranium is considered to be drought resistant, but with insufficient moisture will not bloom profusely. In summer, the drying takes place in 1-2 days, and in winter a little less. Notice the lack of watering is when the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry.

How to transplant geraniums at home

Transplant only in the extreme case, when the pot becomes too small. The optimal time for the procedure – spring. The pot needs a little more size than they were before. Too large is not worth taking, because then the flower will not bloom in the costs of all the forces solely on the shoots. The frequency may be higher during rapid growth of young geranium. In this case, it is necessary to transplant several times a year. Pot each time you need to take about 1.5 cm higher than in the previous fit.

Pelargonium in a pot

How to trim geraniums

Knowledge of how to care for geraniums, and includes a paragraph about pruning. The optimal time for this procedure begins with the onset of autumn. There are a few rules how to prune geraniums:

  1. You should remove the shoots that have not beginning from the root and from the leaf axils.
  2. Need to leave on the stem about 6-7 leaves.
  3. With the growth of the plants over the winter in the spring again to do the pruning, leaving only a few buds.
  4. Left after the procedure branches can be seated.
  5. Then the plant was able to bloom, you need to pinch back all the shoots after 4-5 leaves.
  6. Not to be circumcised during the period from December to January.

How to pinch geraniums

For a beautiful lush crown of geranium it is necessary to pinch back. Here, you need to consider how the reproduction of flower: from seed or cuttings. When grown by the first method of pridobivanje need to do 8-10 sheet, with the second at 6-8. Appropriate time – from February to March. Follow the procedure:

  • remove the growing point of the leaves;
  • remove new shoots that grow from the axils, or pinched them some time after the emergence of 2 pairs of leaves.

Pelargonium Royal

Diseases of geranium

To care for geraniums is easy because it rarely suffers from pests or diseases, although such cases do occur. A list of possible problems with the following:

  1. Grey mould. Is due to excess moisture. For treatment you should immediately remove decayed leaves and stop watering.
  2. The root rot. A result of waterlogging, which for geranium is deadly.
  3. Aphids. Pest sessica on the underside of the leaves. Dealing with it will help insecticides.
  4. Powdery mildew. The disease is fungal of nature, which is a white powdery coating. To care for the plant with this ailment must use Bordeaux mixture, copper sulphate solution or ammonium nitrate.

Fertilizer for geraniums

How to care for a flower? It should be periodically feed with mineral and organic fertilizers. It should be done like this:

  1. During active growth should be mineral mixes and liquid fertilizers.
  2. When the geranium begins to bloom, it is necessary to exclude nitrogen compounds, and to feed its phosphate and potash to stimulate the process.
  3. Start fertilizing in the spring and should lead to the beginning of autumn with a frequency of every 1-2 weeks.

Iodine for dobřív

What to fertilize geraniums for abundant flowering

As good compositions for feeding are considered to be mixtures of iodine. For preparation of a popular fertilizer in 1 liter of water dissolve 1 drop of this medicine. Then he shed on the side of the pot in an amount of 50 ml If you take more, you can burn the roots. What to fertilize geraniums for abundant flowering? You can use cow dung. With him and leaves become more succulent. For the preparation of fertilizer needed in a 10 litre bucket of water to dilute 1 liter of well fermented manure. In addition to these funds, you can fertilize and versatile dressing.

How to grow geraniums of different varieties

Before how to care for geraniums, worth to learn more about its varieties. Here are a few types:

  1. Zonal. Reaches a height of 80-150 cm the Reason for the name has become a special color of the leaves. The quality of the soil suitable peat, garden soil, sand. Keep the flower better in the southern or Eastern window.
  2. Royal or grandiflora. Are dark spots or stripes along the veins mainly on the lower petals. How to care for a Royal geranium? First, it should be planted in turf ground with the addition of peat and sand. Among fertilizer is better to use those that do not contain nitrogen.
  3. Basket or hederacea. This variety has a large range of shades from white to red and purple. Is the most unpretentious, as care does not require a lot of heat and easily tolerates drought.

Video: caring for geraniums at home

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